Gokudera's Strengthening Program is the 32nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Gokudera is walking to school, he passes by Tsuna's house and is informed by Nana Sawada that Tsuna already left. As he goes after him, he hears Nana saying that she is glad that Tsuna has a reliable friend like Gokudera, causing Gokudera to promise to protect Tsuna. He walks off to find Tsuna and is surprised to see him being attacked by dogs and birds since Reborn accidentally scattered some of Leon's Feral animal food on Tsuna.

Later at Tsuna's house, Gokudera apologizes to Tsuna for not being able to protect him and promises to train harder. Just then, Reborn arrives and asks Gokudera if he wants to participate in a Vongola Family Strengthening Program to which he agrees. In order to improve Gokudera's speed, Reborn changes his Hair Style in order to lessen the air resistance. Gokudera tries to bear with the Hair Style even though he dislikes it. However, Reborn reveals that the Hair Style is a bad example since its easy to mess up and takes a long time to set up. Reborn decides to put Speed for later and now focuses on Power. He calls Future I-Pin as Gokudera's next instructor. The test is for Gokudera to eat some Ramen while I-Pin attacks him with Gyoza-Kempo. The test starts and Gokudera is having trouble eating some Ramen and ends up burning himself. However, he wants to continue and tells I-Pin to shoot more. Just then, Lambo arrives and scares I-Pin causing her to attack Gokudera and Tsuna and Gokudera accidentally pours all the content of the Ramen on Tsuna. As Gokudera apologizes to Tsuna, Yamamoto arrives and Gokudera hears Tsuna calling him a savior.

After hearing Tsuna, Gokudera leaves, realizing that Tsuna relies on Yamamoto more than on him. He recalls his past about wanting to join some families but fails and concludes that he must be better alone. Just then, Nana sees and approaches him. She tells Gokudera that Tsuna is always talking about him, causing Gokudera to realize that Tsuna depends on him and goes to apologize to Tsuna.

Back at the house, Tsuna, Yamamoto and Reborn are waiting for Gokudera's return and is surprised to see him carrying some food and calling Yamamoto 'Yamamoto-chan'. Gokudera then starts to do some dynamite maintenance, promising to himself that he would follow Tsuna and be suited to be his right hand man. After Yamamoto and Gokudera leave, Tsuna talks to his mother about how terrifying Gokudera is...

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