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The Future Final Battle Arc (未来決戦編, Mirai Kessen-hen?)[1] takes place right after Choice, when the Vongola Famiglia loses and escapes in order to protect Uni. The final battles are about the Vongola members fighting to stop the Real Six Funeral Wreaths from taking Uni to Byakuran. This was also the last arc in the series to be adapted into anime.

Return from the Past[]

The group escape from their destroyed base

Tsuna and the group return from the past, having received their Inheritance from the First Generation Family. While waiting nervously for the inevitable battle to begin, Tsuna and the gang try to act as they always have. However, Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths finally arrive in Namimori. Zakuro finds the base almost immediately. Squalo decides to hold off Zakuro to buy the group time to escape. As the group leave the base, they hear explosions from within the base. Squalo has been defeated. Having very little choice, the group make their way to a place Haru mentioned to hide. Kawahira shelters them, and even drives off the Wreaths, but the group knows that the battle has only just begun.

Dino and Hibari vs. Deisy[]

Deisy ends up at Namimori Middle High School, where he is up against Hibari and Dino. The Vongola have the early advantage and are easily able to keep Deisy at bay.

Deisy Released

However, Deisy releases the Wreaths' secret weapon, the Asura Box.

The Asura Box changes Deisy dramatically. He grows scales, a frightening hairdo, slitted eyes, and a much more fearsome and confident attitude.

Deisy and Dino face off in a heated battle.

Dino struck by Deisy

Deisy manages to defeat Dino's Pegaso Super Salto Volante and now heads for Dino himself. Dino, preferring to fight without Box Weapons, doesn't seem too concerned. He lights his whip with Sky Flames and releases his most deadly attack, Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce. This move releases a barrage of attacks with no visible blind spot, effectively leaving the enemy no chance to evade.

Deisy, however, does manage to evade all the attacks, chanting the correct directions to move into as he does so. Dino finally realizes that Byakuran would have seen this attack in a parallel world, analyzed it, and given the Wreaths information on how to evade it if they ever face it. Dino is struck by Deisy, and now, with Dino at Deisy's mercy, Deisy moves in for the kill.

Hibari releases his Cambio Forma

Deisy is slammed into a wall by Hibari. Hibari kicks Dino out of the way and prepares to fight Deisy. He releases his Cambio Forma, which turn out to be handcuffs. Deisy, seeing this, seems pretty confident, and the battle begins.

The two engage in a high intensity brawl.

Deisy defeated

Hibari manages to cuff Deisy, but Deisy simply detached his arm, regrew another one, and punched Hibari into the wall.

Hibari seems more at a disadvantage, as he had to discard his tonfas due to Deisy's ability to regrow a body even from the slight body matter which was stuck in Hibari's tonfas.
Hibari and Deisy go at it again, this time with Hibari using multiple cuffs. Hibari manages to cuff Deisy again, but this time completely restrains him by using the Cloud Flame's propagation factor to multiply the cuffs faster than Deisy's ability to detach his limbs. Hibari confiscates Deisy's Mare Ring to end Deisy's immortality, and, in the process, win the first battle.

The Battle at Kawahira's Shop[]

The group celebrate Hibari's victory

Dino contacts Tsuna and informs him about the battle with Deisy. Shock turned to joy for the group as they celebrated their victory. As the group celebrate Spanner asks Tsuna about their next move. Tsuna, not wanting to intrude on Kawahira any further, suggests they look for another place to hide. Kawahira however, insists that Tsuna and the rest can stay as long as they liked. He even informed them that he's leaving on a trip, and while he's gone they can use the place however they want. As he turns to leave, Reborn stops him, aiming his gun at Kawahira, and inquiring on who he really was. Kawahira merely says that he is the son of the owner who died three years ago.

Byakuran communicating with the Parallel Worlds

Before he leaves, he mentions that the Vongola now owe him one. Reborn doesn't look happy that Kawahira slithered away.

Kikyo and Bluebell arrive deep within a forest and meet Torikabuto. They congratulate him on guarding something well. They three look ahead in astonishment at whats before them.
Ahead is a bright cocoon like object where someone inside seems to be meditating. Kikyo comments that Byakuran is communicating with the parallel worlds. A few seconds later the cocoon bursts to reveal an exhausted Byakuran with a dangerous glint in his eye. He states that he has found the Vongola.
Back at the shop Yamamoto joined by Bianchi, Spanner and Giannini prepare to go back to the base. Yamamoto wanted to check on Squalo, Giannini on the base, Spanner on parts to build a Moska and Bianchi to retrieve something she left behind.

Torikabuto capturing Uni

As the group leave a mist enters the shop. A few seconds later Lambo emerges wanting to play. He goes straight to a pale Uni. The group look worried about Uni till Kyoko mentions that Chrome Dokuro too, wasn't looking too well. Uni states that something is close. The Vongola immediately spread out into defensive positions. However, the danger was closer, much closer.

Gamma saving Uni

Lambo turns into Torikabuto and grabs Uni. While the group were recovering from their shock, Torikabuto breaks through the still guarded front door. As the group give chase Bluebell and Kikyo arrive to aid Torikabuto.
While the group is pinned down by the two Wreaths, Torikabuto begins to slowly leaves. Suddenly two lighting class objects strike Torikabuto and forces him to drop Uni, as Uni falls the two objects form a shield to protect her from falling. A few seconds later someone puts his arms around Uni and carries her. Gamma has arrived.
Gamma is soon joined by both Tazaru and Nosaru. The form a defensive line ahead of Uni, ready to protect her. The Vongola wonders whether they were allies or enemies, till Gokudera mentions that they were Blackspell. Shoichi Irie explains that the Blackspell were originally from the Giglio Nero Famiglia and were probably there to protect their boss, Uni.

Torikabuto, now recovered from Gamma's attack, now begins his own attack. He effortlessly goes past Tazaru and Nosaru, striking them as he does so, and goes straight for Gamma and Uni. Gamma sends Colulu & Widget to attack Torikabuto, but he effortlessly goes past them. Gamma forms a defensive lighting barrier with his ring. Kikyo states that such a weak ring cant do anything to stop them. Gamma admits that his ring is significantly weaker than his original rings, but states that his resolve is second to no one and strengthens his barrier.

Torikabuto Released

Torikabuto doesn't slow down, and heads straight to them, but is punched out of the way.

Tsuna arrives to aid Gamma. Torikabuto loses his patience and releases his Mist-attribute Asura Box. Torikabuto now forms into a disgusting merge between a human and a moth. Suddenly the world starts moving. Torikabuto has begun his attack.
The Illusion that Torikabuto now uses makes the very world start moving. Everybody on the ground starts floating, and nobody is even able to tell up from down. Chrome seems less affected than the others and walks forward with a determined look on her face.
Tsuna looks visibly worried as Kikyo explains Torikabuto's ability. Torikabuto vanishes, Tsuna tries to locate him by closing his eyes and trying to concentrate. Kikyo however states that it's pointless. He says that whoever lays eyes on Torikabuto's wing pattern they immediately gets caught in his illusion, an illusion so powerful that not even the Vongola Hyper Intuition can break.

Chrome using her Cambio Forma

The group looks visibly worried as they know that Uni is being targeted. Kikyo, confident of victory waits for Torikabuto signal.

Tsuna suddenly gets directions from Chrome. She tells Tsuna where Torikabuto is, and Tsuna without hesitation, strikes at exactly that place. She keeps giving Tsuna directions, and every single time, Tsuna strikes Torikabuto. Kikyo and the Vongola look shocked.

The Wreaths retreat with a charred Torikabuto

Chrome has released her Cambio Forma.

Tsuna lands a vicious hit on Torikabuto, neutralising his vanishing ability, Nuts then petrifies Torikabuto's wings, successfully incapacitating him. Kikyo decides to aid Torikabuto, but is stopped in his tracks by Reborn who arrives via Basil's Rain Dolphin. Ryohei arrives with Garyu to aid Reborn.
Bluebell gets frustrated and is about to release her Asura Box, but is stopped by Kikyo. With Kikyo and Bluebell stopped, Tsuna manages to hit a now incapacitated Torikabuto with his X-Burner.
As Torikabuto falls he's caught by Kikyo, who decides to retreat and regroup. Bluebell inquires about a charred Torikabuto, and Kikyo states that he's finished.

Preparation for the Final Battle[]

The Wreaths reporting back to Byakuran

Kikyo, Bluebell and Zakuro report back to Byakuran, who takes the news of having lost two of his Wreaths pretty lightly. He asks Kikyo what he thought about the Vongola Boxes, to which Kikyo replied that it wasn't a problem. He goes on to say that the two defeated Wreaths were the weakest of the group. Byakuran seems assured but decides to take an extra measure anyway.

The Vindice reveal an earlier release

He calls Iris and tells her to go ahead to Vindice Prison as planned and release "him." The remaining Wreaths look extremely uncomfortable with this decision.

