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Character Outline

Giotto is the Founder of the Vongola Famiglia, and thus, its First Boss. He is also the creator of the Zero Point Breakthrough. After his retirement, he moved to Japan and started a Family, making Tsuna his descendant. He is the great-great-great grandfather of Tsuna. Tsuna has repeatedly been shown to be very much like him, as they have the same weapon and techniques (including the Zero Point Breakthrough), similar appearances, and equally unorthodox Families (the First Family included kings, military men, rival Mafiosos, and religious people). Their Guardians are quite similar as well: Yamamoto, Hibari, Mukuro, Lambo, Gokudera, and Ryohei have already been shown to be very much like their predecessors in appearance, weapon of choice, and personality.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

During Tsuna's training with Hibari, he was trapped, enclosed by Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog, and forced Tsuna to undergo the Vongola Trial of Succession. While Tsuna was trapped in the hedgehog, his Vongola Ring emitted images to his head. The previous Vongola Bosses stated that they were the past sins and crimes of the Vongola. The bosses demanded Tsuna to accept the bloody history of the Vongola if he wanted to be strong, but Tsuna refused to do so and stated that he would rather destroy the Vongola than accept their sins. Vongola Primo then accepts Tsuna as the successor to the Vongola and grants him the proof of the Vongola.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Giotto appearing through Tsuna's Vongola Ring and Arcobaleno Pacifier, answering Yuni's will

He appeared through Tsuna's Vongola Ring and Arcobaleno Pacifier, answering Yuni's will. He stated that he never answered to the Arcobaleno's power and never will again, but he said this was single exception due to Yuni's condition which is still unknown as to what she promised to him. He told Tsuna and the others they have yet to inherit the Vongola's true power and that the First Vongola Guardians will observe them to see if they are worthy to inherit Vongola's true power or not. Before he disappeared, he asked if they were they able to embody the duty of a Guardian and if they had that resolve because everything rested on that.

Later, he appeared at a castle inside an amusement park where Lampo decides that he will stay until his Succesion Trial finishes. Giotto said that it was his turn now. At first, Lampo was against doing this, but Giotto was able to convince him as Lampo also commented that he "can't say no to him."
During Gokudera's Succesion Trial, he sealed Tsuna's Hyper Intuition to prevent him from interfering in the Succession Trial. After G.'s trial, he said that Tsuna realized that G. (when disguised as Gokudera) wasn't his real Storm Guardian even though he already sealed his Hyper Intuition. He also thanks G. for his help when he remembered the times when he and his Guardians built the Vongola.

He appears again at the Namimori Shrine along with his Guardians looking a bit worried as the next trial would be Daemon Spade's one. He checked his pocket watch before standing up.

Giotto & his Guardians return to the Rings

He again along with the other Guardians watch the trial from afar. The other guardians wanted to intervene, but Giotto just told them to wait and watch.

He appears again in front of Daemon and thanks him for fulfilling his duty as a Guardian to which Daemon commented that he hasn't changed. After Daemon gave Chrome his inheritance, Giotto also gave Tsuna his inheritance as he had watched Tsuna and his Guardians throughout the Inheritance.
Later, he appears alongside Daemon and comments that Daemon still keeps the pocket watch that symbolizes their friendship and said that he hasn't changed his mind, to which Daemon replied that he was forever a fool and that's why Giotto disappointed him in the end. After this, he and the other Guardians went back to the Vongola Rings.

Future Final Battle Arc

File:Giotto Appears Before Tsuna 2.PNG

Giotto appeares before Tsuna

He appeared before Tsuna during the final battle with Byakuran. He agreed with Tsuna and told him that current Vongola Rings' form was only Temporary with the highest output of flame restrained. He said that there was no need for that anymore, because he believes in Tsuna's will, and that in time, Tsuna would understand both the true meaning of the Ring and his will. Upon saying this he unsealed the rings to reveal their true forms. He then encouraged Tsuna to defeat Byakuran.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

It was revealed that Giotto used to fight alongside the first Shimon Boss like brothers, but later betrayed him, leading him to his painful death and the Shimon Family's long and painful torture. However, Tsuna swore on his grave that Giotto was not that kind of person, since he has met him before. When Talbot, the oldest metal craftsman who worked for Vongola, arrives, he revealed that he could repair and upgrade the Vongola Rings with a bottle with Primo's blood, "Penalty."

Weapons and Abilities

His Gloves, which have the Roman Numeral I on them, symbolize him being the Vongola Primo while Tsuna's Gloves have the Roman Numeral X on them to symbolize him being the Vongola Decimo. Giotto has the ability to interfere with the Hyper Intutition of the Vongola Bosses that succeed him or at least cloud it temporarily, as he once did with Tsuna. His Cloak and Gauntlets were later used by Tsuna during his Box Animal's Cambio Forma or Cambio Forme in its case. Giotto can sense the danger facing the Vongola from the Vongola Ring, as stated by Reborn.

