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Hana Kurokawa (黒川 花, Kurokawa Hana?) is a classmate of Tsuna and Kyoko's friend. She has a crush on the 15-year-old "Adult Lambo", but ironically, she hates children (especially Lambo), to the point where she gets hives when she gets annoyed by them.

She appears more observant and thoughtful than most of the other female characters; she knows that Tsuna has a crush on Kyoko. Also, in the Vongola Tournament, she was the one who realized something was odd with Ryohei and Tsuna. Though she does not know the truth, she remains suspicious of Tsuna's and his friends' activities, even in the Future.

Future Arc

Future Hana

Future Hana

In the Future Arc, Hana takes young Kyoko to her house, giving her Ryohei's message. It also appears that Hana is now romantically involved, but who he is not revealed; only a silhouette of her boyfriend/husband is shown in the picture of them together. There is a possibility that she was having a relationship with the Future Ryohei Sasagawa as seen in a photo when Ryohei went to his Future room. That may be the reason why he is acting very weird since the day he saw that picture.

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In the Reborn! Fandom, her number is 87.

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