Gun (Leon shapeshifting)
Normal | Sniper
Weapon Gun
Type Short and Long-Range
Users Reborn
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Leon can transform into a gun that Reborn uses as his primary weapon. Reborn usually uses the weapon to shoot enemies or obstacles. The gun can shoot various type of bullets, including the Dying Will Bullets or the Rebuke Bullet. The gun can also transform into a sniper that can shoot a great distance, as demonstrated when Reborn uses it to influence events at Namimori Middle without actually being close by. The gun can cause widespread damage, but Reborn seems to be able to control its power in addition to being skilled at aiming all forms.

Techniques Edit

Chaos shot

Splitting into arrows

  • Chaos Shot: Reborn uses the gun to shoot his Sun Flames, which in turn split into many arrows that can home in on a target with amazing speed, also being useful for attacking multiple targets at once.

Trivia Edit

  • In the manga, instead of Leon shape-shifting, Reborn uses a real gun.
  • Leon is able to create Dying Will Bullets inside his stomach, which allows Reborn to fire bullets without reloading.