Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola, nicknamed Uri, is a Storm-attribute animal-type Box Weapon. It is the exclusive Vongola Box Weapon for Hayato Gokudera and can transform into a bow and arrow. The bow and arrow was modeled after the first generation's Storm Guardian, G's, weapon of choice.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola was created by remodeling a Gatto Tempesta with the Vongola's latest technology. A part of the Sistema C.A.I., through Cambio Forma, it changes into a weapon similar to the archery-style weapon employed by the first generation Storm Guardian. The red arrow it releases boasts astonishing destructive power through its Storm Flame.

Uri has a mischievous nature and is constantly antagonizing Gokudera every chance it gets. After it was upgraded into a Vongola Box, the most distinct changes were an increase in size and the addition of a crest in its forehead and Storm Flames on its paws.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Scratching (ひっかき, Hikkaki?)
  • Biting (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Purring (ゴロゴロ, Goro-goro?)

Combination attacks[edit | edit source]

Cambio Forma[edit | edit source]

G's Archery[1][2] ((ジー)弓矢(アーチェリー), Jī no Ācherī?) is a bow and arrow set modeled after the weapons used by the first generation Vongola Storm Guardian, G It was said that G., though highly proficient in a large range of firearms, always used a bow and arrow when doing work for the Vongola.[1][2] Through future Vongola technology, Gokudera can transform the Gatto Tempesta ver. Vongola into a similar weapon.

The limbs of the bow are made up of interconnected bones. The bow is connected to a white metal gauntlet with a red crest with the Roman Numeral "I" symbolize the connection to the first generation Guardian.

  • Tornado Flame Arrow:[1][2] (赤竜巻の矢(トルネード・フレイムアロー), Aka tatsumaki no ya (Torunēdo Fureimu Arō)?) An attack used by Gokudera with G's Archery. Gokudera concentrates Storm Flames at the tip of an arrow, then fires a highly destructive arrow.
  • Gatling Arrow[3][2] (ガトリング・アロー, Gatoringu Arō?) An attack used by Gokudera with G's Archery. Gokudera simultaneously fires four arrows made of Storm Flame. It is capable of pinning an enemy to the ground and incapacitating them.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Uri is the only Box Weapon shown to consume both Dying Will Flames and food.
  • Uri seems to dislike the Visone Tempesta in the same manner that Gokudera dislikes Belphegor.
  • Uri took an instant liking to G, much to Gokudera's anger.
  • Uri once attacked Nuts for being frightened in camp before the Future Arc final; Uri also scratched Tsuna's face in haste to get out of the hospital room Gokudera and Yamamoto were at.

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