Iris and two other Millefiore members arrive at the Vindice Prison and request to take the prisoner. The Vindice, however, notifies them that the exchange had already been done. They say that a few members of the Millefiore arrived a few hours back and took out a certain man. They use their rings to show them a holographic picture. The man turned out to be Mukuro Rokudo.
The three Millefiore members protest and say that the Vindice have been fooled by a Vongola illusionist. The Vindice denies this claim, saying that there are only three illusionists who can fool them.
Ten kilometers away from the Vindice Prison, Fran sneezes right on cue, wondering if someone was talking behind his back. In the room with him are M.M, Ken, Chikusa, and Mukuro, who is resting. The group celebrate having successfully helped Mukuro escape. Chikusa states that as soon as Mukuro recovers, they'd be heading to Japan to aid the other Guardians to protect Uni.
The Vongola group decide to hide in the forest at the request of Uni. The group seems to have taken a few injuries after the previous battle. A few squabbles go on between Nosaru, Tazaru and the Vongola, but they are stopped by Uni. Lal Mirch asks Uni if she had inherited the foresight ability that Luce had. Uni says that she did, but it was weakening. She reveals that she had seen long ago that the decisive battle will take place in the forest at dawn.

The group make their final preperations before the battle

At the Millefiore mansion, Byakuran receives word of what happened at Vindice Prison. He states that he'll talk with the Vindice again, and, with a deadly face, says to get Ghost out as soon as possible.

The Wreaths prepare for the battle ahead

Back at the forest, Uni reveals the secrets of Byakuran's power, and that his power, like hers, was weakening. She says that he will stop at nothing to capture her and gain the true power of the Tri-ni-sette.
While arguing about strategies, Gamma reveals the power of Basil's box animal, Alfin. He says that its superior intelligence allows it to communicate with other allied boxes, opening the door to powerful combo attacks. The group opens their boxes to practice.
At dawn the next day, Byakuran and the three remaining Wreaths finalize their battle plans and set off to find the Vongola. The Final confrontation is about to begin.

Storm vs. Storm[]

Zakuro restrained

Zakuro, Kikyo, and Bluebell head towards the Vongola campsite from three different dirrections, hoping to take the Vongola group by suprise, and capture Uni without too much fuss. Zakuro heads off in his path, quite confident that he'll get there first. However, suddenly he is restrained by a centipede, attacked by two foxes and hit by a Storm Class Flame. The assailants were Lal Mirch, Gamma, and Hayato Gokudera. All three of them seem confident that their plan worked, but Zakuro smirks, declares he's on a different level from Torikabuto and Deisy, and opens his Tirannosauro Tempesta.

Storm Flames explode from Zakuro during the release.

Zakuro Released

The trio, wait to see what kind of beast Torikabuto has merged with. What they see before them, was something they never expected. Zakuro had merged with one of the most deadly predators this world had ever seen. The long extinct beast from 65 million years ago, the T-Rex.

To compliment this change, Zakuro had doubled in size, had sharp, fang like teeth, a tail with vicious spikes and the hardened skin of a dinosaur. Zakuro, smiles, and says that it's about time that they felt the overwhelming power of the T-Rex.
His first target, was what he called, the Millefiore traitor, Gamma. The speed with which Zakuro moved, made it impossible to track him. In a split second, he appears im front of Gamma and attacks. Gamma manages to dodge Zakuro's first few attacks and launches a vicious attack of his own using his foxes. But when the smoke clears both Colulu & Widget are knocked out, and Zakuro manages to land a hit on Gamma, rendering him unconscious.

Gokudera releases his Cambio Forma

With Gamma knocked out, Zakuro has his sights set on the injured Lal. Once again he uses his speed to disappears and this time reappears right behind her. Lal, quickly uses Zamza to form a defensive shield around her, which is easily broken through by Zakuro. Lal too falls to Zakuro, leaving Gokudera to fight this monster by himself.
Gokudera, now forced to battle alone, uses his Flame Arrow on Zakuro. However, this seems to have no effect on Zakuro due to his dinosaur skin. Zakuro taunts Gokudera to release his Cambio Forma, Gokudera now having little choice does exactly that.

Uri sits atop Gokudera's Flame Arrow and begins the transformation. Bright Storm Flames envelop the surroundings, as Zakuro watches excitedly and Lal watches in awe,

Gokudera, Face to Face with Zakuro

Uri transforms into G's Weapon, G's Archery.

Gokudera manages to push Zakuro back, and the two seem to be battling evenly, till Gokudera's back injury catches up to him. Zakuro begins to take advantage of this, and was soon able to use his speed to get behind Gokudera. Gokudera, attempts to turn, but realizes that he might not make it in time.

Uri provides a timely assist, shooting Storm Flames from the bow, to help Gokudera turn. Gokudera and Zakuro, now face to face, uses powerful finishers on each other.

Bluebell Released

The battlefield explodes as these powerful attacks clash and once the smoke clears, Zakuro had lost an arm, and Gokudera had collapsed on the ground.
Gokudera attempts to finish Zakuro off while he had his back turned, but is attacked by some Rain Class objects.

The Varia Arrives!

Bluebell having been lost, arrives to assist Zakuro. The two attempt to finish Gokudera off, with Bluebell even releasing her Shonisauro Pioggia, and just when it looked bleak for Gokudera, with even him losing all confidence of surviving this battle, he was saved by some powerful but unexpected allies. The Varia had finally arrived to take part in the battle.

The Varia now go head to head with the two Wreaths while Gokudera and his group are being healed. The battle is evenly poised, as both parties launch powerful attacks at each other, and effectively defending themselves against their opponents attacks. While this battle takes place, another battle is about to start in the other side of the forest.

Kikyo vs. Team Vongola[]

The Vongola group await their opponent.

At the lakeside, Ryohei's group see the explosions from the newly commenced battle on the other side. But they have little time to worry as they feel a deadly presence coming towards them.
Kikyo approaches the lakeside, and, as soon as he gets close, he's attacked by a stinging, quick fire assault by the waiting group, however, Kikyo emerges from these attacks, completely unaffected.

Since Kikyo couldn't be taken down on the first attack, the Vongola group have a little debate on who'll battle Kikyo. Kikyo listens to this argument in amusement,

An Army of Velociraptors

and tells the group that the Millefiore didn't bring any more members because the Wreaths were more than capable of handling the Vongola themselves. Saying this Kikyo takes out one of his Box Weapons and opens it.

An army of Velociraptors emerge from the box and heads straight for the Vongola. These beasts attack with speed, precision and excellent team work. Even Ryohei's speed with his fists couldn't land a hit on them. The Vongola are soon on the back foot, and Lambo, being quite defenseless, was almost eaten by one of the Velociraptors, but was saved by the intervention of Tazaru, who curses the decision on the part of the Vongola to bring a kid into the battlefield.

Ryohei, remembers a conversation he had with Reborn, about how to release Lambo's hidden resolve.

Lambo's Cambio Forma, Lampow's Shield

With the situation dire, Ryohei decides to use it.

Ryohei begins to taunt Lambo, by using Lambo's love of Tsuna's mom against him. The look in Lambo's eyes changes, he soon begins to cry, calling out "Mama", takes out his Vongola Ring and Vongola Box Weapon, and opens it. Gyudon emerges and immediately begins to undergo Cambio Forma. Gyudon immediately begins to turn into the weapon of the 1st Generation Guardian of the Lightning Ring, Lampow's weapon, Lampow's Shield.

Lambo defeats the Velociraptors

The initial reaction to seeing this is disappointment. However Ryohei tells everyone not to underestimate the power of a Vongola Box, and although it looked like just a shield, the weapon hides a powerful attacking power.
With Lambo still crying over Tsuna's mum, the shield suddenly glows, and unleashes a deadly attack that pierces the surrounding Velociraptors with thin, arrow like lightning bolts, successfully defeating them.

Everyone stares shocked at what had transpired moments before. Kikyo, stares at the pile of remains that used to be his Velociraptors, he realizes that he cant afford to play around like he thought he could, and so, decides to use his Spinosauro Nuvola.

Kikyo Released

Powerful Cloud Flames cover Kikyo, and when the clear, Kikyo's new form is revealed.

From the lake an army of prehistoric beasts emerge. What connected all these beasts was a mass of green heading upwards.. It was coming from Kikyo's very hair. Kikyo has been released.
Kikyo had merged with the once deadly dinosaur, the Spinosaurus. His cheeks had purple markings on them, and his forehead had two tiny horn like objects attached to them. But the most dangerous thing about the release was his hair, which had grown much longer, and were the starting point to the army of prehistoric beasts.

Ryohei see's Kikyo's new form and decides that he's a worthy opponent to fight.

Ryohei's Cambio Forma, Knuckle's Maximum Break

He heads out to fight Kikyo alone, refusing any help, saying that he's more suited for one-on-one battles, and even reassures his allies by declaring that he'll beat Kikyo in three minutes.

Ryohei calls out to Garyu, shouting "Break". Garyu complies by firing Sun Flames at Ryohei through his shoulder cannons. Next Ryohei shouts out "Cambio Forma." Garyu flies out to meet Ryohei, and starts to merge with him. Ryohei had just released his Cambio Forma, the 1st Generation Guardian of the Sun Ring, Knuckle's weapon, Knuckle's Maximum Break.

Kikyo doesn't seem impressed. He, quite cockily states, that against his Asura Box, Ryohei wouldn't be able to put a scratch on him.

Ryohei with the early advantage

However, no sooner had he said this, than Ryohei approaches Kikyo with amazing speed, and immediately connects with a vicious uppercut. Kikyo tried to call it a fluke, but couldn't finish his sentence, as Ryohei continues his assault, nailing Kikyo time and time again.
Ryohei attempts to finish Kikyo off, with a Sun Flame enhanced version of Maximum Cannon, but doesn't land a direct hit. Kikyo, gasping for breath, smiles, and states that he understands Ryohei's power.

