Hayato Gokudera vs. Belphegor is the 101st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Hayato Gokudera narrowly makes it within the deadline and the Cervello declares him to be eligible for the battle. The Cervello then inform them that the battlefield is the entire third floor of the building. However, the Cervello suddenly blow a wall open with a Hurricane Turbine, stating that those machines would be placed at random locations to hinder them. The Cervello also announce that if they don't complete the battle in 15 minutes, a bomb would blow up the entire third floor, possibly killing the battle combatants.

Suddenly, Doctor Shamal arrives, groping the Cervello and asking if anyone was hurt because of the windows being broken. However, Shamal is punched by both Cervello into the wall. Ryohei Sasagawa announces that they should do a group circle, Gokudera refuses, but Tsunayoshi Sawada persuades him, stating that they were in it together. Reborn also presents them with a piece of Lambo's clothing, placing it in their circle and doing the group circle.

The respective Storm Guardian candidates then head to the middle of the floor to begin their fight. Gokudera suddenly detonates explosives near Belphegor, but it has no effect on him. Gokudera unleashes his Triple Bomb move, which Belphegor doesn't dodge because of the hurricane turbine suddenly blowing it all away. Gokudera concludes that in the wind, Belphegor couldn't throw his knives properly either. However, Belphgor pins Gokudera to the wall with said knives and grazes his cheek with one, stating that you simply had to let the wind guide the knives. Doctor Shamal comments that Belphegor is unmistakably a genius.

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