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Ghost makes his slow walk into the battlefield. Ghost, a giant of a man, glowing with green Lightning Class flames, phantom like eyes, green, glowing hair had made the battle that had been taken to a new intensity, just moments ago, stop, with both friend and foe staring at the new arrival.
Confusion reigned over the Vongola. This new arrival looked just like Byakuran, but Mukuro pointed out, that the markings on this new arrivals eye, was on the opposite side.
Shockingly, it wasn't just the Vongola that seemed put off by this giant. The Wreaths looked extremely nervous and uneasy, Kikyo, seemed speachless, as he nervously mentioned the new arrivals name, Bluebell, her voice shivering, said that this is bad, and Zakuro just wonders why on earth Byakuran had sent him so early.
Mukuro, had taken note of Ghosts' allies reaction, Leviathan notices the ring on Ghost's finger. It was the Lightning Mare Ring.
Having confirmed that this new arrival was the enemy, Bel decides to take action, and throws his Storm Knives at Ghost. But to the shock of everybody, including Ghosts' allies, the attack simply phased through him. For a second, there was confusion, whether this was an illusion, but Mukuro and Flan, state otherwise. This was the real deal.

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