Kikyo explains the extent of Ryohei abilities, and points out, that although powerful, he'll only be able to use this technique for three minutes. A frown from Ryohei confirms Kikyo's observation.
The battle between these two rival Guardians continue. Ryohei holds his own against Kikyo's Spinosaurus army, but due to them multiplying time and time again, doesn't make any progress. Soon the fatigue starts to tell on Ryohei as his time limit draws to a close. Ryohei's once white gear, turns black, and his wounds start to reopen. An exhausted Kikyo realizes that Ryohei was feeling the side effects from the super active flames. Kikyo, now confident, goes in for the kill.
Basil decides to help Ryohei, but Kikyo warns Basil, that while Basil was injured, he had suffered virtually no damage thanks to his ability to propagate. Kikyo then looks in the other direction and asks someone to come out of hiding. The group turn to see what Kikyo was referring, and see's Hibari.

Hibari pinned by the Spinosaurus

Kikyo ask's Hibari why he hadn't joined the fight. Hibari responds that his school's boxing captain didn't appreciate interference. Kikyo commends their friendship, but says that he follows a different set of rules, one where anything goes.
Suddenly a Spinosaurus emerges from the ground and bites Hibari's left arm. Kikyo bids Hibari farewell as a horde of Spinosaurus heads towards Hibari. Hibari, commands Roll to defend. Roll immediately complies, forming a defensive shield in front of Hibari. However more Spinosauruses erupt from the ground, pinning Hibari, while the others break through Roll's barrier. Hibari attempts to defend with his tonfas, but is struck down by these dinosaurs. A bent tonfa emerges from the wreckage as the group scream in concern. At the campsite, Tsuna notices a familiar sensation.

The Illusionists Arrive![]

On the other side, the Varia are matching the two Wreaths blow for blow. The Varia are able to counter all of the two Wreaths' techniques, while Gokudera, Lal Mirch and Gamma are getting healed.

Bel breaks through Bluebell's shield

Bel and Levi A Than battle against Bluebell. The two Varia members use deadly combination attacks, but they are all defended by Bluebell's barrier technique.

Knowing that to defeat Bluebell, they would first have to get rid of her shield, Bel thinks up of a plan and asks Levi to let him use Levi's box animal, as Lussuria joins the two. Levi agree's and Bel gets onto the stingray to begin their new attack.

Bel commands Mink to release his flames to the maximum output. The Stingray is covered by the Red of the Storm Flames as the three dive towards their target. Bluebell attempts to use her shield again, but this time, Bel's attack breaks through. With the shield down, the other two try to seize their chance to attack a screaming and panicked Bluebell.

All three of the attackers stop in mid attack. Bluebell then reveals the true nature of her shield, was a barrier of 100% pure Rain Flames. She explains that Rain Flames that concentrated, cuts of all bodily functions. The tree members of the Varia suddenly explode, the Varia and the Vongola are now down by three.

Xanxus caught by a Spinosaurus

Xanxus battles Zakuro, as he senses the defeat of his three men. Zakuro taunts Xanxus on the defeat of the three, but Xanxus responds by shooting him. Zakuro crashes to the ground and is attacked by Bester. Xanxus proclaims that only the strong survive, but Zakuro laughs and says that if that was true, Xanxus was going to die. As he says this, Xanxus is attacked by a Spinosaurus which emerges from underground. Xanxus moans in pain, as he notices his location. The battle had been drawn to where Kikyo was battling the Vongola group.
Kikyo smiles as he commands the Spinosaurus to finish Xanxus. The three Wreaths survey the battlefield, where the bodies of the Vongola members lay. The three celebrate the annihilation of the Vongola, and now decides to go hunt Uni.

Suddenly the head of one of Kikyo's Spinosaurus began to change shape. The head slowly turned into, none other, than Hibari. Hibari declares that he'll never let the Wreaths take Uni. More and more of the Spinosaurus begin to change, and much to the shock of the Wreaths, they all turned into the heads of the Vongola, the opponents they had defeated just moments before.

The Spinosaurus/Varia mix attack

The heads vowed to stop the Wreaths, and suddenly, these strange mix of Spinosaurus and Vongola attack the Three Wreaths. As the Wreaths tried to get a grasp on the situation, Kikyo notices a hostile presence by the lakeside. Kikyo aims towards this presence, and fires his Bellflowers.
As the smoke from Kikyo's attack clears, two people can be heard talking to each other. As a frog like head appears, the person wearing it sounds a bit surprised as he comments that the other took a step forward during that last attack, and complains that, that person always wanted to be the center of attention. A pineapple like hairstyle slowly appears, the owner of this hairstyle asked with a sinister laugh, what on earth the latter was talking about, and simply comments that, that person's head was blocking him. The smoke now completely cleared, two highly proficient and dangerous illusionists emerge. Mukuro Rokudo and Fran have arrived at the battlefield.

The Vongola Stand Tall

One by one, opponents that the Wreaths thought they had defeated emerged. The Wreaths, couldn't believe what they were seeing, and slowly they begin to realize that the people they thought they had defeated, were nothing more than Illusions.
Bel seems annoyed at the fact that Fran used illusions to show the death of the Vongola, and questions him about the necessity of it, Fran explains that illusions are like pranks, and they were just adding a bit of reality to the situation, Mukuro cuts Fran's theory down, and explains that the Illusions served two purposes. One, to get him warmed up, and two, that by giving a sense of superiority to the Wreaths, they were successful in learning about Kikyo's underground attacks, and Bluebell's defensive barrier.
Fran faked ignorance at this, which pissed Bel off, and he asks Fran how much longer he was going to keep up the illusion of Mukuro. Fran, then reveals, that Mukuro had managed to escape from Vindice Prison, and so, the Mukuro standing before them wasn't an illusion, but Mukuro in the flesh.

Kikyo asks Zakuro whether they had bought him enough time, Zakuro, now revealing a completely healed left arm, laughs at the Vongola saying they lost their last chance. Bel then informs Zakuro, that they had been waiting for him, they've been waiting for the Wreaths to be at a 100% so that Xanxus can crush them, while they were at full power.

Chrome meets M.M.

The battle is about to get underway, but Mukuro is stopped from participating by Fran. Fran explains that Mukuro was still recovering, and that he should at least wait for the arrival of his Vongola Box before he takes part.

Byakuran sends Ghost

Elsewhere in the forest, Chrome Dokuro encounters M.M who first slaps her, and then points the way to Mukuro, saying that Mukuro needed the Vongola Box. Chrome goes in the direction that M.M. had pointed out, as M.M. warns her, not to try anything with Mukuro.
At the Millefiore base, Byakuran comments on the ongoing battle, and comments that everything was going according to plan. He tells the person in front of him, that his time will be coming up as well. The person he was talking to, was the last Funeral Wreath Ghost. Ghost then disappears in a flash of green Lightning Flames. Byakuran grins confidently, as he says to himself, that, that will be the end.

The newly commenced battle between the Vongola and the Wreaths had picked up a notch, and had become fiercer than ever. Xanxus fights on level footing with Kikyo, Zakuro is taken on by both Ken and Chikusa, and Bluebell battles the opponents that she though she had defeated moments before. Both sides battle on level footing with no side having a clear cut advantage. Ryohei and Gokudera,

Ghost Arrives

who were resting due to their exhaustion from their previous battles, state that the Varia really did make good allies, and then decide that the it was about time that they got going as well. This thought is interrupted by a sudden static noise, and a flash of green lightning. The very ground trembles as a new foe enters the battlefield. The fierce battle that was taking place simply stopped, as the very ground trembles with every step that this new foe took. The Vongola wonder who on earth this new opponent was, but they weren't the only one's panicking. The Wreaths themselves seem intimidated by this sudden arrival. Kikyo says that this happened too early, and Zakuro and Bluebell seemed too intimidated to even speak. Ghost has arrived in the battlefield.

Ghost Arrives![]

Ghost makes his slow walk into the battlefield. Ghost, a giant of a man, with both body and hair glowing with green Lightning Class flames, phantom like eyes, had made the battle that had been taken to a new intensity, just moments ago, stop, with both friend and foe staring at the new arrival.
Confusion reigned over the Vongola. This new arrival looked just like Byakuran, but Mukuro Rokudo pointed out, that the markings on this new arrivals eye, was on the opposite side.

Shockingly, it wasn't just the Vongola that seemed put off by this giant. The Wreaths looked extremely nervous and uneasy, Kikyo, seemed speechless, as he nervously mentioned the new arrivals name, Bluebell, her voice shivering, said that this is bad, and Zakuro just wonders why on earth Byakuran had sent him so early.

Bel's attack, phasing through

Mukuro Rokudo, had taken note of Ghosts' allies reaction, Levi A Than notices the ring on Ghost's finger. It was the Lightning Mare Ring.
Having confirmed that this new arrival was the enemy, Bel decides to take action, and throws his Storm Knives at Ghost. But to the shock of everybody, including Ghosts' allies, the attack simply phased through him. For a second, there was confusion of whether this was an illusion, but Mukuro Rokudo and Fran, state otherwise. This was the real deal.

Since physical attacks didn't seem to work, Levi A Than decided to try Flame attacks. Levi, along with his box animal use their special move, Super Levi Volta, however, even this attack, simply phased through Ghost. Even Kikyo couldn't comprehend the situation, he looked just as baffled as the Vongola.

Basil approaches Gokudera and Ryohei and suggests that maybe a multiple flame attack would work, and proposes to use their box combination attack. Ryohei states that, that technique was hard to control, but Gokudera points out the Ghost is just strolling along.

