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Haru Haru's Dangerous Interview

Haru's HaruHaru Interview: Dangerous (ハルのハルハルインタビューでんじゃらす(デンジャラス), Haru no Haruharu Intabyū Denjarasu?) is a post-credits segment featuring Haru Miura and Reborn, interviewing the characters of the series. The segment first started after the credits of Episode 102 and ended on Episode 141.

The segments have a recurring gag featuring Haru, who attempts and fails to interview the guest, and Reborn, who ruins most interviews by pointing out Haru's flaws in her interviews. Every character is also noticeably drawn as a chibi.

The series based on Haru's Haru Haru Interview that appear at the end of many of the manga volumes and has adapted several of those interviews as well.


The first guests of the series were members of Tsuna's family but soon branched off to other characters who were involved with the Family including the Varia. These are the guests that have appeared, in order:

  1. Tsunayoshi Sawada
  2. Hayato Gokudera
  3. Takeshi Yamamoto
  4. Ryohei Sasagawa
  5. Kyoya Hibari
  6. Lambo
  7. Chrome Dokuro
  8. Kyoko Sasagawa
  9. Adult I-Pin
  10. Futa
  11. Bianchi
  12. Dino
  13. Nana Sawada
  14. Lal Mirch (future)
  15. Giannini (future)
  16. Mukuro Rokudo
  17. Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto
  18. Mr. Miura
  19. Tetsuya Kusakabe (future)
  20. Romario
  21. Basil
  22. Haru Miura
  23. Superbia Squalo and Lussuria
  24. Hana Kurokawa
  25. Tsunayoshi Sawada
  26. Hayato Gokudera
  27. Kyoya Hibari (future)
  28. Ryohei Sasagawa (future)
  29. Lambo (future)
  30. Takeshi Yamamoto
  31. Chrome Dokuro and Mukuro Rokudo
  32. I-Pin
  33. Lal Mirch (future)
  34. Bianchi
  35. Dino
  36. Doctor Shamal
  37. Kyoko Sasagawa
  38. Iemitsu Sawada
  39. Spanner (future)
  40. Shoichi Irie (future)

Interview Sessions[]

Session 01: Tsuna[]

Summary: Haru introduces her new segment, while Reborn comments how noisy Haru is being and ask how the show is "dangerous." Haru quickly changes the subject, introducing Tsuna. Haru's first question is what Tsuna's childhood dream was, to which he answers by saying " become a giant robot." Reborn states that he could help Tsuna achieve that dream, then by putting Tsuna in a robot suit, much to Tsuna's astonishment. Tsuna then tells Reborn that the suit he is currently wearing is none other than Moska. Reborn then sends Tsuna away, ending the interview .

Session 02: Gokudera[]

Summary: Reborn asks Haru, after she introduced her show, why she was still running her interview instead of ending it even though she only had one session. Haru replied, "It has just started." Then, she introduced Gokudera as "Haru's future husband's right hand man." Immediately after Gokudera was introduced, he argued with Haru about her dream of became the wife of "Tenth." She then ask what an animal is that Gokudera may want to pet. He answered, "An Ogopogo." Reborn then had a discussion about the mystery monster with Gokudera. Then, Haru give Kappa and Yeti cosplay costumes to Gokudera and Reborn and concluded the interview.

Session 03: Yamamoto[]

Summary: After the interview's intro, she declared that she invited Tsuna to interview again. But, Reborn told Haru that it was actually Yamamoto's turn. After he came down, Haru asked Yamamoto about what he liked. He answered that he liked to eat "Milk, Milk Jelly, Milk sherbet and Milk Bibimbab" (according to the video, Bibimbab is a Korean dish where rice is mixed with seasonal vegetables and red chili paste). Then, Haru asked how he scored home runs, which he said that he "used his instinct rather than logic," but Haru didn't understood it at all, so she concluded this interview.

Session 04: Ryohei[]

Summary: After Haru opens her interview, Reborn comments that she always looks energetic. She tells him that being energetic is her charming point, as well as a word that easily describes today's guest. But it turns out that no one was in the "guest box." Then, Ryohei ran up on the stage. So, Haru called him to go in the box. Then she introduced Ryohei. He exclaims that he likes boxing and that his favorite phrase is "Extreme" (Kyokugen) with fire in his back. Haru commented that he is looked like he had no weakness, but Reborn could tell that his weakness was he can't stand when his sister is crying, which Ryohei admits is true. Reborn then says that he heard Kyoko is screaming, to which Ryohei immediately run off the stage.

