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Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola, nicknamed Uri, is a Storm-attribute animal-type Box Weapon. It is the exclusive Vongola Box Weapon for Hayato Gokudera and can transform into a bow and arrow. The bow and arrow was modeled after the first generation's Storm Guardian, G's, weapon of choice.


The Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola was created by remodeling a Gatto Tempesta with the Vongola's latest technology. A part of the Sistema C.A.I., through Cambio Forma, it changes into a weapon similar to the archery-style weapon employed by the first generation Storm Guardian. The red arrow it releases boasts astonishing destructive power through its Storm Flame.

Uri has a mischievous nature and is constantly antagonizing Gokudera every chance it gets. After it was upgraded into a Vongola Box, the most distinct changes were an increase in size and the addition of a crest in its forehead and Storm Flames on its paws.


  • Scratching (ひっかき, Hikkaki?)
  • Biting (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Purring (ゴロゴロ, Goro-goro?)

Combination attacks[]

Cambio Forma[]

G's Archery[1][2] ((ジー)弓矢(アーチェリー), Jī no Ācherī?) is a bow and arrow set modeled after the weapons used by the first generation Vongola Storm Guardian, G It was said that G., though highly proficient in a large range of firearms, always used a bow and arrow when doing work for the Vongola.[1][2] Through future Vongola technology, Gokudera can transform the Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola into a similar weapon.

The limbs of the bow are made up of interconnected bones. The bow is connected to a white metal gauntlet with a red crest with the Roman Numeral "I" symbolize the connection to the first generation Guardian.

  • Tornado Flame Arrow:[1][2] (赤竜巻の矢(トルネード・フレイムアロー), Torunēdo・Fureimu Arō?) An attack used by Gokudera with G's Archery. Gokudera concentrates Storm Flames at the tip of an arrow, then fires a highly destructive arrow.
  • Gatling Arrow[3][2] (ガトリング・アロー, Gatoringu・Arō?) An attack used by Gokudera with G's Archery. Gokudera simultaneously fires four arrows made of Storm Flame. It is capable of pinning an enemy to the ground and incapacitating them.



  • Uri is the only Box Weapon shown to consume both Dying Will Flames and food.
  • Uri seems to dislike the Visone Tempesta in the same manner that Gokudera dislikes Belphegor.
  • Uri took an instant liking to G, much to Gokudera's anger.
  • Uri once attacked Nuts for being frightened in camp before the Future Arc final; Uri also scratched Tsuna's face in haste to get out of the hospital room Gokudera and Yamamoto were at.