Gufo di Nebbia, nicknamed as Mukurou, is a Mist-attribute Bird-type Box Weapon. Originally a Gufo di Pioggia, its attribute changed to Mist after it was possessed by Mukuro Rokudo.

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The Gufo di Nebbia looks the same as the Gufo di Pioggia. The only difference is Mukuro's heterochromatic eyes when it is possessed.

Abilities Edit

It seems that it can construct illusions just like other Mist-attribute Box Weapons, but its skill is unknown.

  • Possession (when possessed by Mukuro) (骸憑依, Mukuro hyōi?)
  • Constructing illusions (幻覚構築, Genkaku kōchiku?)
  • Body Blow (体当たり, Tai atari?)
  • Pecking (つつき, Tsutsuki?)

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Trivia Edit

  • Its nickname, spelled (ムクロウ, mukurou?) is only one character off from Mukuro's name (ムクロ, mukuro?), is pronounced the same, but means "owl" in Japanese.
    • In some translations, it is referred to as "Mukurowl" to differentiate between it and its namesake, Mukuro Rokudo.

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