Handcuff is the 261st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Hibari pulls out his Alaudi's Handcuffs. Deisy charges at Hibari, thinking that handcuffs are ineffective against him. Deisy and Hibari attack one another. Hibari is able to capture Deisy's arm, but he cuts off his own arm and grows it back to attack, similar to the lizard's self-amputation. Deisy explains that the hell hole in his body multiplies his and his Box Weapon's power. But Hibari ignores him and throws away his tonfas, saying that he doesn't need it and multiplies his handcuffs, telling Deisy that he will arrest him for damaging the school buildings. Deisy and Hibari charge at each other. Hibari captures both of Deisy's arms in his handcuffs and, with his ring, multiplies it to form a kind of physical restraint. Hibari then tightens the handcuffs, killing Deisy and ending the match. Hibari then retrieves the Sun Mare Ring as Dino informs the others of the news. Tsuna's group celebrates when Kawahira announces that he's leaving, and leaves without explaining anything to the group.

Meanwhile, Byakuran, Bluebell, Kikyo and Torikabuto find the location of Tsuna's group with the power of Byakuran.

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