Gathering is the 285th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Tsuna walks to school, he meets up with Enma and the two walk to school together. Tsuna asks if their hands can touch since Tsuna remembers the incident with the Vongola Ring the previous day. However, nothing happens and Gokudera arrives and accidentally scares Enma away before Tsuna can introduce them to each other. Gokudera reveals his theory about Shitt P!, he's one hundred percent sure that she is an alien. Just then, Shitt P! passes by them riding a strange vehicle and Gokudera follows her to investigate.

As he arrives at school, Tsuna immediately sees a group of people and Hibari and Adelheid Suzuki at the roof preparing to fight each other. Tsuna and Enma head to the roof in order to stop them from battling. He is surprised to see that most of his guardians and the other Simon students are there, eager to watch the fight.

The battle then starts, Adelheid attacks with a pair of Metal Fans but Hibari is able to dodge her attacks. Hibari is surprised to see Adelheid use flames and decides to take it seriously. Tsuna starts to panic when Reborn arrives and kicks him into the battle just as the two were about to exchange hits. Reborn tells Tsuna to stop the fight because the transfer students are guests that belongs to the Simon Famiglia, invited to the Inheritance Ceremony...

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