Uri, when using the Solarstorm Fang

They decide to go for it, so all three of them release their box animals, Uri, Garyu and Alfin. They begin their box combination attack. Alfin uses his Brain Coating to link the minds of the three of them. Uri charges forward, to be shot by Rain Class objects from Alfin, and Garyu fires his Sun Flames to turn Uri into his mature form, the Storm Leopard.

This technique, dubbed Solarstorm Fang by Gokudera, Ryohei and Basil looked extremely dealdy. Mukuro, Bel and Zakuro all acknowledged the strength of this technique, while Kikyo, wonderes how Ghost will react to it.

Uri heads straight for Ghost, who doesn't even slow down while this leopard charges him. Uri and Ghost collide, causing a massive explosion to occur, even the shockwave of this explosion seemed overwhelming. Ally and foe both looked anxiously to see the result of this collision. But something seemed wrong, the flames were faltering, and Kikyo, looking quite worried, wonders if its begun.

Ghost's Light Beams

Ghost walks on, a shield around him, and completely unfazed by this powerful attack, a charred Uri is seen falling to the ground.
Gokudera cries out, and tries to go get Uri, but is stopped by Ryohei, who points out that something's happening. From Ghost's shield emergers countless light beams, heading towards everyone in the battlefield. These light beams first head towards Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto, who sensing the danger, immediately dodges. Next it heads towards Lussuria, who dodges immediately, but Bluebell, whose vision of the light beam was obscured by Lussuria, wasn't so lucky.

Bluebell's death

She was hit in the chest by one of these beams, in her moment of shock, she just wonders why Byakuran did this, right before her flames were completely absorbed, making her shrivel up, and then die.

The Vongola are shocked that Ghost took out his own ally, Levi A Than's box animal, Livya, is hit by the beam, and soon it becomes petrified, and turns to dust.

Flames being sucked out

Xanxus, fires his Flame of Wrath at ghost using his X-Guns, but even the Flame of Wrath, known as the most destructive Flame of all the past Vongola Bosses, was absorbed by Ghost's shield. Next the Flames from everyone present seemed to drain away, as if leaking.
Kikyo dodges the light beams heading towards him, and thinks to himself that Ghost has begun to awaken. Zakuro, as his flames are being absorbed, thinks to himself that since Open Asura Box turns their bodies into Box Animals, their very life energy was being sucked away, Zakuro dodges beams heading towards him, and proclaims that it doesn't matter which side anyone was on, they were all going to die.

Mukuro saves Chrome

This is Ghost's Awakening.
A little away from this battle for survival, Chrome Dokuro makes her way towards Mukuro, she sees these light beams between the trees, and wonders what they were. She had little time to think however, as a light beam shoots out through the tree's heading straight for her.
As the beam was about to make contact, she was pulled to the ground by none other than Mukuro. Chrome seems suprised by the person who saved her. Mukuro tells her that this area was dangerous, and compliments her on being able to survive for so long. Chrome, still seems a bit surprised, but soon tears fill her eyes, as she say that she's glad. However she soon faints, leaving Mukuro in a slight bind.
From between the trees, yet another light beam approaches, this time targeting Mukuro. However, a Box Weapon is opened, and takes the blow instead. This Box Weapon turns out to be Fran's, and his box turns out to be a miniature Bel.
Fran makes another one of his cheeky comments, as his Flame, as well as the box's flame drains away. Fran ask's Mukuro to help him, Mukuro saying that they need to first figure out what they were fighting, takes the Vongola Ring from Chrome's finger, calls out to Mukuro the Mist Owl, and commands it to undergo Cambio Forma.
The Mist Owl turns into Demon Spade's Devil Lens, and soon Mukuro starts to analyze Ghost with these powerful lenses. However, what he found out, was far from pleasing.
Mukuro finds out that Ghost was not even a living organism, but a supernatural phenomenon.

Byakuran prepares to move out

Ghost was not just a clever nickname, he was literally a ghost, a phantom. Mukuro realizes that they wouldn't even be able to touch him. Mukuro curses Byakuran, wondering what he had in mind.

At the Millefiore camp, Byakuran, with an evil glint in his eyes, prepares to move out.
At the Vongola campsite, Ryohei had got in touch with Tsuna, and informs him about Ghost, and his abilities. Ryohei asks Tsuna to take Uni and escape.

The group becomes extremely worried about their friends in the battlefield, Tsuna was in a horrible position, knowing that his friends were going to be taken out, and knowing that he cant leave the campsite to help them either.
Uni, eased the burden on Tsuna, by asking him to go, and assures him, that she has her uncle to protect her. Tsuna thinks for a brief moment, smiles, and thanks her.
However, the rest of the group were more reluctant, saying that Tsuna going would be equivalent to him throwing his life away. Reborn, tells Tsuna, that it would be his decision to make. Tsuna looks around at the group around him, and finally, puts on his Gloves, takes the Dying Will Pills, goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and prepares to leave.

Reborn asks Tsuna to use caution, as Flames and Box Weapons won't work on Ghost. Tsuna prepares to leave but is stopped by a cry from Kyoko and Haru. The two girls seemed worried out of their minds at the task set before Tsuna. Kyoko, just hopes that Tsuna doesn't push himself too hard, and Haru just thinks that she doesn't want Tsuna to go to such a dangerous place.

Tsuna heads to the battlefield

However, both girls put their feelings to a side, smiles, and just tells Tsuna to be careful. Tsuna smiles, and asks them to take care of Uni, Reborn assures him that they got it covered, and even I-Pin promises to protect Uni. Tsuna fires up his X-Gloves and takes to the sky, finally heading towards the battlefield to save his friends. The group watches him leave, with a mixture of worry for his safety, and hope for his success. Uni prays that Tsuna be able to save his family and allies.

Zakuro's Death

At the battlefield, Ghost's rampage, and the others fight for survival continues. Zakuro doesn't last much longer, as one of the light beams hit him, sucking out his flames, and Zakuro dying in a similar manner to Bluebell, as Kikyo, now the last of the initial three Wreaths, looks on in horror as another one of his comrades die.
Garyu gets hit by a light beam, but is saved by Ryohei's quick to realize the danger asks Garyu to return to his box, saving him from destruction.

Gokudera, clutching a lifeless Uri, asks Kikyo what the hell Ghost was. Gokudera asks Kikyo why Ghost would be attacking his own allies.

Kikyo, now thinks back to the time Byakuran had first mentioned Ghost. It was in a meeting hall, where Kikyo and Byakuran were alone discussing the new, and final Funeral Wreath. Kikyo is startled by Ghost's looks, noting that he looked exactly like Byakuran. He asks Byakuran whether or not he should treat Ghost as his double. Byakuran then reveals a shocking bit of news, that Ghost was not just a person who looked like him, but in reality, Ghost was him.
Byakuran explains that he thought bringing in another "him" would make things easier, so he decided to bring a parallel version of himself to aid him. But, this came at a very high price. Even by using cutting edge technology to help with this process, Byakuran had ended up destroying an entire world to make this possible.

Ghost's battleship incident

Ghost arrived, with some semblance of a human, but had become a mindless mutant that absorbed Dying Will Flames from everything and anything in the process.
Soon after Ghost's arrival, Byakuran had sent him on a test run, to get a better understanding of his abilities. Ghost had ended up destroying three battle ships in this trial, but was arrested by the Vindice for killing a virtuous mafioso in the process. Though he had lost Ghost in this trial, Byakuran knew that he would be able to get him out if the need ever arose, but more importantly, because of this trial, he had discovered that Ghost possessed a very unique talent, a skill that would be, what Byakuran called "My Power".
Kikyo wonders, that when Byakuran mentioned Ghost's talent, whether he meant Ghost's ability to absorb flames. He tries to figure out why, the Byakuran who had saved them from misfortune, would send Ghost when he knew that they themselves would be caught up in Ghost's power. Kikyo wonders helplessly if Byakuran had abandoned them, knowing that at the rate things were going, even he would die.
Basil throws his boomerang at Ghost, and discovers that solid attacks, do indeed go right through him.

Yamamoto arrives

The Varia, now having been weakened, points out that at the rate things were going, they were going to be wiped out, and wonders whether they should retreat for the time being. Gokudera denies this request, stating that if they were to retreat, Ghost would head straight for Uni. More light beams are fired, and one of them curves and heads straight for Gokudera, Ryohei and Basil.
They were saved by the timely arrival of Yamamoto.

Ghost getting more powerful

Yamamoto used his Shigure Kintoki to guard against the beams, but even through the blade his flames were being sucked out. Yamamoto states that he heard about the Flame absorption, but says that this was worse than he had anticipated.
Dino emerges from the forest supporting a barely standing Squalo. The Varia has mixed emotions about the arrival of Squalo, with Xanxus and Lussuria stating that he was late, and the other two disappointed that he was alive. Fran makes his usual commentary.
Ghost having absorbed so much of Flames seemed to be growing more powerful. Mukuro points out that Ghost had appeared out of nowhere, as if he had teleported, and now that he had become powerful by absorbing so much flames, it would be possible that he would teleport straight to Uni. The group realise that things look bad, till a voice states that he won't let that happen.

