Half Vongola Rings is the 84th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Basil was warning Tsuna not to hand over the rings to the long-haired guy when Tsuna hears the voice of Dino, who was warning the guy to leave them alone. The guy, thinking about how Tsunayoshi came to such connections, realized that Dino would not be easy opponent. The guy grabbed Tsuna's hair and stated that he's not going home and smoke, caused by him, filled the area. When the smoke cleared, Dino went over to check on Basil and Tsuna, to see if they were alright. The long-haired guy took the box with the rings in it and left. Later, Tsuna asks Reborn why he didn't attack the guy, but Reborn told him that he isn't allowed to attack any allied families with Vongola. Dino took Basil to the hospital while Gokudera and Yamamoto appears to check to see if Tsuna is OK. Reborn told them that they should go home; Tsuna asked why Reborn said this. Reborn tells Tsuna that they were mad about their lost against Squalo. Upon arriving at the hospital, Basil's life was not in danger and Dino tells them that he is well-trained. Rebrorn then explain more about the Vongola Rings. Tsuna was happy that the rings were taken by long-haired guy; however, the rings that the guy took were fake, and Dino was holding the real ones. Tsuna didn't want to receive the Vongola Rings and went home. When Tsuna arrives at home, he sees the working clothes of his father and was shocked in seeing him again. Reborn comes back from the hospital, sees Tsuna's father sleeping, and states that since he's giving his son the Vongola rings at this time, something terrible must be happening.

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