Gamma is the leader of Aphelandra, the 3rd Squad Black Spell of Millefiore Famiglia. He is the holder of the Fake Lightning Mare Ring.

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Gamma concept art.

Gamma is a tall, muscular man with slicked-back blonde hair with a few strands sticking out. In the future, he wore the standard Black Spell uniform, with the outer jacket unzipped and a white undershirt.

At present, he dons a black two-piece suit.

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Gamma has a cool and relaxed personality. Though sometimes, he can be quite ruthless, not hesitating to kill an innocent person or even one of his own subordinates.

Before joining the Millefiore, he was in the Giglio Nero Famiglia and was the most loyal and trusted bodyguard of Aria. It was hinted that he may have been somewhat romantically involved with her; her death greatly affecting him. Though he was at first wary of Uni (as he was unaware that Aria had a daughter), he soon became very protective of her.

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Gamma is shown to be highly experienced and perceptive, seeing through several attacks, as well as quickly uncovering one part of the Sistema C.A.I.

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Nero Volpi

Nero Volpi

  • Fake Lightning Mare Ring: Though it has much less power than the real Mare Ring, Gamma is capable of creating an electromagnetic shield that blocks most attacks. According to Gamma, this is because his resolve is second to none.
  • Fiamma Shoes: Gamma releases his Lightning Flames through the shoes giving him the ability to fly.
  • Battery Box: A box that store Dying Will Flames for later use.
  • Elettro Billiard: Gamma's main box weapon. It's consist of a long cue and many billiard balls. These float around Gamma who uses the cue to ricochet them around his opponent at many different angles. Though they can be dodged touching them risks electrocution.
  • Elettro Volpi: Two foxes capable of flying at great speed providing additional support for Gamma. Surrounded by electricity the two are capable of electrocuting opponents in-between them. Their initial forms are actually incomplete and their full potential is released by another box which upon which they become Nero Volpi. This box grants them armor that increases the strength of their attacks. Their names are Colulu and Widget.

Techniques Edit

  • Shot Plasma: This is an attack where the balls are imbedded in the ground around an opponent cutting whatever they surround.
  • Electric Tower: Gamma can also use a much more powerful attack in which the balls are spread about high in the air electrifying everything between them and the ground, making it impossible to dodge.

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  • The official writing form of his name is γ, the third letter in the Greek alphabet that is read as "gamma".
  • Gamma revealed that he had an unrequited love for Aria, Uni's mother.[citation needed]
  • Gamma's first appearance has been his Future form but now is shown present day form, like the Arcobaleno Trials.
  • His Fandom Shorthand is 57.
  • Gamma's character song is Believe in You.

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