Tsuna vs. Ghost[]

Tsuna attempting to absorb Ghost's flames

Ghost and Tsuna clash

Tsuna arrives at the battlefield heading straight for Ghost. Allies seem relieved, even Kikyo didn't seem unhappy about it. As Tsuna draws closer, he notices that, even at this distance his flames were being absorbed. Tsuna decides to counter using a Flame Absorption technique of his own, Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised.
Tsuna heads towards Ghost, both opponents trying to absorb each others flames. Tsuna and Ghost clash in an explosion of Sky and Lightning Flames. While Tsuna clashes with Ghost back at the campsite, Uni gets an uneasy apparition. Ghost cries in agony and Tsuna in determination, as these two continue their battle, both using their Flame Absorption techniques. The two go all out in this battle of Flame absorption, with everything on the line for the Vongola, as only Tsuna's attack seems to have an effect on Ghost.

The power of these two techniques colliding was such that everyone around, were not only having their flames absorbed, but they were getting dragged towards the battle point.
Kikyo and the Vongola were having a hard time trying to keep their footing, a task which was by no means easy as their flames were being absorbed as well. They all watch this ongoing battle with baited breath, waiting to see who comes out victorious.

The intensity of this ongoing battle, was such that even as far as the Vongola campsite, the battle could be seen.

Ghost being sucked in

The girls seem worried for the safety of their friends, and Reborn silently asks Tsuna to hang in there.

Back at the battle, Tsuna lets out a cry of determination and ups the power of his technique, and Ghost's shield finally starts to get absorbed. But the startling thing was that it wasn't just Ghost's shield being absorbed, but Ghost too, began to get sucked in. Ghost cries in agony, and in a few seconds, he had been completely sucked in, having been completely absorbed by Tsuna. His ring falls to the ground silently, as everyone around try to take in what had just transpired.
Silence greets this astonishing turn around. Everyone tries to get their mind around what had just happened. Fran breaks the silence by comically stating the obvious. Slowly everyone starts to recover, Bel being the first to realize that Ghost was a bunch of flames in itself. Tsuna's allies and family start to celebrate Tsuna's success, Ryohei takes a step towards Tsuna to congratulate him, but is immediately ordered to stop by Tsuna, something seemed off.
Tsuna seemed to be thinking hard about something, and thats when it struck some of the others. Dino points out, that the power of Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, was to absorb enemy flames and make them your own, but after absorbing Ghost's flames, Tsuna's flames hadn't changed, it still remained the same.
This realization starts to dawn on the rest of the watching group as well. They start to wonder, why Tsuna's flames hadn't increased, even though Ghost had absorbed most of their flames. An uneasy feeling sets in, as Tsuna wonders what on earth happened to the flames that Ghost had absorbed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a familiar voice greets the group. Byakuran had arrived.

Tsuna vs. Byakuran[]

Talking in his usual carefree tone, Byakuran tells Tsuna that he's surprised that Tsuna had managed to defeat Ghost. Kikyo rejoices at the arrival of his boss, while the Vongola tense up, preparing for the inevitable battle.

Byakuran surveys his opponents

Byakuran surveys the people around him and comments on the "crazy lineup" before him. The boss of the Cavallone Famiglia, Dino, the Vongola's independent assassination squad, the Varia, the Vongola's outside advisor's team, part of the Kokuyo Gang and finally the 10th Generation Vongola Family, in other words, the strongest members of the Vongola Family, all in one place. Byakuran states that he's thrilled to have them all assembled in one place. Byakuran does however state his surprise at Tsuna's peculiar taste, his choice to work with both Xanxus and Mukuro Rokudo, two people who had attempted to kill him at one stage,

Mukuro attacks Byakuran

Byakuran smiles, and in his carefree tone, says that Tsuna's choices are pretty insane.
Xanxus doesn't take to kindly to these words. He calls out to Byakuran, and tells him that he, by no means works for Tsuna, and shoots him with his Flame of Wrath. Mukuro joins in, telling Byakuran that he thought that his words and actions could only fool an innocent girl and a foolish boy, and attacks him with a blast from his Hell Ring. Kikyo calls out to Byakuran in worry, as both attacks had hit home.

However, Byakuran emerges from these attacks completely unscathed. He asks the two attackers, what was up with those weak attacks, comments that they all look tired, and then says that he cant blame them since Ghost had absorbed most of their flames, and therefore the group before him, are basically running on empty.

This comment doesn't sit well on the two attackers, and they challenge Byakuran to prove that they are not to be underestimated. Hibari feeling a bit annoyed at Mukuro and Xanxus for doing all the talking and attacking, joins in, but all three of them are stopped by Tsuna, who with extreme determination, states that Byakuran is his.

Tsuna begins his attack

Byakuran laughs off Tsuna's statement, and asks Tsuna whether he knew why he had shown up when he did. With a dangerous look in his eyes, Byakuran states that the reason was that his body and spirit were finally ready. Tsuna counters this statement by saying that he has been ready for a long time, and disappears.
Tsuna reappears right behind Byakuran. Byakuran turns around in shock and is greeted by a kick to the chin. Byakuran had a look of astonishment on his face, as Tsuna grabbed his head and knee's it, everyone looks on in surprise as Tsuna seemed to be dominating Byakuran. Lal Mirch wonders when Tsuna got this strong, Mukuro thinks to himself that this was the Tsuna who was summoned from the past and grew after experiencing the many battles he had faced in the future. Allies now look on with confidence, as their boss was dominating. Tsuna goes on the attack once again as Byakuran, was helpless in midair. He looks to once again land a punch on Byakuran, bit this time was stopped by Byakuran. The astonishing fact was not the fact that the punch was stopped, but the fact that Byakuran only used a single finger to stop him. Byakuran smiles playfully, and this time it was Tsuna who was astounded.
Byakuran wouldn't budge even though he was only using a single finger.

Tsuna blown away by Byakuran's technique

Tsuna wonders just what kind of strength Byakuran had, to be able to stop him so easily. Byakuran, still smiling, asks Tsuna if that's all he has, and then with a dangerous glint in his eyes, says that its his turn now.
Byakuran uses a technique he calls White Finger. Sky Flames emanate from Byakuran's ring, and passes on to his finger, and Tsuna is immediately blow away by a powerful shock wave. Gokudera and Yamamoto scream in worry as Tsuna crashes to the ground. Byakuran had finally begun his attack.
The impact of Tsuna's crash could be seen and heard all the way to the Vongola campsite. Everyone looks worried as the see the dust rising from the impact zone. Even Reborn thinks that things look bad.
The power of Byakuran's technique had made Tsuna create a large crater where he crashed, and Tsuna seemed down for the count. Gokudera and Yamamoto pleads to Tsuna to hang in there, and Tsuna, gets up very shakily. Byakuran looks down at Tsuna and tells him that he cant have him dying from just that.

Byakuran's Wings

He then makes a statement that shocks everyone around, he says that he's only using a tenth of the Flames he had absorbed from Ghost.
At this moment another shocking development happens. From the scars on Byakuran's back, a pair of wings had started to grow. As the wings grow, Byakuran states that all the Flames Ghost had stolen, now belongs to him.

The realization of what Byakuran had just said starts to sink in. But not everyone was convinced. Dino questions the truth in Byakuran's statement by saying that he had never heard of someone taking flames from someone else without any contact. Byakuran laughs and explains that Ghost was never another person, but a different version of him from a parallel world.
Absolute shock greets this statement. The fact that Byakuran had bought another version of him from a parallel world was hard to believe for the watching group. But Byakuran says that whether they believe it or not didn't matter, but the fact remains that Ghost had the ability to absorb flames, an ability which Byakuran lacked, and then transfer it to Byakuran. Mukuro then puts everything into clearer terms. If it was true that Byakuran had acquired the flames of everyone present, with the exception of Tsuna, then his power couldn't be measured.
The focus now shifts onto Byakuran's wings. Levi A Than states that it's probably just for show, but Bel states the possibility that the flames were probably packed together so tightly that they look like wings. But Byakuran states that the wings weren't just merely flames, but a symbol, a symbol to show that he had gained power greater to that of a human. Dino and Squalo yell at Byakuran, asking him if he thought he was a god, but Kikyo says that Byakuran wasn't a god, but a devil.
Byakuran was interrupted by Tsuna, who tells him it doesn't matter what Byakuran was, or what kind of powers he had, he would still be taken down.
Byakuran tells Tsuna that that was the spirit and both Tsuna and Byakuran started to release their flames. The intensity of these two rival bosses releasing their power, was such that the very air began to crackle. Byakuran tells Tsuna that he came to play, and that Tsuna had better entertain him.

The members at the camp see this new development, and Reborn tells everyone that the real battle was about to begin. Uni thinks to herself that she had better hurry.

Byakuran and his White Dragon

Tsuna takes off and immediately lands a punch on Bykuran, and he flows it up by a barrage of punches to the same area. But even through all this, Byakuran just smiles and tells Tsuna that it tickles.

Tsuna realizing that his punches were having no effect, backs off to create a bit of distance between the two. Byakuran smiles, asks Tsuna if he was finished, and begins to prepare his own attack.

Tsuna uses Vongola Primo's Cloak to defend

Byakuran's palm glows with the golden Sky Flames, he tells Tsuna to play with his pet, and then Byakuran's very hand turns into a White Dragon.

Tsuna wonders how Byakuran's hand could turn into an animal, but then he notices an open box hanging from Byakuran's clothes. This was his Box Animal.
Byakuran sends the White Dragon to attack Tsuna, and Tsuna immediately opens his own box and goes into Cambio Forma, Modo Difesa, Mantello di Vongola Primo to defend against this attack.

