Ghost is the real Lightning Funeral Wreath and possesses the Lightning Mare Ring. Ghost is, in fact, a Byakuran who was brought over from one of the Parallel Worlds, destroying that world in the process. Ghost himself is present only as a shape made up of Dying Will Flames, remaining a mutant who can only drain Flames of others. While Byakuran was testing Ghost's abilities, a number of ships were sunk and Ghost was locked up within the same Vindice Prison as Mukuro Rokudo.

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He does not wear any clothes, has very long, wavy hair and looks similar to Byakuran. He is shown with the same tattoo on his face as Byakuran, but on the right side as opposed to the left. Despite being unable to interact physically with objects, the Lightning Mare Ring stays on his hand.

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Although he seemed to have no personality to speak of, while dying, he cried out in pain.

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Future Final Battle Arc Edit

V Ghost

Ghost in the Vendicare Prison

After Choice, Byakuran ordered Iris to release Ghost from the Vindice Prison. However, the Kokuyo Junior High Gang tricked the Vindice into releasing Mukuro Rokudo instead. Byakuran then successfully bargained with the Vindice to release Ghost.

On the day of the final battle, Byakuran set Ghost loose during an all out battle between the Vongola and the remaining members of the Six Funeral Wreaths. Ghost proceeded to drain the Dying Will Flames of the entire Vongola Famiglia as well as some of the other Funeral Wreaths, killing Bluebell and Zakuro in the process.

The Vongola attempt to stop him, but all their attacks passed through as Ghost continued to stride towards Uni's location. Once Tsuna arrived, Ghost was revealed to be a mass of Dying Will Flames and got sucked up by Tsuna's Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised. Rather than his Flames being absorbed by Tsuna, though, all the Dying Will Flames taken by Ghost were then transferred to Byakuran, granting the latter great power. Ghost died as a result of the Flame transference.

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Ghost is only present in shape and as such passes through all physical objects. He can also forcibly drain Dying Will Flames, making active Box Weapons useless and draining the stamina of people. This is fatal to the other Funeral Wreaths post Asura release, as they are partial Box Weapons.

Ghost can also teleport over great distances. All the Flames Ghost absorbs go straight to Byakuran due to the shared nature of their existence. While Ghost has not been shown using Lightning Flames for any combat purpose, it is implied that he needs the Flames' property of solidification for stability and to keep the Lightning Mare Ring on his finger.

  • Ghost's Awakening: Ghost can release beams of light that, if touched, instantly drain all the Dying Will Flames from a person, killing them in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • The Real Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after flowers, Ghost being named after the Ghost flower. His name could also be a reference to his intangibility and humanoid nature.
  • In the anime, Ghost's hair is blond, whereas Byakuran's hair is white.

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