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The Giglio Nero Famiglia is a Mafia family in the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! series.

History Edit

After Sepira, the founder, received the Mare Rings from Checker Face, she founded Giglio Nero and passed down the rings to her successors. It was led by Uni in the future after the early death of her mother, Aria.

Three months after Yuni took over the role as the Famiglia's Boss, Genkishi was defeated by Squalo. There was a bargain that Genkishi made up so that the Gesso Famiglia and the Giglio Nero Famiglia could join. The deal was that if Genkishi could defeat Squalo, the Gesso would not bother the Giglio Nero for five years. Genkishi didn't try to win; he wanted the two Famiglias to merge because of his secret loyalty to Byakuran because the latter saved his life from an illness.

To prevent any more violence between the two Famiglias, Yuni met up with Byakuran and the Gesso Famiglia for a meeting. The two Famiglias then merged to become the Millefiore as a result of Byakuran drugging Yuni, the drug dulling her heart. The Giglio Nero was the Black Spell of the Millefiore until Yuni, their commander, withdrew.

Members Edit

What Yuni Sacrifices to Leave

Members of the Giglio Nero Famiglia.

Known bosses Edit

  • Sepira, Giglio Nero Primo
  • Luce, Giglio Nero Ottavo
  • Aria, Giglio Nero Nono
  • Uni, Giglio Nero Decimo

Known members Edit

Clairvoyance Edit

The Power of Divination runs through the Giglio Nero family's bloodline. This power gives the Giglio Nero Boss a superior ability to foresee or predict the future. This power is even stronger with the Sky Arcobaleno Pacifier; however, over time, the power starts to get weaker due to the Arcobaleno curse, causing the Boss to have a short lifespan which doesn't allow for growth of the power.

Locations Edit

Giglio Nero Mansion Edit

Giglio Nero Mansion

The Giglio Nero's Mansion

The Giglio Nero Famiglia's mansion, located in a wooded area. It appears to be their main base of operations.

West Temple Edit


Giglio Nero's West Temple

The Giglio Nero Famiglia's west temple. It was here that the Six Funeral Wreaths and Byakuran joined up with Nosaru, Tazaru, and Gamma to become Yuni's representatives for the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

Trivia Edit

  • Giglio Nero means "black lily" in Italian.
  • The symbol of the Giglio Nero appears to be based off the original Sky stone of Tri-ni-set.

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