Haru says that she is envious of Kyoko, who has a very caring brother and concludes the interview, after which Ryohei shouts "Extreme."

Session 05: Hibari[]

Summary: Haru opens her interview stuttering and shaking. When Reborn asks her what was wrong, she says that today's guest was, according to Tsuna, very dangerous. The Namimori Middle School Anthem then plays, and Hibari comes on stage. She begs him not to bite her to death, and attempts to regain her composure after Reborn scolds her. She asks him what some of his favorite things are, and mentions some of hers, repeatedly mentioning sakura. Hibari begins to leave, but comes back after Reborn informs him that she was done. Reborn talks to him about sleeping on the schools's roof, and though Haru can relate to that, he says that they were crowding around, and scares her. Reborn says that time is almost up, and after failing to convince Hibari to close the segment, Haru ends it for the day.

Session 06: Lambo[]

Summary: In this interview, Lambo is the guest. Reborn gets annoyed and wants to cancel the interview but Haru refuses. This is one of the interviews that Haru held a piece of paper with requested questions. When asked what he stores inside his hair, Lambo takes out lollipops and chocolates. Reborn added in a grenade and blew Lambo up. The next question came from Hana, regarding about the "handsome cow-suit man" which is 10 years later Lambo. Reborn insults Lambo and Lambo prepares to launch his grenades against Reborn when Reborn set off a bomb, blasting Lambo away. With that, the interview ended.

Session 07: Chrome Dokuro[]

Summary: Haru starts to call out Chrome, but kept on pronouncing Chrome's name wrongly. To "solve" the problem, Reborn pulls on the scene shot where Chrome kisses Tsuna as a form of greeting. And of course, Haru gets outraged at the sight of the picture. She starts to yell for Chrome, this time managing to get it right. Haru starts to hunt for Chrome and runs off the stage. After Haru's disappearance, Chrome appears from behind the picture, scared that Haru would lash out at her. When Haru got back to the stage, Chrome hid herself behind the picture again, afraid to meet the outraged Haru. And Reborn calls off the interview.

Session 08: Kyoko Sasagawa[]

Summary: The guest today is Kyoko. The girls describe what they like to do together, such as going to buy cakes, having tea parties, and having slumber parties in which they talk all night. Reborn asks what they talk about, to which Haru responds by stating it is a secret. Reborn guesses that they talk about who they like. He then asks what type Kyoko likes, to which she responds that she has not thought about it. This makes Reborn think that Tsuna has not made much of an impression on her. Haru then states she likes the nice, cool and dangerous types. Reborn says Haru does not have a firm gasp of reality. Haru and Kyoko then make plans to buy a cake, but Reborn says that it will make them fat, shocking them.

Session 09: Adult I-Pin[]

Summary: Haru states that today guest is cute and strong, making Reborn think it was Romario. Haru corrected him, that it was I-Pin. Haru was confused why Adult I-Pin was here. While Adult I-Pin is confused why she is here, and attempts to leave to delivery the ramen to Kawahira-san. Only for Haru to stop here and then ask who is Kawahira-san. As I-Pin starts to answer, Haru is excited that she finally gets to know who he is. I-Pin then states Kawahira-san likes soy sauce ramen and salt ramen, making Haru say "not that." I-Pin then states he orders it every two days, and miso ramen every three days, making Reborn saying that Kawahira only eats ramen. I-Pin then states Kawahira also orders chilled Chinese ramen every four days, with Reborn saying there was no difference. Haru then asks who Kawahira is, only for I-Pin to leave as she has to make the delivery, making Haru cry that they did not learn anything. Reborn says that it is the same for all her interviews.

Session 10: Futa[]

Summary: Haru starts the interview asking what Futa's full name is Futa de la stella, meaning Futta of the stars. She then asks what are Reborn's greatest failures. Futa then communates with the ranking planet, causing everyone to float, scaring Haru, causing Reborn to explain why this happens. Futa then states Reborn third greatest failure was burning his tongue drinking miso soup. As Haru asks for the second failure it starts to rain. Futa then states Reborn second greatest failure was when Leon was transform and Reborn shot down an UFO from the ranking planet, Futa the states Reborn greatest failure is "bed," causing Haru to think bed-wetting. Then Futa continues with, "Bed-Wetting-san tripped over his feet, fell and detonating a bomb that destroyed the Cosmo Alliance headquaters," causing Haru to ask who Bed-wetting-san is. Reborn says he is one of Giannini's cousins, along with Frostbite and Commander. Haru asks if they were real, to which Reborn says no. The rain simply messed with all of Futa's ranking.