Nuts and Tsuna successfully manage to hold off the Dragon, but Nuts seemed a bit shaken. Byakuran tells Tsuna that he was holding back most of its power during its previous attack. He tells Tsuna that he's the only person to have this kind of box, and then says that the next attack would go right through him.
Byakuran sends the White Dragon to attack Tsuna once again, Nuts lets out a snarl, but Tsuna tells him not to be baited. The Dragon heads for Tsuna, and this time, did manage to make a connection. When the flames clear, Tsuna had caught the Dragon and immediately used his Zero Point Breakthrough to freeze the dragon.
Tsuna now heads for Byakuran, telling Nuts to begin Cambio Forma, Mode Attacco as he does so. Upon hearing this, Tsuna's allies wonder if Nuts can turn into a weapon other than Vongola Primo's Cloak.

Mitena di Vongola Primo

Dino then explains that he had heard that when Vongola Primo focused all of his flames into his fist for an ultimate attack, his gloves would actually change form. His allies then begin to realize that Tsuna focusing all his flames into a single attack would be a punch as powerful as the X-Burner. This new weapon is called Mitena di Vongola Primo, Primo's gauntlet.

Tsuna charges towards Byakuran with the Gauntlet in hand, but Byakuran, for his part didn't even budge. He simply looks at the weapon, says that he'll be able to see how strong Tsuna was, and asks him to bring it on.

Byakuran using White Applause

Tsuna seems surprised that Byakuran wasn't attempting to avoid it. Tsuna now looking frustrated, thinks to himself that Byakuran was screwing around and continues his charge. Once he gets close enough, he releases a technique he called Big Bang Axle towards Byakuran. Byakuran didn't move as this technique gets closer, he simply puts his hands together and claps. And then, much to everyone's shock, Tsuna's technique, said to be as powerful as the X-Burner, simply vanished.
Byakuran, laughing, says that the Vongola Box has been defeated. Tsuna and his allies couldn't seem to comprehend what had just happened, so Byakuran explains. He says that the technique he used was the ultimate defensive technique, White Applause. He says that, that technique had the power to shatter any technique. He then talks to Tsuna, he asks him if Tsuna had ever been this outclassed in a battle before, he asks Tsuna if he was afraid, and says that he shouldn't feel any shame in being scared, after all, even if Tsuna was a Mafia boss, he was still just a middle school student. He charges towards an intimidated looking Tsuna, charging his Sky Flames as he does so, and says that Tsuna is even welcome to wet his pants.

Tsuna being crushed

Byakuran lands a vicious punch on Tsuna, that sends Tsuna crashing to the ground. Tsuna seemed pretty hurt, but he manages to get to his feet as Byakuran lands next to him. Byakuran acknowledges Tsuna trying hard, but then launches his next attack.
He makes a grab motion with his hand, even though he was some distance from Tsuna, but some kind of hand erupts from Byakuran's hand, and grabs Tsuna. Tsuna was completely immobilized, as his allies cry out in worry. Byakuran tells Tsuna that he can stop now, as he makes a squeeze motion with his palm, and immediately the giant hand which had grabbed Tsuna begins to squeeze him. Tsuna looked in absolute pain, as Byakuran continues the torture.
Byakuran continuing to crush Tsuna with his Transparent Giant Hand technique. Byakuran expresses his disappointment in Tsuna, saying that he expected Tsuna to put up a better fight, and points out that the size of a person's Flames is equivalent to the resolve of the said person. He tells Tsuna that this could only mean that Tsuna's resolve about wanting to return his friends safely back to the past, was extremely weak.
This statement makes Tsuna think about all the people who had been dragged into this vicious battle from the past. Tsuna's desire to defeat Byakuran and protect his friends grow, and Tsuna, once again lights his Vongola Ring with Flames.

The pressure from Tsuna's Flames rise, but Byakuran matches the rise by increasing his own Flames.

Byakuran and Tsuna's Flame battle

Tsuna, extremely determined, further increases the size and strength of his flames, Byakuran acknowledges Tsuna's flames, but once again matches Tsuna's flames by increasing his own.

Soon, the entire area is lit up by this incredible release of Flames. Everyone watches this exchange, overwhelmed by the Flames being released by the two bosses.
Bel and Mukuro Rokudo seem more confident as they watch their boss hold their own against his Millefiore counterpart. The flames being released, rises even further, and when it reached an incredibly high output, a gong like sound rings across the battlefield.

Byakuran excitedly says it's here, Tsuna seems taken aback at what just happened. Two Barriers made up of Sky Flames covers both, Byakuran and Tsuna. The reverberating continues, and everyone around, aside from Byakuran, tries to figure out what on earth the sound meant. Squalo notices, and points out the noise came from Tsuna's and Byakuran's Rings. It was then that Dino realized that the rings were resonating.

The Barrier forms around Uni as well

At the campsite, Uni's Arcobaleno Pacifier destroyed its protective cover and immediately started releasing a furious amount of Sky Flames, much to Uni's shock. The flames being released soon formed a barrier around Uni, similar to the barriers formed around Byakuran and Tsuna.
Her friends and allies, seem taken aback by what was happening. They hear the reverberating sound as well, and figure out that it was coming from the Pacifier. Her allies ask her what's going on, but Uni was just as lost as they were.
While the reverberating continues, Uni realizes that Byakuran's and Tsuna's rings were resonating with her own Pacifier. Reborn, who was watching all this intently, figures out that the Sky Elements of the Tri-ni-sette were calling to one another. His thought is interrupted by a gasp from Uni. Her barrier had left the ground, and Uni, quite worriedly says that she has no control over her body. She calls out to Reborn desperately as she begins to float away. Reborn, determined to save her, leaps up and tries to stop the barrier, but even he couldn't do anything about it. Uni calls out desperately, and her allies looked extremely worried. They soon realize that she was heading towards the battlefield, towards Byakuran.
At the battlefield, Tsuna's allies realize that none of their attacks had any effect on the now expanding barriers. Soon they notice another barrier floating towards the other two, and much to their disdain, they realize that the person inside that barrier was none other than Uni.

The allies wonder what made Uni come out to meet Byakuran all by herself. Byakuran answers that question,

The three barriers coming together

by saying that she was summoned here by Tsuna and himself.

Mukuro Rokudo notices that the Vongola Ring, the Mare Ring and the Arcobaleno Pacifier were the cause of this phenomenon, and realizes that the Sky Elements of the Tri-ni-sette were gathering together. He wonders if the strain put on the rings during the incredible release of flames by Tsuna and Byakuran earlier, cause them three to come together.

As the barriers get closer together, Gokudera realizes that Uni's Flame barrier was attempting to join with Tsuna's and Byakuran's. The allies realize the gravity of the situation, and begin an assault to try and stop this from happening.

Gokudera fires his Flame Arrow and Xanxus fires his Flame of Wrath, but the two attacks combined didn't even make the barrier flinch. Yamamoto, who had released his Cambio Forma, attempts to break the barrier with a direct assault, but that too, ended in failure. The allies realize, that the barrier was too strong to penetrate,

The three bosses, all in one location

and helplessly watch as Uni's barrier completes its merge with the other two, making Uni be just a few feet away from the last person who she wanted to be around, Byakuran.

Byakuran greets Uni in his usual sinister, yet carefree way, Tsuna, now finding it hard to put two words together, asks her to stay back, Uni calls for Tsuna in concern, but is greeted by Byakuran's sinister laugh. Byakuran begins explaining the nature behind this phenomenon. He says that when the Tri-ni-sette Sky Elements release an incredible amount of flames, it creates the unique situation they were in now. He says that it's a special stage where the three of them wont be interrupted, that its a stage for the Tri-ni-sette Sky elements alone. He then says quite casually, that now that Uni was summoned, he no longer had any use for Tsuna, so soon, it'll just be Uni and him, and once again begins to crush Tsuna.
Uni begs Byakuran to stop, Byakuran glares at her, and asks her how she could tell him to stop at this stage. He starts to blame Uni for everything that had happened, saying that it was her that had forced the Vongola Members to risk their lives to protect her, even when Uni herself knew that they had no chance of beating him. He says that her pointless escape, only served to increase the number of casualties that the battle had produced. He says that she couldn't be any more selfish than she had been.

Uni listens to Byakuran's speech, looking to be in pain as Byakuran continues to taunt her. While Byakuran was doing this, something glowed under Uni's cloak. Uni tries to hide it, but Byakuran had noticed, and his eyes had an excited glint as he asked her what that was.

The Pacifiers, which were reviving their masters, drop

Uni whispers "not yet", which once again catches Byakuran's notice, and although Uni tried to protect whatever it was that she was hiding, the objects soon wriggled free, and fell to the ground.

These items turned out to be the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, but there was something strange about the Pacifiers, all of them had something sticking out of them.
Reborn and Futa arrive, and Reborn explains that the Arcobaleno were beginning to regenerate their bodies, or in other words, they were being reborn. This information takes everybody by surprise, the fact that the strongest babies were being revived, was something nobody expected.
Reborn explains that he had heard that the Sky Arcobaleno had the power to restore the other Arcobaleno from the verge of death, but even he admits that he had no idea that the Arcobaleno would be revived from their own Pacifers. Upon hearing this, Bel shows a bit of relief that Mammon would be revived, and Lal Mirch seemed happy that, if everything goes according to plan, Colonnello too would be revived.

