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Template:Episode Infobox Ghost Awakens (Ghost 覚醒) is the 199th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Friend and foe alike, looking uncomfortable

Ghost makes his slow walk onto the battlefield. Ghost, a giant of a man, with both body and hair glowing with green Lightning Class flames, has phantom like eyes. He makes the battle that had been taken to a new intensity, just moments ago, stop, with both friend and foe staring at the new arrival.
Confusion reigns over the Vongola. This new arrival looks just like Byakuran, but Mukuro Rokudo points out that the markings on this new arrival's eye are on the opposite side.

Shockingly, it isn't just the Vongola that are put off by this giant. The Wreaths look extremely nervous and uneasy. Kikyo seems speechless, as he nervously mentions the new arrival's name. Bluebell, her voice shaking, says that this is bad, and Zakuro just wonders why on earth Byakuran has sent Ghost so early.

Bel's attack, phasing through

Mukuro Rokudo, had taken note of Ghosts' allies reaction, Leviathan notices the ring on Ghost's finger. It was the Lightning Mare Ring.
Having confirmed that this new arrival was the enemy, Belphegor decides to take action, and throws his Storm Knives at Ghost. But to the shock of everybody, including Ghosts' allies, the attack simply phased through him. For a second, there was confusion of whether this was an illusion, but Mukuro Rokudo and Fran, state otherwise. This was the real deal.

Since physical attacks didn't seem to work, Leviathan decided to try Flame attacks.

The three Box Animals preparing to use Solarstorm Fang

Levi, along with his box animal use their special move, Super Levi Volta, however, even this attack, simply phased through Ghost. Even Kikyo couldn't comprehend the situtaion, he looked just as baffled as the Vongola.
Basil approaches Gokudera and Ryohei and suggests that maybe a multiple flame attack would work, and propeses to use their box combination attack. Ryohei states that, that technique was hard to control, but Gokudera points out the Ghost is just strolling along.

Uri, when using the Solarstorm Fang

They decide to go for it, so all three of them release their box animals, Uri, Kangaryuu and Alfin. They begin their box combination attack. Alfin uses his Brain Coating to link the minds of the three of them. Uri charges forward, to be shot by Rain Class objects from Alfin, and Kangaryuu fires his Sun Flames to turn Uri into his mature form, the Storm Leopard.
This technique, dubbed Solarstorm Fang by Gokudera, Ryohei and Basil looked extremely dealdy. Mukuro, Bel and Zakuro all acknowledged the strength of this technique, while Kikyo, wonderes how Ghost will react to it.

The Solarstorm fang explosion

Uri heads straight for Ghost, who doesn't even slow down while this leopard charges him. Uri and Ghost collide, causing a massive explosion to occur, even the shockwave of this explosion seemed overwhelming. Ally and foe both looked anxiously to see the result of this collision. But something seemed wrong, the flames were faltering, and Kikyo, looking quite worried, wonders if its begun.

Ghost's Light Beams

Ghost walks on, a shield around him, and completely unfazed by this powerful attack, a charred Uri is seen falling to the ground.
Gokudera cries out, and tries to go get Uri, but is stopped by Ryohei, who points out that something's happening. From Ghost's shield emergers countless light beams, heading towards everyone in the battlefield. These light beams first head towards Ken and Chikusa, who sensing the danger, immediately dodges. Next it heads towards Lussuria, who dodges immediately, but Bluebell, whose vision of the light beam was obscured by Lussuria, wasn't so lucky.

Bluebell's death

She was hit in the chest by one of these beams, in her moment of shock, she just wonders why Byakuran did this, right before her flames were completely absorbed, making her shrivel up, and then die.

The Vongola are shocked that Ghost took out his own ally, Leviathan's box animal, Livya, is hit by the beam, and soon it becomes petrified, and turns to dust.

