Genius's Knife is the 102nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Gokudera runs from Belphegor, detonating bombs to hide. However, when Gokudera hides, Bel's knives implant themselves into the wall beside Gokudera. Tsuna, watching the battle, states curiously that Bel shouldn't be able to see Gokudera. Bel then arrogantly states that only he, the prince, could do it, and the "frauds" were unworthy to be Vongola Guardians.

Doctor Shamal calls out to Gokudera, telling him to look for a weakness in the attack. Gokudera desperately hides again, thinking about the weaknesses and remembering that Belphegor touched his shoulder before the battle started. Belphegor unleashes more knives to attack Gokudera, apparently hitting him, but "Gokudera" is revealed to be a mannequin. Gokudera then reveals that his attacks were linked to a wire that he planted on himself before the battle started.

Belphegor compliments Gokudera on figuring out the attack, but remains cheerful, stating that in the hurricane turbine's wind, he couldn't do anything. However, Gokudera unleashes his new attack, Rocket Bombs, apparently hitting Belphegor. However, Mammon states that that kind of attack wouldn't take him down. Belphegor then madly states that the "royal blood of the clan" was flowing out. Mammon then states that "Prince the Ripper's" attacks would now truly begin.

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