Hayato Gokudera vs. Shitt P! is the fourth major battle of the Inheritance Ceremony Arc. It features the tenth generation Storm Vongola Guardian and the tenth generation Swamp Simon Ring Holder fighting over their pride.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Tsuna, Gokudera, Lambo, and Reborn continued their way to the Simon's hideout and reached a deserted, run down town. When they checked the town, they heard a voice from one of the houses that turned out to be Shitt P!, who was writing her homework. When Gokudera called her, she just ignored him until he called her by her preferred name, "Shittoppi-chan" and she finally responded Gokudera's call, much to surprise Tsuna. She then challenged Gokudera to fight one-on-one with her which he agreed to since he was interested on fighting a UMA. When Gokudera was about to tell her his pride, she cut him off and instead revealed his pride herself that Gokudera's pride was being a subordinate of Vongola tenth, which Gokudera admitted. At this, Shitt P! commented that Gokudera was weak and revealed that her pride was fighting for herself, since she loved herself the most, more than anybody else. Gokudera then summons Uri who seemingly tamed but then slowly began to scratch his face until Gokudera ordered him to Cambio Forma and revealed his Vongola Gear, creating the revival of his former title, "The Smoking Bomb."

Summary[edit | edit source]

Gokudera and Shitt P! decide that the rule of the battle would be simple: popping balloons within the limited time of five minutes. When the battle started, Gokudera unleashed his Rocket Bombs but Shitt P! was able to melt them with her ring power and grappled with Gokudera. She said that she loves everyone including him but she loved herself the most . She then popped one of Gokudera's balloons using her high heels as well as melting the earth beneath Gokudera using her Swamp flame, which ferments inorganic object and organic object. . Gokudera used his Air bomb to escape. Shitt P! then said that his heart that only lives for Tsuna is brittle and normally he didn't even try to look past Tsuna's facade, saying that Tsuna is completely ignorant. Shitt P! began to reveal Tsuna’s faults, which all made Tsuna shocked but admit that she was right and thought that Gokudera probably became disillusioned. However, Gokudera asked is that all and pops one of Shitt P!'s balloons, making them equal. Gokudera told her that he already knew all those no good parts of Tsuna that Shitt P! had mentioned. He stated that he didn't care about it because that was only one side of Tsuna and Tsuna that he think about, the tenth Vongola he respect greatly that has nothing to do with Tsuna. Gokudera then prepare to attack again, to figure out which one is stronger between him and her. Gokudera then said as he rushed to Shitt P! that he still don't like himself because the right-hand man that he aiming for is far higher up than the current him. He then launched his Rocket Bombs that Shitt P! was able to melt again. However, Uri then attacked Shitt P! from behind and popped the last of Shitt P!'s balloons, making Gokudera as the winner.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Vindice declare Shitt P! as the loser, and the Third Key is shown. Tsuna promises to save Shitt P! and the other Simon members from Vindice Prison. Enma appears and tries to save Shitt P! from the Vindice, but they prevent him from doing so and take her away.

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