Session 11: Bianchi[]

Summary: Haru starts the interview wondering where Reborn was, and continues that today's guest is Bianchi. Haru then excited, asks how to be in a relationship. Bianchi states it as about how well you can cook, with Reborn appearing in a chef uniform and a fake mustache, with many different animals. Haru asks who Reborn is. Reborn then stating he is a roaming cook. Haru then asks Bianchi to start with Bianchi refusing as people only cook if there is someone to eat the food. Reborn then reveal he had bought a tied up Tsuna allowing Bianchi to start. Tsuna ask for help saying that Reborn kidnapped him, with Haru saying Tsuna is joking, and that the "cook" can not be Reborn. Bianchi then finishes cooking, and asks Tsuna to eat it, with Tsuna refusing, yelling it is poison. Bianchi then states that a women is a poison to a man, and forces Tsuna to eat, making him faint. Haru asks to learn from Bianchi, how to cook, with Tsuna whispering to not to.

Session 12: Dino[]

Summary: Haru gets excited by her guest today, being it Dino. Reborn states that he knows him (since he was Dino's tutor) and Dino comes down. Dino gladly says that Haru can start asking her questions on which she blushes. As the show carried on, Haru spotted some of Dino's men . Dino shoos them away out of embarrassment. Reborn then shows a picture of a younger Dino, useless and tied up by his own weapon without his men. Embarrassed further, Dino attempts to remove the picture, only to fail, fall off the stage and onto the ground. With that, Haru had to call off the interview as Dino is "no longer available" as he was knocked out from the fall.

Session 13: Nana Sawada[]

Summary: Nana comes down with lunch boxes supposedly to give to everyone and requests Reborn to do so. Reborn takes one box and eats as Haru interviews Nana. Nana and Haru talks about cooking and Haru asks Nana to teach her how to cook and Tsuna's favourite dishes to impress Tsuna to marrying her. When Nana said love cooked into the dishes is the secret, Haru starts to dream of her wedding with Tsuna and faints, ending the interview.

Session 14: Future Lal Mirch[]

Summary: Haru interviews Lal Mirch on what she does. As Lal Mirch confirms that she was an instructor, Haru questions further about the company Lal Mirch used to work in which is COMSUBIN, which Haru mispronounces it at first as OMSUBIN. Lal Mirch describes what she does and teaches at COMSUBIN, making explosives etc., up to the point on assassinating where Reborn uses Leon to close Lal Mirch's mouth so as to prevent her from disturbing the "children viewers watching this." Haru is slightly shocked upon hearing the word "assassinating" and decides to call off since Leon refuses to undo himself.

Session 15: Future Giannini[]

Summary: Before Haru starts interviewing Giannini, Reborn makes a remark saying Giannini looks fatter as a chibi character compared to what he usually looks like, Giannini fretting over Reborn's words he says that his brain contains lots of different knowledge continuing on to saying that he created the stage for Haru's, Haru Haru's Interview Dangerous Corner himself. Then he boasts as he says that he is has made the latest energy machine, proudly holding up a hammer and screwdriver to Haru's astonishment but Reborn saying he doubt Giannini could do that. But just after that the whole stage starts to tear down Haru's sign falls and a leak in the pipe & malfunctions with the air-conditioning leading Giannini to fixing them but becoming wet then cold he urges Haru to continuing on with the interview. Haru askes why does Giannini's inventions always have problems that create more problems, with Giannini stuttering that they only have a few misjudgements which lead to those problems as the latest energy machine drops and goes out of control, leading to Giannini trying to fix it but fails as it creates an explosion leaving Giannini no longer conscious having Haru ending the interview.

Session 17: Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto[]

Summary: Ken and Chikusa comes down, immediately starts to refuse to do the interview and bicker over themselves, with Chikusa complaining on Ken not showering yet. Reborn saves the interview by telling them that if they co-operate, Reborn would tell where Mukuro is since he was the guest on the previous week. Chikusa and Ken gets excited and decides to answer Haru's questions. Haru ends the interview upon knowing that Ken had not showered for 2 weeks (Chikusa revealed this during their second argument). Reborn walks away too, ending the interview with an upset Ken and annoyed Chikusa as they never got a promised answer from Reborn.

