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==Trivia ==
==Trivia ==
*He is often referred to as 59 in the Reborn! fandom as '5' in Japanese is 'go' and '9' in Japanese can be pronounced 'ku', hence 'goku'(dera).
*He is often referred to as [[Fandom Shorthands|59]] in the Reborn! fandom as '5' in Japanese is 'go' and '9' in Japanese can be pronounced 'ku', hence 'goku'(dera).
*Gokudera often wears glasses when he's thinking.
*Gokudera often wears glasses when he's thinking.
*He is nicknamed ''Octopus-Head'' by [[Ryohei]] and ''Stupidera'' by [[Lambo]].
*He is nicknamed ''Octopus-Head'' by [[Ryohei]] and ''Stupidera'' by [[Lambo]].

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Character Outline

Hayato Gokudera (獄寺 隼人, Gokudera Hayato). "獄" = prison, "寺" = temple, "隼" = falcon, and "人" = human, so it can be easily understood that Gokudera's Weapon in Future Arc is similar to a bow due to his first name "Hayato."

Gokudera was born in Italy and is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Japanese (His mother was half Japanese). His Future dream is to become Tsuna's right-hand man. [1] Despite his image of a rebel, Hayato excels in his schoolwork and aces all his tests. Gokudera also bases a lot of his thinking and academic prowess on mathematical theories that he develops. This is probably due to his rich upbringing, suggesting that he probably had a multitude of private tutors when he was young. He idolizes Tsuna greatly and considers himself to be Tsuna's right-hand man.


Due to a traumatic childhood experience, every time he sees the face of his older sister, Bianchi, he becomes sick, sometimes even falling unconscious. Oddly enough, he is immune to his sister when she happens to be wearing something that covers part of her face.

When he was younger, he was a talented pianist. However, he soon grew tired of playing after his 'trauma', and instead, decided to join the Mafia. Unfortunately, since he was considered to be a mere pianist, no one wanted to accept him into their family; the fact that he was an oriental half-breed lessened his chances of finding a willing Mafia Family to take him in. To become stronger, he sought advice from Dr. Shamal, who, at the time, was working for his Family. Hayato seemed to have looked up to Shamal, to the point that Shamal believed Hayato to have copied his hairstyle, and even wanted to learn his assassination Technique, the Trident Mosquito. Instead, Shamal taught him how to use sticks of Dynamite, which caused Hayato's fascination with explosives, eventually choosing them as his main Weapons. This choice of Weapon lead Gokudera to become known as a human explosive because he hides Dynamite all over his body, giving him the nickname "Smokin Bomb" Hayato.

In the Future Arc, more was revealed of Gokudera's past. He and Bianchi are actually half siblings, born by different mothers. Bianchi's mother was married to their father but Gokudera's mother was a woman with whom he had an affair. Gokudera's mother was a young, beautiful woman and a very talented pianist, whom their father fell in love with at first sight. Not long after, they became involved and the woman bore a child. However, in the Mafia, illegitimate children are not tolerated, and everyone was told that Gokudera Hayato was actually from the same mother as Bianchi.

His real mother was allowed to see him three times a year until he was three, when she was killed after driving off a cliff on her way to see her son. It wasn't an accident, because, as Reborn says, "It slid off the road at an impossible location. It's been said that there weren't even tire marks. It was instant death." Suicide was considered, but she had been looking forward to that day and had even brought a present for the young Gokudera. Gokudera himself was unaware of what had happened until he was eight. He had overheard some servants gossiping and fled the mansion the day following.

Although, Future Bianchi told Gokudera before he left the Future that his mother died due to an illness. She said that their father loved him and his mother. He asked her to marry him, but she refused because she thought she would be a burden to them due to the illness. Bianchi said that the illness had killed her while on the way to see him; so that could be how the car fell off the cliff. The fact is that she died and couldn't control the car. Gokudera didn't believe Future Bianchi, but all she wanted him to know was that he was brought into this world loved by both of his parents.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Hayato "tests" Tsuna's worthiness for becoming the heir to the Vongola Family. Tsuna saved Hayato from his wayward Dynamite, and as a result, he became fiercely loyal to Tsuna admiring him to the point of extremes and refers him as "Tenth" (juudaime).

Kokuyo Arc

Gokudera was ranked third strongest in Namimori Middle School and was attacked by Chikusa. During the fight, Chikusa realised Gokudera was part of the Vongola and attacked Tsuna once he arrived forcing Hayato dive in the way, taking the brunt of the hit. Hayato was later healed by Dr. Shamal and joined in the assault on the enemy base, though he became a liability, due to the side effects of his treatment. Later Gokudera was able to free Hibari and gave him Shamal's cure to the Sakura-kura Virus.

