Geppetto Lorenzini was a biologist living in the 15th century whose aim was to discover ways to create weapons from nature by basing them on animals or plants. He created 343 blueprints based on his research, but due to the fact that the technology was not well developed during his time, he wasn't able to complete the construction of the weapons. Everybody ignored his ideas and after his death, all of his blueprints and research were locked at the storage location of the secret organization he was working for. A few centuries later, three inventors working for the same organization, found his research and put it into action using modern technology. The three of them were Koenig, Innocenti and Verde. This research later lead to the creation of Box Weapons. Some Box Animals remained the same way Geppetto designed them, while others were altered by the three inventors.

List of Notable Creations


  • Geppetto's blueprints lasted 3 centuries before the first use of the prototype Box Weapons by Verde.
  • His name is inspired from the famous fairy tale The Adventures of Pinocchio, Geppetto being Pinocchio's creator in the story, while Lorenzini was the the writer and creator of the novel.
  • The symbol of Tri-ni-set (7³) is 7 to the power of 3, or 7x7x7. This, in math terms, equals 343, the exact number of blueprints Geppetto created.
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