Flames being sucked out

Xanxus, fires his Flame of Wrath at ghost using his X-Guns, but even the Flame of Wrath, known as the most destructive Flame of all the past Vongola Bosses, was absorbed by Ghost's shield. Next the Flames from everyone present seemed to drain away, as if leaking.
Kikyo dodges the light beams heading towards him, and thinks to himself that Ghost has begun to awaken. Zakuro, as his flames are being absorbed, thinks to himself that since Open Carnage Box turns their bodies into Box Animals, their very life energy was being sucked away, Zakuro dodges beams heading towards him, and proclaims that it doesn't matter which side anyone was on, they were all going to die.

Mukuro saves Chrome

This is Ghost's Awakening.

A little away from this battle for survival, Chrome makes her way towards Mukuro, she sees these light beams between the trees, and wonders what they were. She had little time to think however, as a light beam shoots out through the tree's heading straight for her.

As the beam was about to make contact, she was pulled to the ground by none other than Mukuro. Chrome seems surprised by the person who saved her.

Flan intervenes

Mukuro tells her that this area was dangerous, and compliments her on being able to survive for so long. Chrome, still seems a bit surprised, but soon tears fill her eyes, as she say that she's glad. However she soon faints, leaving Mukuro in a slight bind.

From between the trees, yet another light beam approaches, this time targeting Mukuro. However, a Box Weapon is opened, and takes the blow instead. This Box Weapon turns out to be Fran's, and his box turns out to be a miniature Bel.

Fran makes another one of his cheeky comments, as his Flame, as well as the box's flame drains away.

Mukuro uses Daemon Spade's Devil Lens

Fran ask's Mukuro to help him, Mukuro saying that they need to first figure out what they were fighting, takes the Vongola Ring from Chrome's finger, calls out to Mukuro the Mist Owl, and commands it to undergo Cambio Forma.

The Mist Owl turns into Daemon Spade's Devil Lens, and soon Mukuro starts to analyze Ghost with these powerful lenses. However, what he found out, was far from pleasing.

Mukuro finds out that Ghost was not even a living organism, but a supernatural phenomenon.

Byakuran prepares to move out

Ghost was not just a clever nickname, he was literally a ghost, a phantom. Mukuro realizes that they wouldn't even be able to touch him. Mukuro curses Byakuran, wondering what he had in mind.

At the Millefiore camp, Byakuran, with an evil glint in his eyes, prepares to move out.
At the Vongola campsite, Ryohei had got in touch with Tsuna, and informs him about Ghost, and his abilities. Ryohei asks Tsuna to take Uni and escape.

Tsuna makes his choice

The group becomes extremely worried about their friends in the battlefield, Tsuna was in a horrible position, knowing that his friends were going to be taken out, and knowing that he cant leave the campsite to help them either.
Uni, eased the burden on Tsuna, by asking him to go, and assures him, that she has her uncle to protect her. Tsuna thinks for a brief moment, smiles, and thanks her.

However, the rest of the group were more reluctant, saying that Tsuna going would be equivalent to him throwing his life away. Reborn, tells Tsuna, that it would be his decision to make.

The girls worried for Tsuna

Tsuna looks around at the group around him, and finally, puts on his Gloves, takes the Dying Will Pills, goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and prepares to leave.
Reborn asks Tsuna to use caution, as Flames and Box Weapons won't work on Ghost. Tsuna prepares to leave but is stopped by a cry from Kyoko and Haru. The two girls seemed worried out of their minds at the task set before Tsuna. Kyoko, just hopes that Tsuna doesn't push himself too hard, and Haru just thinks that she doesn't want Tsuna to go to such a dangerous place.

Tsuna heads to the battlefield

However, both girls put their feelings to a side, smiles, and just tells Tsuna to be careful. Tsuna smiles, and asks them to take care of Uni, Reborn assures him that they got it covered, and even I-Pin promises to protect Uni. Tsuna fires up his X-Gloves and takes to the sky, finally heading towards the battlefield to save his friends. The group watches him leave, with a mixture of worry for his safety, and hope for his success. Uni prays that Tsuna be able to save his family and allies.

