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1st Gen Famiglia

Giotto & his Guardians.

G Edit

Giotto's Storm Guardian and childhood friend and trusted right-handman. Together, both of them created the vigilante group that would become the Vongola family. Through Giotto's trust in him and G's devotion to Giotto, their friendship has been shown to be very close, further evidenced by the fact that they were close friends since childhood. G is fiercely loyal to Giotto and never once questioned his seemingly unreasonable actions, nor ever once regretted following him, always siding with Giotto's justice. He is the first one to stand up for him and the person to be the most agitated if anyone insults or endangers Giotto in any way, enough to reveal his short-tempered trait that can only be calmed down by Giotto. He is also the first one to realize if Giotto acts unlike himself and becomes concerned to the point of being somewhat paranoid, already thinking of the worst case scenario when it comes to his childhood friend's safety.

Ugetsu Asari Edit

Giotto's Rain Guardian. Ugetsu was a swordsman who was renowned for his talent; however, rather than devoting himself to the sword, he opted to become a musician instead. However, when he was informed that Giotto was in danger, he, without hesitation, sold all of his instruments and bought his swords and travel fee to go to help Giotto, showing how close Ugetsu and Giotto are as friends, as Ugetsu's devotion allowed him to give up his music career to simply help out a friend, valuing their friendship more than his own dream. Like G, Ugetsu also easily becomes somewhat paranoid whenever they feel Giotto is not acting like himself.

Lampow Edit

Giotto's Lightning Guardian. Lampow was the son of the Lord of the Land. He was extremely cowardly and spoiled, to the point where he wouldn't enter an important battle just because he didn't want to. However, whenever Giotto requested him to do something, he stated that he couldn't refuse him, showing a good relationship between them and Lampow's loyalty to Giotto.

Knuckle Edit

Giotto's Sun Guardian. He was an undefeated boxing champion. However, due to his strength, he accidentally killed an opponent during a match, which made him resign from boxing and turn to religion to atone for his sin. At his Famiglia's moment of crisis, he gave himself 3 minutes and managed to save them, showing that he is loyal to both his Famiglia and Giotto.

Alaudi Edit

Giotto's Cloud Guardian. Being the Cloud Guardian, Alaudi was aloof and separated himself from the other Guardians. However, it was stated that when he and Giotto shared the same goal, he would work flawlessly together with him to achieve the goal, showing more consideration for his comrades on the path to achieving the goal than during his usual meetings with them. Alaudi would become fiercely loyal to Giotto and devoted, showing that despite normally being isolated, Alaudi and Giotto have a good relationship during certain times. Like the other Guardians, Alaudi carried around the pocket watch given to him by Giotto as a proof of friendship. Giotto entrusted Alaudi with the position of External Advisor and as head of CEDEF, a position meant to keep an eye on the Vongola after Giotto himself retired. After Giotto sealed and divided the Vongola Rings he gave half of them to Alaudi for safekeeping, showing that Giotto trusted him immensely.

Demon Spade Edit

Giotto's Mist Guardian. Both used to be close friends and at first, Demon respected him as much as the other Guardians. Unfortunately, after Elena's death, Demon misinterpreted Elena's dying wish for him to make the Vongola strong, prompting him to have an addiction to ensuring that the Vongola remained strong through cruelty, rather than kindness. Because of this, he thought that Giotto was unworthy of making the Vongola feared and powerful, causing their friendship to become strained and eventually forcing Giotto to step down through betrayal. However, after all that time, Demon still kept his golden pocket watch of friendship given to him by Giotto before Elena's death, showing that he secretly still treasured his close friendship with Giotto, though he refused to admit it even to himself. Giotto is also shown to be forgiving of Demon, still regarding him as his family member, as well as a close friend, as he still acknowledged Demon as his Guardian despite his betrayal. The two in fact met, through Elena.

Famiglia & Allies Edit

Tsunayoshi Sawada Edit

Primo encouraging Decimo

Giotto and Tsuna.

Tsuna is one of Giotto's descendants. Giotto seems to hold Tsuna in high regard and has helped Tsuna out in multiple ways, including bestowing his inheritance upon him and unleashing the true form of the Vongola Rings to help him defeat Byakuran. He also refers to Tsuna as his "true successor."

Although Reborn mentioned that Tsuna's style of fighting, weapon of choice, and motives for fighting are all similar to Giotto, the first time that Tsuna came face to face with Giotto was during the Vongola Trial in which Giotto approved Tsuna as the next Vongola Boss and told Tsuna that the Vongola was his to either make prosper or destroy, showing that he placed his trust and faith on Tsuna. This was further displayed when Primo appeared during the fight with Byakuran when he restored the true power of the Vongola Rings, something no other Vongola Boss accomplished.

In turn, Tsuna trusts Giotto completely and has been shown standing up for him when other characters accuse Giotto of questionable actions. Tsuna has quite confidently stated that Giotto is not the kind of man that would betray his friends when Enma told Tsuna about Giotto's betrayal of the first Simon boss, Cozzato. As time goes by, Tsuna seems to become more and more like his ancestor, beginning to share his love for his friends, his determination to protect and bravery to fight. Tsuna's respect for Giotto goes to the point that he even understood that Giotto would never accept Tsuna as a successor if he were to let Reborn die, as someone that wasn't ready to risk his life for his comrades didn't deserve to be the Vongola boss, something that shocked Reborn.

Simon Cozzato Edit

Giotto & Cozart

Cozzato Simon with Giotto

Giotto first heard about the Simons from his (Giotto's) grandfather. Giotto and Cozzato shared a close relationship, like brothers. Due to their strong bond, they agreed that Vongola and Simon should never cross swords with each other; in fact, it was Cozzato who first suggested that a vigilante group be formed, and that Giotto should lead it. This idea was the start of the Vongola Famiglia. Their friendship continued to the point where Cozzato decided to help his best friend in the massive mafia war between Vongola and the rival Famiglias once he received a letter that told him to assist the Vongola. Cozzato, knowing it was a fake, and guessing that there was a traitor within Giotto's subordinates, went to help.

Giotto also immediately intended to help Cozzato personally and showed concern and reluctance when Cozzato suggested to hide the truth about his Famiglia's survival, which meant that the Simon has to be living in the shadow and in return, he swore that the Vongola would support Simon. Cozzato agreed and he swore that the Simon would harbor no grudge against them, and their Famiglias would always be close for as long as they existed.

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