Grand Convention is the 391st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna finally gets his feelings off his chest, only to find out that Reborn is sleeping beside him. Tsuna feels incredulous that Reborn fell asleep while he was addressing such important concerns. Tsuna tries to rouse Reborn but stops himself in time after he thinks of the consequences. Tsuna wonders how much had Reborn heard before he slept. As Tsuna heads home, it is revealed that Reborn is actually pretending to be asleep. Reborn, with a satisfied grin on his face, saying that Tsuna does as he pleases, but then said that impossible things is still impossible.

Tsuna visits Yamamoto and Gokudera at the hospital and notifies them of the same matter that he had already told Mukuro, Byakuran, Enma and Xanxus. Gokudera is upset that he did not get to know first and Tsuna explains that it is because Tsuna is so dependent on his guardian and sees them as his family that he just natrually assumes that they will help him out. Tsuna apologies but Gokudera brushes it off, exclaiming proudly that they are a family. After hearing Tsuna out, Yamamoto and Gokudera tells him that they will support him and to leave the matter to them. As Tsuna goes off to inform Dino, Yamamoto comments that it is the first time he has seen Tsuna being calm although he is about to be facing a decisive battle and somehow, that calmness is infectious.

Tsuna finds Dino and Hibari in a forest and is shocked to find that they have been battling since the battle against Team Mammon. Dino reassures Tsuna that he will be taking part in tomorrow's Representative Battle but is refuted by Hibari, who says harshly that it is impossible as Dino is going to be bitten to death by him. Tsuna says he has something important to tell them and his serious demeanor made them listen. Dino is shocked at the power of Team Bermuda after hearing the events that happened to Reborn.

Kyoko, Haru, Chrome and I-Pin have finished making the good luck charms and are on their way to Tsuna's house. Bianchi is waiting for them outside and brings them in. There is a huge crowd and Haru identifies some of the men as Dino's subordinates. Bianchi explains that there are many more others and that they were all summoned here. Haru questions the motive for gathering them and Bianchi comments that these are pretty scary people and summoning them is not a feat that just anyone could manage. This made them wondering who was the one who summoned them.

Inside the house, Tsuna is speaking with the fighting forces that he approached, pleading for them to fight together.

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