Zakuro's Death

At the battlefield, Ghost's rampage, and the others fight for survival continues. Zakuro doesn't last much longer, as one of the light beams hit him, sucking out his flames, and Zakuro dying in a similar manner to Bluebell, as Kikyo, now the last of the initial three Wreaths, looks on in horror as another one of his comrades die.
Kangaryuu gets hit by a light beam, but is saved by Ryohei's quick to realize the danger asks Kangaryuu to return to his box, saving him from destruction.

Long ago, when Byakuran introduced Ghost to Kikyo

Gokudera, clutching a lifeless Uri, asks Kikyo what the hell Ghost was. Gokudera asks Kikyo why Ghost would be attacking his own allies.
Kikyo, now thinks back to the time Byakuran had first mentioned Ghost. It was in a meeting hall, where Kikyo and Byakuran were alone discussing the new, and final Funeral Wreath. Kikyo is startled by Ghost's looks, noting that he looked exactly like Byakuran. He asks Byakuran whether or not he should treat Ghost as his double. Byakuran then reveals a shocking bit of news, that Ghost was not just a person who looked like him, but in reality, Ghost was him.

Byakuran explains that he thought bringing in another "him" would make things easier, so he decided to bring a parallel version of himself to aid him. But, this came at a very high price. Even by using cutting edge technology to help with this process, Byakuran had ended up destroying an entire world to make this possible.

Ghost's battleship incident

Ghost arrived, with some semblance of a human, but had become a mindless mutant that absorbed Dying Will Flames from everything and anything in the process.
Soon after Ghost's arrival, Byakuran had sent him on a test run, to get a better understanding of his abilities. Ghost had ended up destroying three battle ships in this trial, but was arrested by the Vindice for killing a virtuous mafioso in the process.

Kikyo tries to figure things out

Though he had lost Ghost in this trial, Byakuran knew that he would be able to get him out if the need ever arose, but more importantly, because of this trial, he had discovered that Ghost possesd a very unique talent, a skill that would be, what Byakuran called "My Power".

Kikyo wonders, that when Byakuran mentioned Ghost's talent, whether he meant Ghost's ability to absorb flames. He tries to figure out why, the Byakuran who had saved them from misfortune, would send Ghost when he knew that they themselves would be caught up in Ghost's power. Kikyo wonders helplessly if Byakuran had abandoned them, knowing that at the rate things were going, even he would die.

Basil throws his boomerang at Ghost, and discovers that solid attacks, do indeed go right through him.

Yamamoto arrives

The Varia, now having been weekened, points out that at the rate things were going, they were going to be wiped out, and wonders whether they should retreat for the time being. Gokudera denies this request, stating that if they were to retreat, Ghost would head straight for Uni. More light beams are fired, and one of them curves and heads straight for Gokudera, Ryohei and Basil.
They were saved by the timely arrival of Yamamoto.

Ghost getting more powerful

Yamamoto used his Shigure Kintoki to guard against the beams, but even through the blade his flames were being sucked out. Yamamoto states that he heard about the Flame absorption, but says that this was worse than he had anticipated.

Dino emerges from the forest supporting a barely standing Squalo. The Varia has mixed emotions about the arrival of Squalo, with Xanxus and Lussuria stating that he was late, and the other two disappointed that he was alive. Fran makes his usual commentary.

Ghost having absorbed so much of Flames seemed to be growing more powerful. Mukuro points out that Ghost had appeared out of nowhere,

Tsuna attempting to absorb Ghost's flames

as if he had teleported, and now that he had become powerful by absorbing so much flames, it would be possible that he would teleport straight to Uni. The group realise that things look bad, till a voice states that he won't let that happen.

Ghost and Tsuna clash

Tsuna arrives at the battlefield heading straight for Ghost. Allies seem relieved, even Kikyo didn't seem unhappy about it. As Tsuna draws closer, he notices that, even at this distance his flames were being absorbed. Tsuna decides to counter using a Flame Absorption technique of his own, Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.
Tsuna heads towards Ghost, both opponents trying to absorb each other's flames. Tsuna and Ghost clash in an explosion of Sky and Lightning Flames. While Tsuna clashes with Ghost back at the campsite, Uni gets an uneasy apparation.