Template:Storm characterGokudera is one of the main characters in Katekyo Hitman Reborn's spin-off manga, Vongola GP Kuru!

Character Outline

Gokudera is one of the only two racers of Team Vongola's, with Tsuna as the other one.


Like his originl counterpart, Gokudera is devoted and loyal to Tsuna and proclaim himself as his right-handman. He's brash and rude to anyone but Tsuna and Reborn. He has great faith and admiration towards Tsuna, believing in him that he would succeed Primo. Unlike his counterpart though, he's much more accepting of new recruits who joins Vongola and not as overprotective and reckless as the original.

Plot Overview

Gokudera first appears when he is in the middle of a race with Tsuna. He threw dynamites towards his opponents behind and told Tsuna to get the first place. Unfortunately, Tsuna was unable to see due to the smoke that Gokudera's dynamites have caused and made him out of bond, disqualfying Team Vongola from the race. Afterwards, Gokudera noticed that there are not much people who are supporting Vongola, which Tsuna confirms that no one would support them again since they have lost 999 times. When Tsuna was about to invite Kyoko to watch his next racer, he was cornered by a gangster who blames him for making Vongola Town a laughing stock. Gokudera immediately defend Tsuna and scared them away with his dynamites. Shortly after, they are encounteed by a baby named Reborn who was sent by Mr. Timo to train Tsuna into great racer like his ancestor. He then immediately start the training by making them run while being chased by a huge truck and continues that way until the day of the race.

At the day of the race, Gokuder able to eliminated his other contestants, making him in second place while Tsuna is in the first place until Enma passed through Tsuna. Adelheid attacks Gokudera and Tsuna, preocuppying thm while Enma goes to the finish line. Gokudera protects Tsuna from Adelheid's attack, allowing Tsuna to proceed and win the race by swallowing Dying Will Ball. Gokudera congratulated Tsuna and the team rejoiced for their first victory. However, their moment was short-lived since Tsuna puked out blood due to the after effect of Dying Will Ball.

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