Giotto is the founder of the Vongola Famiglia; thus, its first Boss. He is also the creator of the Zero Point Breakthrough technique. After his retirement, he moved to Japan and started a family. He is the paternal great-great-great grandfather of Tsunayoshi Sawada, who has repeatedly been shown to be similar to him, as they have the same weapon and techniques (including the Zero Point Breakthrough), almost identical appearances, and equally unorthodox Famiglias (the First Famiglia included aristocrats, military men, rival mafiosos and religious people). Their Guardians are quite similar as well: Yamamoto, Hibari, Mukuro, Lambo, Gokudera, and Ryohei have already been shown to be very much like their first predecessors in appearance, weapon of choice, and personality.

Character Outline


Giotto looks very similar to Tsuna, though they have different hair colours. He has spiky golden blond hair and his eyes are a sharp orange tone, the same as Tsuna's when the latter is in Hyper Dying Will Mode. When not in Hyper Dying Will Mode, his irises are a lighter shade of orange. He wears a black suit with white pinstripes and a white undershirt with a black tie. He also wears a long cloak with a golden, decorated attachment, which later becomes Nuts' Cambio Forma. Throughout his appearances in the anime, he has always been shown in Hyper Dying Will Mode.


He is shown to be a calm and collected leader that cares for his friends and Famiglia and is willing to protect them from harm. He has a strong sense of justice and actively pursues what he believes is right for the people, which is why he formed the Vongola Famiglia. He is similar to Tsuna in many aspects, especially their soft nature that Demon Spade once had commented on. Likewise, Reborn has once stated that Vongola Primo was the kind of person who accepted anyone into the Famiglia, regardless of background. He is shown to highly value friendship and other bonds that he has with people he knows, and wish for their bonds to be always remembered. He is also a forgiving person that never holds any grudges; when Demon betrayed him, Giotto still considered him as one of his Guardians. Also, Giotto seems to share Tsuna's belief that a person not willing to die protecting his friends, does not deserve to be a Vongola boss.

Weapons and Abilities

Giotto was a very powerful fighter and known to be the strongest Vongola Sky throughout history.[1] Along with that, he was very charismatic, able to attract and welcome many kinds of people into his vigilante group. This trait made Giotto being compared to the sky, which became the basis of the Vongola Rings attributes. Giotto is the only known Vongola Boss to possess the ability to seal away one's Hyper Intuition.


  • Hyper Dying Will Mode: This is when one has been hit with the Criticism Shot or ingested two Dying Will Pills. Hyper Dying Will, instead of removing external limiters on the body and using pressure during a crisis, removes internal limiters; therefore, releasing the person's hidden awareness. When the internal limiters are lifted it awakens his Hyper Intuition. Giotto is normally seen in this form.


Vongola Primo X Gloves1

Giotto's I-Gloves

  • I-Gloves - A pair of special combat Gloves used by the Vongola Primo, Giotto. These are the same as Tsuna's X Gloves, being able to ignite the Dying Will Flame, which allows for propulsion. When Tsuna's using X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring to do the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, an I appears on the back of the X-Gloves to indicate that it is the First's technique.
  • Mantello di Vongola Primo - Giotto wears a long, black Cloak that releases Sky Flames. The Cloak also has the ability to nullify Attacks. His Cloak, which is later used by Tsuna's Box Weapon's Cambio Difesa, is attached to his I-Gloves and bears a metal plate that bears the Roman Numeral I.
  • Mitena di Vongola Primo - As with the First's Cloak, the Gauntlet also has the roman numeral I on it. It is said that Vongola Primo could focus all of his power into a single point. This was so powerful it is said that his gloves would even change form which is resembles Tsuna's gauntlet which was used against Byakuran.
  • Sky Vongola Ring:This Ring is proof of being the Vongola sky boss before passing it on to Vongola Secondo. He sealed the Sky Ring along with the rest of the Vongola Rings to make sure they would be passed on to the next Vongola Boss.
    • Vongola Rings: Even before Giotto founded the Vongola Famiglia, Sepira gave him the entire set of Vongola Rings, which he distributed among his Guardians and eventually passed on to the next generations of Bosses and Guardians.
  • Vongola Hyper Intuition: This ability allows the user to predict upcoming attacks. Primo was seen using this ability to dodge a bullet.


  • Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition: The technique is created by Vongola Primo, and later also used by Vongola Nono and Vongola Decimo. It takes Giotto to be in the opposite state of the Hyper Dying Will State to create ice, which is highly negative compressed energy that can seal away Dying Will Flames and can only be melted by the Dying Will Flames.

Appearance in other Media

In the Drama CD: Proof of Friendship, which focuses on he and his Guardians' daily life activities, Giotto makes an appearance along with his Guardians. In this story, Giotto had planned and arranged a secret dinner together with his Guardians and went to the town to finish the preparation until night with his Guardians secretly following him out of their curiosity and worry. While he visited Talbot's crafting shop, his Guardians mistook him being threatened because of the silhouette of paper knife and abruptly entered the shop but ended up bumping into each other. After they had cleared up their misunderstanding, Giotto took them to the restaurant that he had prepared for the dinner and gave them the golden pocket watches that were made by Talbot under his request as proof of their friendship. All of them had a toast up which they are toasting for the Famiglia as well as celebrating their eternal friendship.


  • Giotto's descendants and his own Japanese name are named after Tokugawa Shoguns: Ieyasu, Yoshimune, Yoshinobu, Ietsuna, Iemitsu, and Tsunayoshi.
Primo's First Appearance

Giotto's first appearance in the Kokuyo Arc anime.

  • Giotto was briefly shown in the Kokuyo Arc anime during the battle of Mukuro versus Tsuna; although, he was more of an outlined figure rather than a full drawing.
  • Giotto's name can be translated as "gentle/peaceful ruler" in Italian. It is also the name of a famous Italian painter.
  • In the most recent poll, Giotto ranked 12th in popularity and 6th in strength.
  • In the Drama CD, Giotto mentioned that the name "Primo" was given to him by his Guardians. Demon revealed that the name shows their dedication that they will ensure the lasting of the Famiglia.
  • Giotto becomes the final boss in every story mode of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Kindan no Yami no Delta.
  • Giotto likes safety and smiles of local citizens, Family, Cozzato and his Family, while he dislikes when the weak one got hurt.[3]
  • Tsuna and Giotto have many similarities:
    • Both have the same appearance, but different hair colors, along with very spiky hair.
    • Both can go into Hyper Dying Will Mode.
    • Both have the Vongola Hyper Intuition.
    • Both can use Zero Point Breakthrough.
    • Both climbed a mountain to gain a higher level of stamina.
    • Both have no qualms about recruiting Guardians and members from outside their Famiglia.
    • Both have a soft nature.
    • Both of their Japanese names are named after Tokugawa shoguns.
    • Future Tsuna and Giotto have the same seiyu.
    • Both use Mantello di Vongola Primo and Mitena di Vongola Primo.
    • Giotto and G were the first two members of vigilante group, similar to Tsuna and Gokudera being the first two members of their generation.
    • He was about the same age as Tsuna when he and G formed the Vongola.
    • Both were commented to be unsuitable to become a Mafia Boss by their Mist Guardians (Demon and Mukuro respectively).
    • Both were friends with the Simon Bosses of their generation (Giotto with Cozzato and Tsuna with Enma).
    • Both were considered to be young for what they were doing; Giotto with his vigilante group, the Vongola's original purpose, and Tsuna as a mafia boss.
    • According to Timoteo, Giotto's actions were similar to what Tsuna and his Family are doing.


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