Gatto Tempesta, nicknamed as Uri, is a Storm-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon owned by Hayato Gokudera. It is one of the Storm-attribute Boxes of the Sistema C.A.I..

Appearance Edit

The Gatto Tempesta is a cream-colored kitten with yellow leopard patterns on its hide. Its eyes are red and the tip of its tail is brown. Its ears constantly emit Storm Flames.

Description Edit

The Gatto Tempesta has a problematic temperament and its performance as a weapon is low and hardly useful. However, by absorbing Sun Flames, it matures into an adult Pantera Tempesta with great physical ability, though it's temperament remains the same.

Gokudera, though he complains about it frequently, loves Uri dearly and comes to see it as a valuble ally. Uri feels the same way about Gokudera and is very protective of him in both kitten and adult form, like a mother cat guarding its kittens.

Abilities Edit

  • Scratching (ひっかき, Hikkaki?)
  • Biting (噛み付き, Kamitsuki?)
  • Purring (ゴロゴロ, Goro-goro?)

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