Varia Arc

Gokudera, along with Yamamoto and Tsuna, was defeated by Squalo. He was then given the Storm half Vongola Ring. After causing much injury to himself while training alone, Shamal decided to train him but not heal his wounds.

In the Ring Tournament, Hayato fought against Belphegor in the Storm Ring Battle. Explosives were set up to explode after a certain time; so, Tsuna convinced Hayato not to risk his life. As a result Belphegor was deemed the winner. Later during the Sky Ring Battle, Hibari gave Gokudera the cure to the poison. Gokudera then defeated Levi and cured Lambo and Ryohei, meeting up with Yamamoto later. While trying to rescue Chrome, both him and Yamamoto were caught in Mammon's Illusion until they were saved by Ryohei.

Future Arc

File:10 years later gokudera.jpg

Gokudera (25 yrs old) with his Flame Arrow

After Hayato was transported to the Future, he decoded a note left by his Future self written in G-Writing (Gokudera-Writing). After learning of what their purpose is in the Future, Hayato and Tsuna were attacked by Lal Mirch. Lal later lead the two to the Vongola Base, meeting Future Yamamoto on the way. After setting out again with Yamamoto and Tsuna to gather the Vongola Guardians, the three see Adult I-Pin, Lambo and Haru and being attacked by Millefiore members, Nosaru and Tazaru. Yamamoto then explained the use of Waves and Boxes to Gokudera. As Yamamoto was about to finish the fight, he was replaced with the past version of himself. However Gokudera managed to activate his Future self's Box Weapon to defeat Nosaru.

Hayato and Takeshi went to follow up a lead at Namimori Shrine. They then encountered Gamma. Gokudera initially took Gamma on alone refusing to cooperate with Takeshi and was easily overpowered, but even when they worked together, Gamma far outmatched them both. During the battle, Gokudera gave away that Tsuna is alive and was tortured. The Future Hibari then showed up and saved them from Gamma. After recovering, Gokudera then began his training with his sister. However, the two worked badly together even after she gave him the Box Weapons his Future self left behind. He later escaped from her training and was not heard of again for some time.

After setting out and reaching Melone Base, the group was split due to the base moving. Gokudera and Ryohei encountered a recovered Gamma, who explained the layout of the base. Ryohei then tied Gokudera up with Rope in order to prevent him rushing in but was defeated while protecting him from Gamma's attack, leaving Gokudera with a rematch. Although Gokudera appeared to have the advantage with his Sistema C.A.I., Gamma succeeded in breaking his defenses and defeating Gokudera. However, thanks to the Sun activation flames of Ryohei's Box Animal, Gokudera's leopard, Uri, grew up to an adult leopard and fought in the fight against Gamma. Gokudera and Gamma exchanged final shots, resulting in an explosion that knocked the two out. Gokudera was later saved by the support group. Later along with the other Vongola Guardians, Gokudera was given a Vongola Box.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

When returning to the past for the Arcolabeno Trials, Gokudera was chosen along with Tsuna in Collonello's Trial of Combat. At first the two struggled on their own, but once they worked together Tsuna was able to destroy Collonello's gun and earn the first seal. Later Gokudera and the other Guardians were assembled for Reborn's Trial of Leadership and were easily beaten by him. Shortly after, the Guardians joined forces with the other Arcobaleno, to fight Verde and his army.

Choice Arc

Hayato was later assigned by Dino to train Lambo and Ryohei (who had recently been replaced with his past self) to use Rings and Boxes. He was chosen as one of the participants in the Choice Battle. While defending Shoichi Gokudera confronted Kikyo but had his Box Weapons rendered useless by Kikyo's Bellflowers. Gokudera then attempted to pursue Kikyo on his Motorcycle but was easily knocked off resulting in the Vongola's loss. Gokudera was later hurt by the Six Funeral Wreaths while trying to save Yuni.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Gokudera paired with Fon

After being sent back to the past to train, the Guardians meet Giotto, who reveals that the 10th Generation Guardians have yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola. After Giotto leaves, Reborn states that he knows the procedure and assigns tutors to all the Guardians. Fon becomes Gokudera's tutor as they both posses the Storm Flame. Later, G. appears before him. G. states that if Gokudera is serious about following in his footsteps; he's gotta prove that he's got skill and guts. Gokudera replies that he wouldn't have it any other way and swears on his pride as Tsuna's right hand man that he'll prove that he's worthy of inheriting G.'s power. G., seemingly satisfied, replies that he can't wait before disappearing. Later, Fon follows him to learn what type of person Gokudera is, which annoys Gokudera, and he asks Fon to teach him something if he's his tutor. Fon replies that he first needs to know what type of person he is, before he can train him. Gokudera, seemingly pissed, states that he'll train himself. He later watches Yamamoto's Trial along with Tsuna, Ryohei, Reborn, and Colonnello.