Session 19: Future Kusakabe[]

Summary: Tetsuya talks about his life revolving around Hibari, saying that he lives for Hibari. He then declares that Hibari's goal is his goal and he doesn't live for himself. Haru brings up the topic of Tetsuya's regent hair. Tetsuya explains about how he lives with his hairstyle, starting from the days in Namimori Middle School. As the topic begins to venture into the regent hair, Haru starts to wonder how everyone else would like with it since the entire Disciplinary Committee has the same hairstyle. Haru imagines Hibari with it and later, Reborn changed his hairstyle to regent too followed by Haru. With that, Haru ends off her interview (in a lower voice) in a gangster-style like, with Reborn, Tetsuya and Haru standing in front of motorcycles in clothes like a yankee.

Session 20: Romario[]

Summary: A surprised Romario is invited to Haru's interview because of his minor role status in Reborn!. He talks about how he's being Dino's right-hand man mainly in Japan and his jobs. Haru and Romario ended up talking about songs and the interview ends off with Reborn (singing a beginning of a song) and Romario carrying on karaoke (singing).

Session 24: Hana[]

Summary: Hana comes down and talks about herself and her relationship. Haru then asks her about her crush, the handsome man she talks about (which is actually 15-year-old Lambo). Reborn then gets everyone and puts them on stands on the stage and tells Hana to spot the person she likes. However, Lambo spotted her and annoys Hana. Hana in return attacks Lambo and falls onto the stands behind and everyone gets into the fight (with Tsuna being crushed). With that, Haru had to end the interview.

Session 25: Tsuna[]

Summary: In this episode, is mainly a recap. Haru uses Giannini's skills to make a giant monitor to show the times Tsuna comes onto her interview show. At the ending, the monitor shows some bogus videos, e.g. Tsuna being used as a kite. In the end the real Tsuna did show up, screaming at Reborn not to show the ridiculous false videos of him. However, a giant ball comes and Tsuna gets flattened by it. Haru ends the show to catch the thin flying away Tsuna with Reborn

Session 27: Adult Hibari[]

Summary: Adult Hibari comes down after Hibird sang the Namimori Middle School song. Haru's panicking because Hibari's scary (and keeps on shooting her glances) but Reborn tells her to get on. Hence, Haru asks whether Hibari likes animals. Hibari replies that he has no grudge against small animals. He shows that he keeps his box weapon inside his jacket. Haru calms down, saying that a person shouldn't be that bad since one likes animals. Haru went on talking about Chrome's Box Weapon, Mukurou. Hibari thinks she was referring to Mukuro. Hibari gets agitated. Haru doesn't sense this and carries on praising Mukurou. Hibari get more furious. Haru finally realises, creeps out and cancels the show out of fear from Hibari's intense angry flame.

Session 28: Future Ryohei[]

Summary: Ryohei comes down, this time in a mini boxing ring (his first interview he wasn't even in the box when it was lowered). Haru then commentes on Ryohei's"EXTREME/to the limit" catch-phrase. Ryohei responds that he's more into his boxing moves now, mentioning Maximum Ingram. He then says that he had thought about the names for the move but he decided that Maximum Ingram was better as it sounds like to the limit. He went on explaining why he loves the phrase "EXTREME!", "to the limit!" and "maximum!" Afterwards, he proudly declares then he hasn't aged over the years for nothing, now being able to wait for 3 minutes to eat a cup of instant ramen noodles. Reborn praises Ryohei for giving I-Pin a doll (which is her Master, Fon). Ryohei went on saying that he gave Gokudera octopus headphones, Yamamoto a baseball-based game and gave Tsuna a kesho-mawashi. He wanted to share Italian wine with Hibari but Hibari immediately refused. Hence, Reborn decides to replace Hibari. The two share the drink and Haru decides to end the interview.

