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Character Outline

Ginger Bread is a young boy who wears a white wizard's hat and cape. He has a large blue bow on his cape, and the same color blue cloth wrapped around his hat, with stars in his eyes. He also wields a normal looking straw broom. He appears to have dark yellow hair covering his ears. He is the Vice Captain of The White Spell's 8th Squad and is above C++ Rank. Ginger Bread almost has the appearance of a magician.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Melone Base Invasion

Lal Mirch asks if he is Ginger Bread; he calmly states that he doesn't go by that name anymore. He first claims that his attacks are derived from sorcery, but later reveals them to be based on spiders with sun flames. He sends out dolls to attack as the real Ginger Bread has yet to reveal himself. Later after his fight with Lal Mirch, he has another doll pair up with Iris Hepburn and her Death Stalk squad to incapacitate Tsuna. He and Iris are defeated when Tsuna uses a fully powered X Burner attack on him, Iris, and her Death Stalk squad. However, like his match between Lal, Ginger escaped leaving behind the same doll decoy. He appears to be alive as he was seen in several episode, helping Iris find Spanner.


Sun Spider

Ginger Bread's Sun Spider

  • Ragni del Ciel Sereno (Sole) ~ Clear Sky(Sun) Spiders: He uses these to destroy his opponents from the inside out: first Ginger Bread shoots a bullet with spider's eggs inside, then he makes them open and burst out of the enemy's body a large number of spiders.
  • Broom- the Broom shoots needle like projectiles at the enemy.


  • Many fans originally believed, after the revelation that the Mare Rings that had been acknowledged as real were fakes, that Ginger Bread was the real Sun Funeral Wreath. However, Byakuran expressly stated that the Real Funeral Wreaths were gathered from all over the world, and that none were members of the Millefiore.


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