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Character Outline

G. was Giotto's childhood friend. He helped Giotto form a vigilante group that became the core of the Vongola Famiglia. He physically resembles Gokudera, right down to their shared smoking habits (in the manga) and has a tattoo on the right side of his face.

Inheritance Succession Arc

G Materializing From The Vongola Ring

G. appears from the Vongola Storm Ring in front of Gokudera

When Tsuna and the others return to the past with Yuni to train before battle with the Millefiore, Yuni summons Vongola Primo and was told that the First Guardians of the Vongola will observe them to see if they are worthy to inherit the Vongola's true power. At night, he appears from the Vongola Storm Ring in front of Gokudera at the same time as the other Primo Guardians and states that he cannot wait to see Gokudera's resolve.

After Yamamoto passed the second trial, G. stands on the roof of the shrine with Asari Ugetsu and states that he is being too soft.

During Gokudera's trial, while he was searching for Uri who supposedly escaped into the bushes after Gokudera released her and then sat beside Fon, who stalled Gokudera while G. went to school in disguised as Gokudera.
The 2 Gokudera's

G. Disguised as Gokudera, Gokudera, and Tsuna

G. then acts as his right-hand man until after school, constantly helping Tsuna in a calm and indirect manner. Gokudera then appears in front of G. and Tsuna along with Uri and Fon. G. asked Tsuna how he performed as his right-hand man, to which Tsuna answered that he was helpful and reliable. G. then states that Gokudera, who claims to be Tsuna's right-hand man, does the contrary and creates more trouble for Tsuna instead of helping him. G. asked Gokudera to return the Vongola Storm Ring to Tsuna and return to Italy. Tsuna, upon hearing that, objects and says that he is his friend and doesn't care about the stuff about being his Guardian or right-hand man. G. asked him if it was okay for Gokudera to be the Guardian of the Vongola Storm Ring even if he isn't the perfect right-hand man. Tsuna said that it doesn't matter. Gokudera then says that he vows to protect Tsuna even if he doesn't get the inheritance. Fon then asked if that was enough and if he could understand how strong their bond was. Tsuna asked what was going on and Fon explained that G. wanted to see if his bond with Gokudera is unbreakable as that was the test. G. said that one cannot serve as a right-hand man if the boss doesn't completely trust him but if their bond is firm, they could face any enemy that may come. Gokudera recieves the inheritance and successfully completes the trial.

Weapons and Abilities

  • G. Archery : G. Archery is a bow made with a bone structure and a body embedded with an "I." It is covered in Storm Flames as well as the string used to launch arrows. It launches Storm Flames with great power.
  • Gun: He initially used a Gun which he carried almost as a part of himself, much like Gokudera's Dynamite, but switched to a Bow given to him by Giotto himself whenever he acted in the name of the Vongola.


  • Like Lampo, his hair has similar color like their Dying Will Flames.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, he would likely be referred to as either G or 2, if those had not already been taken by Giotto and Fuuta respectively. It's possible that he'd be referred to as 02 to differentiate from Fuuta, but this may still lead to confusion.
  • Unlike Gokudera, he has a piece of bangs
  • He has a pocket watch with the Vongola Crest and the Storm flame.
  • Gokudera and G. have several similarities between them:
    • Like Gokudera, G. was Primo's right-hand man.
    • According to Fon, they both had the same rash and impatient personality (when G. was younger).
    • G. used a Gun and then switches to a bow, like Gokudera used Dynamite and then used the same bow.
    • Habit of smoking (manga only) .
    • Similar appearances.
    • Asari Ugetsu seems to get along with G. similar to the way Yamamoto gets along with Gokudera.
    • G. and Giotto were the first 2 members of their Vigilante Group like Tsuna and Gokudera who were the first 2 members of the 10th Generation Vongola Famiglia.
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