Gokudera obtaining G.'s Power

When Gokudera goes to the park to train, Fon tags along. Only to run into three men who wanted to beat up Gokudera, but were easily defeated. During Gokudera's trial, while he was searching for Uri who supposedly escaped into the bushes after Gokudera released her, sat beside Fon, who stalled Gokudera while G. went to school disguised as Gokudera. G. acts as Tsuna's right-hand man until after school. Gokudera then appears in front of G. and Tsuna along with Uri and Fon. G. asked Tsuna how his performance as his right-hand man to which Tsuna answered that he was helpful and reliable. G. comments that Gokudera, who claims to be Tsuna's right-hand man, does the contrary and creates more trouble for Tsuna instead of helping him. G. asked Gokudera to return the Vongola Storm Ring to Tsuna and return to Italy. Tsuna, upon hearing this, objects and says that Gokudera is an important friend and doesn't care about stuff like being his Guardian or right-hand man. G. asked him if Tsuna was okay for Gokudera to be the Guardian of the Vongola Storm Ring even if he isn't the perfect right-hand man. Tsuna said that it doesn't matter. Gokudera then states that he vows to protect Tsuna even if he does not get the inheritance. Fon then asked if that was enough and if he could understand how strong their bond was. Tsuna asked what was going on and Fon explained that G. wanted to see if his bond with Gokudera is unbreakable as that was the test. G. said that one cannot serve as a right-hand man if the boss doesn't completely trust him but if their bond is firm, they could face any enemy that may come. One of the main goals of this inheritance test was to see if Gokudera could fufill his duties of Storm Guardian to defeat the enemy with a relentless stream of attacks that never falters, Gokudera then recieves the inheritance and successfully completes the trial.

After Choice

Gokudera was later hurt by the Six Funeral Wreaths while trying to save Yuni. During the day of the final battle, he disobeyed Tsuna and worked with Lal Mirch and Gamma to act as the first line of Defense. They soon encounter Zakuro who after opening his Box of Carnage defeats Gamma and Lal. Using his Vongola Box Gokudera was able to blow Zakuro's arm off but before a conclusion could be reached Bluebell arrived and attacked Gokudera. Gokudera was then saved by the Varia and healed by Lussuria. When the final Funeral Wreath, Ghost, suddenly appeared Gokudera, Ryohei, and Basil tried to use a combined Attack. However, the Attack passed straight through him and Gokudera, (along with everyone else present) had his or her Dying Will Flames drained.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

After defeating Byakuran and returning to the past Gokudera took an interest in P. Shitt, one of the new transfers from Shimon High School. Beliving her to be an U.M.A. (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) he began to obsessively keep track of her movements. Later after discovering that the students from Shimon were actualy a guest family Gokudera grouped them with the Vongola Guardians to protect Tsuna. He grouped himself with P.Shitt and Enma Kozato to guard Tsuna directly.



Bianchi is Gokudera's half-sister, although they have a difficult relationship. Bianchi revealed that their common parent is their father and Gokudera is an illegitimate child. Gokudera cannot look at her without being sick due to the food poisoning he suffered from Bianchi's cooking when they were little. Bianchi later remedies this by covering part of her face when she is near him. Their strained relationship stems from their youth, when Bianchi would use Gokudera as a test subject for her latest poisonous creations.


After being saved by Tsuna, Gokudera pledged his loyalty to Tsuna as the Vongola Decimo Boss of the Vongola Family. He is fiercely loyal to him going to extremes to prove his worth. He also claims to be Tsuna's right hand man even though Tsuna thinks mostly of him as a friend. (In the future, he does become Tsuna's right hand man.) During his fight with Belphegor, he was willing to die in order to gain the Vongola Storm Ring but was persuaded by a desperately pleading Tsuna to give it up so he could return safely without dying. In the future, Gokudera disobeyed an order from Tsuna for the first time in order to help bring the family back to a peaceful past.


Gokudera sees Yamamoto as a rival for the position of Tsuna's right-hand man, and as such seems to dislike him intensely. He is also, sometimes very jealous of him, of either his talent or his close relationship with Tsuna. Gokudera also constantly makes fun of his love of baseball. In the Future, Yamamoto told Gokudera that he was unworthy of becoming Tsuna's right hand man as he turned away from his fellow Guardians instead of uniting them. This prompted Gokudera to finally work together with Yamamoto.

Dr. Shamal

Gokudera met the doctor when he was young and was fascinated by his use of dynamite. He wanted to be his apprentice but was turned down when he wounded himself in a fight. He was later accepted by Shamal who trained him to fight the Varia as long as he didn't fight recklessly. Gokudera is often annoyed by the doctor's riddles and sees him as a perverted old man. Despite this, Shamal is the only home tutor compatible with Gokudera.