Giotto's I-Gloves

  • I-Gloves - A pair of special combat Gloves used by the Vongola Primo, Giotto. These are the same as Tsuna's X Gloves, being able to ignite the Dying Will Flame, which allows for propulsion. When Tsuna's using X-Gloves Version Vongola Ring to do the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, an I appears on the back of the X-Gloves to indicate that it is the First's technique.
  • Mantello di Vongola Primo - Giotto wears a long, black Cloak that releases Sky Flames. The Cloak also has the ability to nullify Attacks. His Cloak, which is later used by Tsuna's Box Weapon Nuts' Cambio Difesa, is attached to his X-Gloves and bears a metal plate that bears the Roman Numeral I.
  • Guanto di Vongola Primo - As with the First's Cloak, the Gauntlet also has the roman numeral I on it. It is said that Vongola Primo could focus all of his power into a single point. This was so powerful it is said that his gloves would even change form which is resembles Tsuna's gauntlet which was used against Byakuran.
  • Vongola Hyper Intuition - This ability allows the user to predict upcoming attacks. Primo was seen using this ability to dodge a bullet.


Giotto and his Guardians


He was the head of a secret intelligence agency in an unidentified country. He physically resembles Hibari, and despite their preference for solitude, Dino notes that they both show benevolence toward allies, even though Hibari's manner of doing so is outwardly unfriendly and even violent, which was mentioned to be similar to Alaude when he was young. His weapon of choice was handcuffs; when Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog goes into Cambio Forma, it transforms into a similar weapon called Alaude's Handcuffs.

Asari Ugetsu

Japanese, loved music. It was said that there were none who could match his skills with the blade. He physically resembles Yamamoto, and Reborn compared Yamamoto giving up baseball to the first Rain Guardian giving up music: both did so to excel at swordsmanship for the sake of their friends in the Vongola Family. Specifically, the first Rain Guardian sold his instruments for a trio of short Swords and a single long Sword. Yamamoto's Kojirou can Cambio Forma into a similar Sword called "Asari Ugetsu."

Daemon Spade

A dangerous Illusionist. He resembles Chrome in her hairstyle but he physically and mentally resembles Mukuro more in personality and actions, and Reborn stated that he was a backstabber, much as Mukuro has frequently noted that he is merely biding his time for the opportunity to possess Tsuna. He was said to be able to curse enemies by glaring at them through his weapon called "Daemon Spade's Devil Lens" which resembles the Mist Owl's Cambio Forma, "cursing" is likely a metaphorical reference to what happened to anyone he disliked.


Helped Giotto form a vigilante group that became the core of the Vongola Famiglia. He physically resembles Gokudera (right down to their shared smoking habit), and Lal Mirch referred to him as Giotto's right-hand man (like Gokudera being Tsuna's right-hand man). He initially used a gun which he carried almost as a part of himself, much like Gokudera's dynamite, but switched to a bow given to him by Giotto himself whenever he acted in the name of the Vongola. Gokudera's Storm Leopard can Cambio Forma into a similar Bow called "G-Archery."


He was an undefeated boxing champion however due to his strength, he accidentally killed an opponent during a match, this made him resign from boxing and take a job to serve God. At his Family's moment of crisis, he gave himself 3 minutes and managed to save them and after that he never stepped inside a ring again. The First Sun Guardian and Ryohei have a strong resemblance in which both use boxing as their weapons. Ryohei's Sun Kangaroo can Cambio Forma into a similar boxing gear called "Knuckle of Maximum Break."


Son of an earth master. He was very cowardly and spoiled, but Giotto made him fight anyway. He was known as the Lightning with hidden ferocity. He resembles fifteen year old Lambo, but is spoiled like five year old Lambo. Lambo's Lightning Buffalo can Cambio Forma into a shield that resembles the shield used by Lampo which is called "Lampo's Shield."


  • Giotto's descendants and his own Japanese name are named after Tokugawa Shoguns (Ieyatsu, Yoshimune, Yoshinobu, Ietsuna, Iemitsu, and Tsunayoshi).
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, he has no number, but is instead referred to as G. When he was assigned this, the First Generation Storm Guardian, G., had not yet been introduced. Fans don't seem to be showing any signs of changing Giotto's shorthand so G. will likely be referred to as 02 (to differentiate him from Fuuta).
  • Tsuna's Family and Giotto's Family are alike in looks and personalities, just like Reborn says.
  • Giotto's Family included a king and anyone he wanted to be part of Vongola.
  • In a recent popularity poll, Giotto ranked 14th.
  • On the inside cover of the golden watch that Primo and his guardians have, contains a vow of friendship.
  • According to Nono, Primo's actions were similar to what Tsuna and his guardians are doing right now.
  • He was about the same age as Tsuna when he and G. formed the vigilante.
  • Reborn stated that he was the strongest Vongola Boss.
  • Tsuna and Giotto have many similarities:
    • Both have the same appearance, but different hair colors and Giotto's hair is spikier.
    • Both can go into Hyper Dying Will Mode.
    • Both have Hyper Intuition.
    • Both can use Zero Point Breakthrough.
    • Both have no qualms about recruiting Guardians and members from outside their Family.
    • Both have a soft nature.
    • Future Tsuna and Giotto have the same seiyuu.
    • Both use Mantello di Vongola Primo, and Guanto di Vongola Primo.
    • Giotto and G. are the first two members of Vigilante group, similar to Tsuna and Gokudera being the first two members of their generation.
    • Contrary to general belief, the second Vongola boss was not the one who forced Giotto into retirement, but Daemon Spade. Despite this, he holds no grudge against him and still regards him as one of his guardian and family, similar with Tsuna and Mukuro's relationship.
    • Both were friends with the Shimon Bosses of their generation (Giotto with Cozart and Tsuna with Enma).
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