Byakuran and Kikyo then realizes that the real reason that Uni had escaped, was to buy time for the Arcobaleno to be revived. For this reason, she escaped from the Millefiore and begged Tsuna to protect her, and the pacifires of her brethren. Soon they realize, that if the Arcobaleno were to be revived, the balance of the Tri-ni-sette would be restored, and if the Arcobaleno at full power join forces with Tsuna, defeating Byakuran could become a reality.
Uni, tightly holds on to the Pacifiers, and Byakuran after thinking for awhile, realizes that there was no Non Tri-ni-set Policy around to torture the Arcobaleno, and does admit that it would be annoying if they were revived, but Byakuran, quite sharp to notice, points out that he at least had an hour before the Arcobaleno can return. The look of surprise from Uni confirms that Byakuran's observation was accurate. Byakuran, now realizing that he was right, makes a squeeze motion with his palm, and Tsuna, who was still caught by Byakuran's Transparent Giant Hand, lets out a cry of agony, as the sound of bones breaking echoes across the battlefield.

Tsuna collapses, as he was crushed by Byakuran

Tsuna's eyes lose the color they gain when he enters Hyper Dying Will Mode, and Byakuran, smirks as he releases the technique. Tsuna stays motionless for a few seconds, before collapsing onto the floor, and soon, the trademark Dying Will Flames on his forehead disappears as well.
Tsuna's friends scream as Tsuna collapsed. Byakuran, completely ignoring the now motionless Tsuna, tells Uni that she can call whoever she likes, and he still won't lose, but says that would be a complete waste of his time. He points out that no one could enter the barrier they were in, and says that Uni was his now. He tells her that the Arcobaleno wasn't going to be enough to defeat him.
Reborn, surprisingly agrees with Byakuran, a comment which surprised both Byakuran and Uni. But Reborn continues, saying that the Arcobaleno aren't the ones who were going to defeat him, that job belong to his student, Tsuna.

The girls, and the others at the camp rush into the battlefield. Haru immediately sees a person lying motionless on the ground, and much to their disbelief, they realize that it was Tsuna. They stare at the motionless figure, unable to completely comprehend the situation.
Byakuran grins and asks Reborn whether it was Tsuna who told him that he would be the one to beat him. Reborn confirms this, and Byakuran scorns at Reborn, asking him if he had been paying attention to anything that had happened and points out that he had already crushed Tsuna.
Reborn tells Byakuran, not to underestimate Tsuna, Reborn then turns his attention onto Tsuna, and starts speaking to him. He tells Tsuna that he had to defeat Byakuran, but still, Tsuna remained motionless.
Mukuro looks at Reborn and thinks back to his battle with Tsuna, and thinks that what Reborn was doing, was the same thing he did back then. He notices that whenever Tsuna was in a pinch, Reborn always appeared to guide him, and encourage him.
Byakuran laughs at what Reborn just said, and says that he thought that Reborn had more of a point to make, but the fact that all he did was give a motivational speech came as a surprise. Reborn tells Byakuran that that's how he rolls and turns his attention back to Tsuna. He tells Tsuna that he wasn't the only one putting everything on the line in this battle. He tells him that Uni plans to send everybody back to the past by sacrificing her own life.
Reborn explains that the revival of the Arcobaleno takes more than Uni's power, he says that she had to burn her "Life Flame", and this will lead to the destruction of her body, and result in her death.

The allies are shocked and saddened by this piece of information,

Tsuna tries to get up

Nosaru and Tazaru couldn't believe what they heard, but Gamma didn't seem to taken aback by this news.

Uni, was surprised that Reborn knew about this, but Reborn says that it wasn't too hard to guess, as she was exactly like her grandmother, Luce.
Byakuran who had listened quietly to Reborn's explanation speaks up, he tells Uni that he cant allow her to do such a foolish thing, as her life belonged to him. He takes a step towards Uni but is interrupted by someone coughing.

Tsuna coughs feebly, as he tries to get up, he, in a weak voice, tells Byakuran that he won't let him have Uni. Byakuran laughs at Tsuna, and points out how much he was shaking. He scorns Tsuna, telling him that he could feel Tsuna shaking, even where he was, and mentions that it's probably because his body remembers the beating he had just taken.

Byakuran tells Tsuna that it was unlucky of him to have woken up in his situation. He mentions that he knows a lot about Tsuna, everything about him being a normal middle school student who failed in both academics and athletics, till he met a powerful hitman who thrust him into the dangerous world of the Mafia. Byakuran goes onto talk about Tsuna's battle with Mukuro, and eventually the battle with the Varia. He tells Tsuna that he had been extremely unlucky, and once he came into the future, his luck had finally run out. Byakuran goes onto say that, if Tsuna hadn't been bought to the future, he wouldn't have had to suffer as much as he did, and tells Tsuna to curse has own fate for everything that had happened.
Tsuna surprises everyone by denying Byakuran's theories. Tsuna explains that, although the future had bought him great fear, pain and worry, and although he was only truly happy for a short period of time, he understands that you have to take the good with the bad, and says that he considers everything that had happened to be precious moments in his life.
Byakuran, who didn't seem impressed, tells Tsuna that his was of looking at things was certainly an interesting interpretation, but that Tsuna should realize, that none of what he said will matter, once he kills him.

Tsuna struck by the Mini White Dragon

Byakuran takes out a Mini White Dragon, Tsuna's allies immediately realizes the danger, and Gokudera makes a desperate attempt at stopping Byakuran by firing his Flame Arrow. However the barrier holds, and Byakuran still stands.
Byakuran, completely ignoring what was happening outside, wonders a bit, and decides, that at Tsuna's current state, sending the Mini White Dragon through the heart would be enough to kill him. Tsuna, who was out of Hyper Dying Will Mode, and so had his original personality, panics, and asks Byakuran to wait, Byakuran, however, doesn't wait and throws the Mini Dragon right at Tsuna. The attack hits him straight at the heart, and Tsuna, as allies watch stunned, falls.

The Mini White Dragon stopped by Lancia's Boss's Ring

Byakuran laughs at the fallen Tsuna, and savoring the moment, turns to Uni and tells her that her savior is now dead. But he is proved wrong by a loud scream.
Tsuna gets up, screaming that, that attack hurt. As allies watch relieved, Tsuna rips his shirt, and looks at the Mini Dragon. The attack had been stopped by something given to him long ago, as a token of gratitude from a friend Tsuna had saved. It had been stopped by the very Ring that Lancia had given him after the battle for the position of boss with the Varia, Lancia's Boss's Ring.
Tsuna see's the ring that had saved him and begins to realize that everything that had happened up till this point had played a part, and led up to everything he's done. He says that he wouldn't give up a moment which he had spent in the future, the pain, the suffering, the fun, none of it. Tsuna realizes that he was here now because of the people there for him, whether it was Kyoko and Haru's support through doing the chores and helping him, and the other Guardians by being there, or Spanner helping Tsuna perfect his X-Burner, or the Vongola Box Weapons left to the current Guardians by Future Tsuna, or Kyoko helping Tsuna understand Nuts' intentions, he realizes that everyone of the people he had met had helped him get by, and that he wouldn't be here now if it hadn't been for their support. Tsuna questions what Byakuran had said about him being unlucky, and says that he was wrong, because he felt extremely lucky, he says that he treasures every moment he had spent since he had come to the future. Tsuna finally says that his flames could only have been born in this world, the world Byakuran rules. Tsuna's Wool Mittens light up, and he continues saying that Byakuran had hurt many people, and Tsuna, now back in Hyper Dying Will Mode, promises to make Byakuran pay for all that he has done.

First Generation's Appearance[]

The Vongola Rings Glow

Byakuran laughs at Tsuna, and points out, no matter what Tsuna had said, he had already proven that his power was far superior to Tsuna's. Tsuna's X-Gloves as a voice asks Byakuran whether he was sure of what he had just said. The rings of all the Guardian begin to glow, much to the shock of their holders. And soon, the 10th Generation Guardian's predecessors appear from their respective rings.

First up was G, who comments on the pathetic look that Gokudeara had on his face, Lambo who once again meets Lampow, nosily starts to comment on Lampow's appearance, Lampo, who doesn't like kid, asks Lambo to keep it down, and points out his dislike of kids, specially runny nosed cow kids. Ugetsu Asari meets Yamamoto again, and tells him that they would always be with them, watching over them. Knuckle tells Ryohei that he wasn't the type to give up, Ryohei admits this, but wonders what they could do. Hibari answers Ryohei's question, telling him that he'll bite Byakuran to death, Alaudi, who was listening in, tells Hibari that in his current state, that would be impossible. Demon Spade, who had appeared from Mukuro Rokudo's ring, states that it's a pity, that Tsuna, even when he has his back against the wall, refuses to change his stance, and notes that the Vongola do not need that kind of weakness. Lampow says that what Tsuna said, was exactly the thing that their own boss had often said. Asari states that this Generation of Guardians, truly had inherited their wills.

Giotto appears before Tsuna

The voice asks if it was ok then. G points out that they had already deemed the Guardians worthy, and says that he didn't need to ask them. he tells the voice to just do whatever he wants, like he always did.

