G's Archery is the 195th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The group worried as they see a Flash of Red

Bluebell and Kikyo both make their way to the Vongola hiding place in different directions when they see a huge flash of red Storm Flames. They both realize that Zakuro had opened his Tirannosauro Tempesta, and are quite confident that the Vongola he's facing, are going to be wiped out.

In the forest where Tsuna and his group are, they too see this flash of red. Worry begins to spread through the camp as they realize that an Asura box was probably opened. Tsuna thinks back to the previous night. Gamma volunteered to be the person who met Zakuro. Gokudera and Lal Mirch insisted that they too, should be part of the offense. Gokudera stakes his pride as a Vongola Guardian. Tsuna, with a determined look in his eyes, rejects this idea.

At the battle field, the trio are overwhelmed by the Storm Flames emating from Zakuro. Gamma wonders aloud what type of animal or insect would Zakuro have merged with. A mocking voice meets this statement, as Zakuro asks them to not to put him in the same category as Torikabuto and Deisy.

Zakuro Released

As Zakuro emerges from the red flames, a monstrous sight greets the Trio. Zakuro may have merged with an animal, but this animal hadn't been seen in 65 million years. The animal was a T-Rex.

To compliment this change, Zakuro had doubled in size, had sharp, fang like teeth, a tail with vicious spikes and the hardened skin of a dinosaur. Zakuro, smiles, and says that it's about time that they felt the overwhelming power of the T-Rex.

Gamma struck by Zakuro

Zakuro attacks, who he calls the Millefiore traitor, Gamma first. Zakuro suddenly disappears, and reappears right in front of Gamma a few seconds later, somehow having great speed despite his size. Gamma manages to dodge Zakuro's first few attacks and launches a vicious attack of his own using his Nero Volpi. But when the smoke clears both Colulu & Widget are knocked out, and Zakuro manages to land a hit on Gamma, rendering him unconscious.

Elsewhere, the group of Nosaru, Tazaru, Basil & Ryohei are lying in wait to ambush Kikyo. They hear an explosion and guess that the battle has already begun for Gokudera's group. Nosaru, worried about Gamma decides to go and help them.

Lal defeated by Zakuro

Ryohei stops him from doing so, and Lambo confidently proclaims that he can defeat them. This light atmosphere is broken by Basil, who tells the noisy group to quiten down else give away their position.

With Gamma knocked out, Zakuro has his sights set on the injured Lal. Once again he uses his speed to disappears and this time reappears right behind her. Lal, quickly uses Zamza to form a defensive shield around her, which is easily broken through by Zakuro. Lal too falls to Zakuro, leaving Gokudera to fight this monster by himself.

Gokudera releases his Cambio Forma

Gokudera, now forced to battle alone, uses his Flame Arrow on Zakuro. However, this seems to have no effect on Zakuro due to his dinosaur skin. Zakuro taunts Gokudera to release his Cambio Forma, Gokudera now having little choice does exactly that.

Uri sits atop Gokudera's Flame Arrow and begins the transformation. Bright Storm Flames envelop the surroundings, as Zakuro watches excitedly and Lal watches in awe, Uri transforms into G's Weapon, G's Archery.

The previous night's discussion

With this new weapon, Gokudera's flames become more powerful, but still seems to have to effect on Zakuro. Gokudera thinks back to the discussion he had with the group the previous night. He remembers Tsuna not allowing him to go due to him worrying about Gokudera's recklessness. Gokudera refuses Tsuna's request much to the group's surprise. However, Gokudera assures Tsuna that he isn't the same person he was before, and that now, he wants to come back to laugh with everyone else, just like how Decimo's right hand man should be. Gokudera remembers this promise, and with renewed determination, starts his counterattack.

Gokudera fires his new weapon

Gokudera pulls back on the cord of his new weapon, and the flames get even more intense. Zakuro, much to his shock starts to get pushed back. Gokudera releases the cord and launches his new attack "Tornado Flame Arrow", Zakuro starts to get pushed back even more, and due to the strength of this attack, even his dinosaur skin starts to disintegrate. Zakuro is forced to move away, Gokudera takes aim again and tries to fire, but due to the damage he had taken in the previous assault, his attack weakens and goes astray.

Gokudera manages to pin Zakuro

Zakuro immediately notices this, and now seems more confident than he was moments before. Zakuro once again uses his great speed and disappears. He reappears right infront of Gokudera and finally lands a hit. Zakuro seems confident that, that attack finished Gokudera off. However, much to his surprise, Gokudera states that, that wont be enough to defeat him and launches a barrage of arrows that successfully pierces Zakuro's skin and pins him down.

Gokudera turns in time to counter Zakuro

Zakuro uses his Storm Flames to break free from the arrows, now looking extremely pissed. Gokudera aniticipates this, and hopes that Zakuro would rush him, and enable him to shoot from close range. However Zakuro seemed to know what Gokudera was planning and proclaims that he wont fall for Gokudera's trick.

Zakuro uses his intense speed to get behind Gokudera, knowing that due to Gokudera's back injury, he won't be able to turn in time. Zakuro is about to land a finishing blow, as Gokudera has trouble turning. Even Gokudera doesn't have the confidence of being able to turning in time.

Suddenly flames burst from Gokudera's weapon enabling him to turn. Uri, realising Gokudera's predicament, gave Gokudera a timely assist. Gokudera now points G's Archery at Zakuro, much to Zakuro's shock. Zakuro and Gokudera both use their finishers, in an attempt to finish each other off. A blinding light envelops the surroundings, as Gokudera fires at a laughing Zakuro, the power of the blast from the resulting clash could be heard right up to the campsite, where the group look on in worry.

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