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The Vongola Mist Owl was given to Chrome by her Future self and is named Mukuro. The Owl appears the same as the possessed Mist Owl but has armour padding on its wings.


File:Demon Spade's Evil Lens.jpg

Demon Spade's Evil Lens

  • Cambio Forma- Demon Spade's Evil Lens: The Vongola Mist Owl transforms into a set of three Lens. These Evil Lens have the Ability to see through even the most powerful of Illusions, even those of Torikabuto while he was using his Box of Carnage. It is also implied that the First Vongola Mist Guardian could curse people with the Evil Lens, but it may not be possible. When used by Mukuro, it let's him see the weaknesses and status of an enemy.


The Owl's nickname, Mukuro, is a pun on the word Fukuro (owl) and Mukuro, the person.

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