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G was the first generation Storm Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia, serving under Vongola Primo as the right hand man. He is also Giotto's childhood friend.

Character Outline


G has chin-length pale, almost pink, red hair. His eyes are a shade darker than his hair. He has a red tattoo on the right side of his face that looks similar to a Storm Flame. He wears a white collared shirt which is un-buttoned a few buttons, black pants and he had a dark green tie that hangs loosely around his neck. In the manga, he is usually seen smoking, though this was removed from the anime for censorship reasons.


He's shown to be similar to Gokudera; he speaks in a rough manner and easily gets angry when it comes to something that he disapproves of or despises. However, G is more mature and responsible and always thinks first before acting, which makes him a helpful and reliable right-hand man, something that Tsuna admitted when he disguised himself as Gokudera during his trial. However, Fon noted that at certain points, G shared Gokudera's rash, naive, short-tempered traits. He's fiercely loyal to Giotto, his friends and those who earn his respect; at the same time, he does not easily forgive someone whom he views as an enemy or a traitor, evidenced when G stated that he hadn't forgiven Demon and insisted on stopping him when Giotto ordered them to watch Demon Spade's Trial.

Weapons and Abilities

G After Defeating a Horde of Enemies

G defeating a horde of enemies

Initially he used to use a gun when fighting, but he used the weapon he got from Primo when he carried out any Vongola duty, and was said to have never lost.

  • G's Archery: G's Archery is a bow made with a bone structure and a body embedded with an "I." It is covered in Storm Flames as well as the string used to launch arrows. It launches Storm Flames with great power.
  • Gun: He initially used a Gun which he carried almost as a part of himself, much like Gokudera's Dynamite, but switched to a bow given to him by Giotto himself whenever he acted in the name of the Vongola.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: G was able to knock out a bunch of thugs that Gokudera had angered beforehand in mere seconds with no problem at all.


  • In the Reborn! Fandom, he would likely be referred to as either G or 2, if those had not already been taken by Giotto and Futa respectively. It's possible that he'd be referred to as 02 to differentiate from Futa, but this may still lead to confusion.
  • Like Lampow, his hair is a similar color to his Dying Will Flame.
  • Uri had taken an immediate liking to G, much to Gokudera's anger.
  • In the recent popularity poll, he ranked 16th.
  • Gokudera and G have several similarities between them:
    • According to Fon, G could be rash and impatient like Gokudera does at certain points.
    • G used a Gun and then switches to a bow, like Gokudera used Dynamite and then used the same bow.
    • Both use mid-range weapons.
    • Habit of smoking (manga only).
    • Both make sounds of disapproval when they are angry.
    • Both are former delinquents.
    • Similar appearances.
    • His relationships with Ugetsu and Lampow are similar with Gokudera's relationships with Yamamoto and Lambo.
    • G and Giotto were the first two members of their vigilante group, just as Tsuna and Gokudera were the first two members of the 10th Generation Vongola Famiglia.
    • G holds a grudge against Demon for his betrayal, similar to Gokudera, who has never forgiven nor considered Mukuro as part of the Vongola.
    • G was the right-hand-man of Vongola Primo (Giotto), just like Gokudera who wants to become Tsuna's right-hand-man (a feat he achieves in the future).
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