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Gokudera's Story (ごくでらのはなし) is the 56th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Gokudera was seen walking to the Nakayama Hospital. Gokudera goes into Lambo's room. He saw him still sleeping, until he wakes up from his comma and saw Gokudera as an octopus weenie. Gokudera then stops him and forgave him since he's injured. Gokudera gave him takoyaki. Lambo devours it, but gets sick, so he drank water. After, he wanted to eat Nana's omelettes, rather than takoyaki. Gokudera, then said that he shouldn't be selfish since he ate all of the takoyaki. Gokudera wanted to take advantage of this time and tell him about the events of the Varia battles so far. He started with when Squalo fought Basil, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto for the fake Half Vongola Rings. He stopped when Gokudera was done talking about how Reborn was Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto inside the hospital about the Vongola Rings and how 7 people received them because Lambo was confused and was told by Gokudera that he's a guardian. Lambo was cheering and said he's special and to make people call him Lambo-sama. Gokudera started talking about the events, starting with the guardians training with their respective tutors. He stopped when Gokudera was done talking about Lambo's fight with Levi. Gokudera said that he was worried and that Tsuna saved Lambo when he was in trouble. He was also talking about how Tsuna shouldn't risk his life just for the Vongola Ring. Also, he was talking about how Tsuna has a big heart for saving Lambo and Gokudera. Lambo caught Gokudera crying. Gokudera told Lambo to shut up and started to talk about the events again, starting with the Rain Ring Battle. He ended with the Cloud Ring Battle and caught Lambo sleeping and sleep-talking about wanting Nana's omelettes. Gokudera tucked Lambo in and Reborn in his vase costume, caught Gokudera being nice to Lambo for once. Reborn started talking about the guardians' battles are over and now comes the Sky Ring Battle. After, he started to talk about what he's gotta do for tonight's battle. Gokudera asked what he's going to do, but Reborn fell asleep. The scene ended with Tsuna walking in the hospital.


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