Lambo and Gokudera have a strained relationship since Gokudera sees Lambo as pretty much an annoying little kid who causes nothing but trouble. Despite this, however, Gokudera seems to care deeply for Lambo as evidence of him saving him from Leviathan's attack during the Varia Arc. At the same time, Reborn also mentions that the Storm and Lightning have somewhat of a brotherly relationship.

Abilities and Weapons

Gokudera is known as "Smokin' Bomb Hayato" (スモーキン・ボム 隼人, Sumōkin Bomu Hayato?) in the manga and "Hurricane Bomb Hayato" in the anime, using dynamite as his signature weapon. During Gokudera's "dynamite maintenance", it is revealed that he carries huge amounts of Dynamite on him at all times. The Bombs he has used in the series are:

Skill Description
Double the Bombs Throws sixteen pieces of Dynamite at once. 
Triple the Bombs Throws twenty-four pieces of Dynamite at once.
Mini Bombs Uses it on him-self to propel in certain directions.
Smoke Bombs Used to create a Smokescreen.
Rocket Bombs Once thrown the backside of the Bombs fire up and Rocket towards his opponent and explode on impact. He learned this from Dr. Shamal.

Sistema C.A.I. (lit. System Change Arms Instantaneous or Instantaneous Arms Change System in Italian ) is a system of Box Weapons that utilize the five different Flames that flow within his body. Sistema C.A.I. is designed to use weaker Flames to utilize multiple Rings to complement his main Storm-based element. His main Weapon is named Flame Arrow which is a cannon that can equip bullets of different flame attribute and create a range of attacks.

  • Rain: By coating the Storm Rockets with the Rain's tranquility, enemy's Defenses are weakened.
  • Sun: The Sun's "activation" and high power output increases the speed of the Storm rockets.
  • Cloud: The cannon fires one shot that spreads in a tree-diagram like fashion, due to Cloud's propagation.
  • Thunder: A solid beam, due to the Lightning's solidification.


  • Vongola Storm Box: Gokudera's Vongola Box Weapon, consists of his whole Sistema C.A.I. and a baby Leopard named Uri. In the beginning, it was part of the Sistema C.A.I. In the battle against Gamma, it absorbed Sun Flames and with the activation property of the Sun Flames, it grew into a giant leopard. After Gokudera gets the Vongola Storm Box, Uri receives an upgrade and can perform Cambio Forma.
    File:Gokudera 25.jpg


    The Vongola Boxes were later turned into Rings with Verde's help.
  • Cambio Forma: G-Archery: When activated, Uri combines with the Flame Arrow, creating a giant ornate bow made of bones with Storm Flames covering the drawstring and the Roman Numeral I in the middle. Gokudera can store up his power to fire a extremely powerful bone Arrow covered with Storm Flames. This Weapon can also fire several Storm Arrows at once. It is also shown that Uri is still sentient in this Form, enabling it to help Gokudera aim more easily.
  • Taienrankuga (Flame Storm Sky Fangs) - A combined Attack with Ryohei and Basil. Kangaryu shoots Uri with a Sun bullet that increases its size and strength instantly, while Alfin combines its Rain Flames with Uri's Storm Flames. This results in a deadly Flame combination.
  • Motorcycle/Airbike- Used to travel great distances without the use of Dying Will Flames, thus escaping detection.

Win-Loss Battle Record


  • He is often referred to as 59 in the Reborn! fandom as '5' in Japanese is 'go' and '9' in Japanese can be pronounced 'ku', hence 'goku'(dera).
  • Gokudera often wears glasses when he's thinking.
  • He is nicknamed Octopus-Head by Ryohei and Stupidera by Lambo.
  • His catchphrase is "Juudaime!" (Tenth!)
  • In the Future Arc, it is hinted by Gamma that Gokudera succeeds at becoming Tsuna's right hand man.
  • Gokudera and Bianchi share the same Dying Will Flame because Flames runs in the families.
  • In the manga, Gokudera chain-smokes cigarettes, but in the anime, he doesn't smoke, leaving the method to which he lights his Dynamite unknown.
  • In a recent popularity poll, Gokudera ranked third with 13,618 votes.
  • Gokudera resembles the First Vongola Storm Guardian, G.
  • He is shown to be slightly superstitious and knows at least one exorcism technique.
  • In a flashback, Shamal mentioned Gokudera "copied" his hairstyle.
  • Gokudera has two character songs in which he sings by himself (Loop and Hashire) and two character songs with Yamamoto (Oretachi no Joy! and Oretachi no Yakusoku)
  • Gokudera ranked first in the first official popularity poll.
  • Openings Featured in:

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