Getting Lost is the 30th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Dino brings Gokudera and Yamamoto to an unexplored area. Gokudera, looking for Tsuna, asks Dino about his whereabouts. But Dino replies that he's already gone ahead with Reborn and, sure enough, they see Tsuna tied up on a rock under a waterfall with Reborn waiting for the three. As Tsuna unties himself, Reborn decides to start training them and grabs Enzio and tosses him in the river, causing him to grow into a giant. The group runs across the hanging bridge. Dino, trying to buy them some time, pulls out his whip and tries to attack Enzio but, since his men are absent, ends up cutting the bridge, causing everyone to fall.

With everyone safe and Enzio returned to his normal size, an angry Gokudera tries to attack Dino but is held back by Yamamoto. Reborn then points out that they might not be able to go home. Gokudera and Dino try to use their phones but fail. Reborn then sees a cave and Gokudera volunteers to look inside. After some time, the group hears Gokudera screaming and begins to prepare for the worst. However, a lost Bianchi is the cause of Gokudera's scream. After Bianchi explains what happened to her, she notices Dino. Dino is surprised to see her and explains to Tsuna that she tried to kill him too when Reborn was teaching him. Bianchi then calls out and I-Pin, Lambo and Haru exit the cave.

After the three retell their story, Yamamoto decides to collect some fire wood in order to signal their position and scare away animals. Gokudera wants to help too by burning the wood with his dynamite but ends up creating a forest fire after he sees Bianchi. Trying to redeem himself, Lambo uses his grenades to start a fire too, causing the group to be surrounded by flames. Reborn shoots Tsuna with his Dying Will Bullet and Tsuna uses Leon as a pair of dowsing rods in order to find some water that he uses to extinguish the fire. However, the water causes Enzio to grow into a giant again causing the group to run for their lives...

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