Session 29: Future Lambo[]

Summary: Haru invites Lambo to visit the interview again, and Reborn asks if he's(Lambo) really cute and said that Haru is pretty weird. Then Haru sets a small argument. Haru decides to bring him down instead.But they saw the 15-year old Lambo(and Haru does not know about it) eating ramen.Haru then is shocked and calls him pervert. Reborn stated that he accidentally fired off the Ten Year Bazooka. Haru then shouts at him, causing Reborn to tell her that he's Lambo too, which Haru doesn't agree. She finally said

that she want to see the cute Lambo. She punches Lambo's back, asking why he know her name. Reborn told her that she gave the name at the first line and written behind them. Lambo cried, stating he was really the 'Lambo', but Haru didn't like to see this Lambo appearance. She said "The Lambo I want to see wears cow printed tights, his hair is all tousled, He has cute horns, theres all kinds of candy and lollipops and other weird stuff in his hair",making Reborn designing him, asking if it work. Haru shouted that he looks like a weirdo, ending the interview.

Session 33: Lal Mirch[]

Summary:Haru begins the interview by stating that today's guest is none other than Lal Mirch. When Haru notices that Lal is not in the elevator, Lal appears from the top of the elevator, stating that she was exercising. She then jumps down and lands on a whoopee cushion, then questions if Reborn wants to see what Heaven looks like. Reborn then states that he was just trying to teach Lal about humor. Lal announces that a cutesy act will not save Reborn. Reborn then pulls off another prank by using a decoy Reborn. Lal states that heaven is too good for him, and that she'll send him straight to hell. Haru thinks that the show is getting dangerous, then calls it off.

Session 38: Iemitsu[]

Summary: Iemitsu gets interviewed by Haru about his job, hearing that he travels around the world to do it. He answered the same way he did to Tsuna: he directs traffic, unleashing his baton. Ridiculous pictures were brought down as evidence, showing him directing animals. It's obviously altered but Haru doesn't see so and believes everything Iemitsu says (which is all lies since he works as a CEDEF). Tsuna interrupts the interview, yelling at his dad to stop teasing Haru. The picture of him directing penguins peels off, showing clearly he wasn't there. To get away, Iemitsu quickly announces he has a traffic directing job at an underwater volcano and leaves the interview with Reborn. Haru ends the interview since the guest had left the stage.

Session 40: Future Shoichi[]

Summary: Shoichi comes down and asks whether it's fine to be the show's last guest. Haru and Reborn stated it's okay. Reborn thanks Shoichi for helping out and he politely says it didn't matter much to him. Reborn than starts to recall the day he saw Bianchi in bikini, sun-tanning herself. He carries on saying after that Shoichi got such a shock he couldn't walk much. Haru laughs at this. However, as Shoichi had started to explain himself, the curtains started to roll down and Haru became upset and started crying. The interview ends overall with Haru thanking everyone for watching her interviews, which Reborn remarks she had never conducted an actual interview.


Lussuria and Levi[]

Summary: Levi A Than comes on the set to talk to Lussuria about why their boss keeps looking very annoyed and infuriated, despite his loyal doings (e.g. always being near Xanxus). Lussuria informs him that it's his actions that are annoying Xanxus. Lussuria advises Levi using a wise Japanese proverb; Levi interprets it wrongly and decides to show his loyalty in a different way (by following the literal meaning of the proverb) not knowing it would still infuriate Xanxus. Lussuria remarks that this is why Levi is annoying.

Lussuria and Squalo[]

Summary: Lussuria once again takes over Haru's Haru Haru interview introducing himself as the Varia's mother. This time his guest is Superbia Squalo. Squalo enters with his famous "VOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIII!". As Squalo and Lussuria talk, Lussuria enquires about Squalo's hair. He informs Squalo that he seems to be losing a lot of hair. Lussuria lays out the possibility on why and one of them is too much stress. Squalo starts to think about the stress he went through. Concidently, it was all of Xanxus' doing. Squalo yells even more about thinking of the tortures/abuse/rough actions from the boss and sheds more hair. With that Lussuria ends the interview.

Ken's Ken-Ken Boom Boom channel[]

Ken found Mukuro and took over Haru's corner to interview his "happy reunion" with Mukuro. He has corrected the name to Ken's Ken-Ken Boom Boom Channel (ケンのケンケンぱぁ〜ちゃんねる, Ken no Kenken paa~ channeru?), much to the disapproval by Chikusa. The first question, written by himself, is whether or not Mukuro's hairstyle was inspired by a pineapple. Mukuro gets angry and uses the First Path: Path of Illusions to make an illusionary pineapple, and uses it to throw at Ken's head. As he repeats this, Chikusa ends the show, warning spectators not to expect another episode.


  • Tsuna and Hibari have appeared in other interviews where they were not the guest.