The voice, which was coming from within the barrier, agrees with G Byakuran was confused as to what was happening, he looks around for the source of the voice, but couldn't find it.
Tsuna's ring now glows brightly, as the voice now addresses him. It tells Tsuna that he agrees with Tsuna's way of thinking, and goes on to say that it would like to help out it's true successor personally, but is unable to do that. The crest on Tsuna's gloves now glow brightly, and is projected outside the Gloves, and from the Gloves emerge the founder and the First Generation Vongola Boss, Giotto, who tells Tsuna that he'll unleash him. Byakuran stares at Giotto and Tsuna confused as to what was happening. After a moment's silence, Byakuran regains his cocky attitude, and asks Tsuna who the man in front of him was. Uni, quickly answers this question, saying that the person who had appeared was the First Generation Vongola Boss, Giotto.
Byakuran laughs at Uni's answer, asking her to stop joking around, and instead tells Tsuna that to use a hologram of his ancestors, wasn't a nice thing to do.

Uni tells Byakuran, that even he should be able to sense that Giotto wasn't a hologram, earning a slight frown from Byakuran. Uni explains that this kind of phenomenon would never happen with Byakuran's Mare Ring or her Arcobaleno Pacifiers. She explains that this was only possible due to the Vongola Ring's miracle of the Vertical Space Time-Axis.

The Sea, the Clam, and the Rainbow

Uni explains that powers of the Tri-ni-sette elements. She says that a song had been engraved to her memory since birth, "The Sea knows no bounds, the Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation, and the Rainbow appears from time to time before fading away." She explains that Sea means Mare, Clam means Vongola, and Rainbow means Arcobaleno, and the song represents the different natures of the three Tri-ni-sette elements.
Uni goes on to explain that the "Sea" which represents the Mare means that the Mare Rings hold the power to move horizontally among Parallel Worlds. The Vongola have the power to pass down their traditions, from the past to the future, and finally the Arcobaleno never stay in one spot, and appears as points of the Space Time Axis.
Uni finishes off her explanation by saying that, just as Byakuran can gain knowledge and power from Parallel Worlds, Tsuna is able to inherit the "Time" of the Vongola.

Byakuran doesn't believe Uni's story, pointing out that he got the ability to peer into Parallel Worlds before he got the Mare Ring. Uni however, tells him that this only happened because the Mare Ring had already chosen Byakuran as its rightful bearer, just as Giotto had chosen Tsuna as his rightful successor.
Giotto, who had patiently listened to the conversation between Byakuran and Uni, now turns his attention to his descendant, Tsuna. He tells Tsuna that he's about to unleash him, and explains that the Vongola Ring that Tsuna wears has yet to take on its true form. He explains, that, to preserve the strict process of succession within the Vongola, the Vongola Rings were divided into two, with one set going to the current Vongola Boss, and the second going to the external advisor. However, Giotto explains, that to do this the power of the rings had to be sacrificed to compensate for the division, which meant that the Vongola Rings flame output, was weaker than its Tri-ni-sette counterparts.

Giotto looks at Tsuna, and tells him that this was no longer necessary, as he believes that Tsuna will understand the true purpose of the Rings, and carry on his will.

Giotto brings his gloves closer to Tsuna's, and in doing so, the Vongola Emblem that connected the two draws closer to each other. Giotto connects his Gloves to Tsuna's and a light emanates from the two.

The Original Vongola Rings released

Tsuna watches astonished as his Gloves glow, and then begins to release a furious amount of Flames. Soon, each of the Guardians' rings begin to glow, as bright Sky Flames surround the area, and once it clears, Tsuna stares at his ring, to see that it had completely changed.

It wasn't just Tsuna who stared at his ring, shocked at the change. Everyone of his Guardians were staring at their own rings, which had changed along with Tsuna's. Giotto had released the rings which hadn't been seen for Eight Generations of the Vongola Family, the Original Vongola Rings had been released.
As Tsuna continues to stare at his new Ring, Giotto puts his hand on Tsuna's shoulder, smiles, and tells his to give the "Mare Boy" a scare, before leaving, having given his descendant the true power of the Vongola.

Byakuran laughs at Tsuna and Giotto, telling Tsuna that his ancestors liked to play around, but the air around Tsuna had changed, and before Byakuran could let out another word,

Tsuna defends against Byakuran

Tsuna used astonishing speed to smash Byakuran right into the Barrier. Allies were astounded by Tsuna's burst of speed, and Tsuna looks at his new ring, realizing the true power of the Vongola Ring.

Final Battle[]

Byakuran, acknowledges the change in Tsuna, but still confident, he changes his right arm into that of the White Dragon and sets off to attack Tsuna.

Tsuna immediately summons Nuts who goes into his defensive form, Mantello di Vongola Primo to successfully defend against Byakuran's attack. Tsuna didn't let up, immediately switching into his attack mode, Mitena di Vongola Primo, to launch an attack. He releases a much stronger version of his Big Bang Axle, which he dubbed Burning Axle, at Byakuran. Byakuran, astonished between the speed in which Tsuna switched mode, decides to use White Applause, the same technique that he had used to effortlessly defend against Tsuna's earlier attack, Big Bang Axle, but this time, although he managed to stop the attack,

Byakuran struck by the Burning Axle

his palms took damage, instantly spouting blood. Byakuran winces in pain, but maintains his composure, taunting Tsuna, telling him that he had only been using 80% of his power, but Tsuna appears behind Byakuran, and informs Byakuran, that he was only using 50%, before once again launching Burning Axle, this time successfully connecting with Byakuran. Byakuran screams in pain, as he's hit by the technique, but Tsuna wasn't done yet. Using his amazing speed, Tsuna appears behind Byakuran, grabs his Wings, and kicks him over the head. The power of Tsuna's kick, and the fact that Tsuna was holding onto Byakuran's wings, made Byakuran lose his wings, as he crashes into the ground with tremendous force.
Tsuna's allies stare, stunned at Tsuna's boost in strength, and his utter dominance in battle. Tsuna calls out to Byakuran as he burns Byakuran's wings. He asks him if he's been reduced to a human, now that he had lost his wing, but this statement wasn't met by Byakuran's normal, cocky, carefree voice, but by quite a sinister laugh.

Byakuran grows Black Wings

Byakuran laughs, sounding happy rather than worried, he states, quite excitedly that the Tsuna in front of him was amazing. The smoke around Byakuran clears, to reveal a blood stained Byakuran, but he didn't seem worried about the injuries at all, on the contrary, he looked quite happy.
Byakuran continues his maniac like laugh, and says that he's been to many parallel worlds, but this was the first time he's received this much damage. His eyes glinting in excitement, Byakuran says that he's happy, and that he never expected this day to come, and as new Black Wings emerge from Byakuran, he says that he can finally use his full power.

Tsuna looks at Byakuran's new wings, and comments that it'll take more than a change in appearance to defeat him. Byakuran laughs his sinister laugh, tells Tsuna to stop joking around, before taking off to resume their battle.
Tsuna blocks Byakuran's blow, and immediately Nuts uses his Sky Lion Roar to try to petrify Byakuran, but Byakuran manages to duck underneath the attack, only to be met by a powerful elbow from Tsuna.
As Byakuran was sent flying, he regains his balance, and uses another version of his box animal, the Black Dragon. Two of these dangerous beasts emerge from Byakuran and heads straight for Tsuna, but Tsuna manages to avoid these dragons, gets to Byakuran, and launches another punch, forcing Byakuran to defend.

Tsuna taunts Byakuran, asking him if this was all the power he had, saying that he had only just begun. Byakuran grins in his same excited manner, and tells Tsuna, that if Tsuna had just started, then he hadn't even begun. Byakuran's wings grow larger, and from it emerges dozens of claw like figures.

Uni feeding her "Life Flames" to the Pacifiers

As it heads towards Tsuna, Tsuna uses his Sky Flames to cut them down, but then realizes that the now severed claws were heading straight for Uni. But instead of hitting her, the claws simply bounce off Uni, who was now covered in a mass of Sky Flames.

Tsuna stares at the Uni, wondering about the incredible amount of Sky Flames surrounding her. Byakuran seemed to understand what was happening, and comments that Uni has now begun feeding her Flames to the pacifiers, Byakuran looks at Uni with a serious expression, and asks her in a grave tone, if she was seriously going to sacrifice her life to the pacifiers.
Uni’s friends couldn’t believe what Uni was planning, they try to talk her out of it, to stop her from sacrificing her life, Kyoko and Haru in particular were in tears telling her to stop her, but Uni had a sad yet determined expression on her face, her mind was set.

Tsuna calls out to Uni, telling her to stop, telling her that they’ll find another way, but Uni responds to Tsuna in a sad tone, telling him that this needed to be done in order to send Tsuna and the rest safely back to the past, and also, in doing so she would save countless lives. She continues in her sad tone, that she finally has the power to use her power for good, saying that this was the only gamble she could take, a moment which she couldn’t avoid, she tells them that this was her fate.

Tsuna looks both sad and reluctant at this statement, he looks at Uni and tells her that he can’t accept her reasoning. An unlikely person agrees with Tsuna, but for different reasons. Byakuran rushes to Uni with a fierce expression on his face, he agrees with Tsuna’s earlier statement, but, instead of Tsuna’s reason of friendship, his reason was greed. As he rushes to Uni he tells her not to even think of dying without his permission, as he draws closer, he is suddenly stopped by Tsuna, who had a look of utter determination, as he tells Byakuran that he’ll never let him have Uni. Byakuran frowns, annoyed at Tsuna’s interference, and tells Tsuna that if Tsuna insists on interfering, he’ll have to eliminate Tsuna first.

The allies attempting to break the barrier

Saying this he kicks Tsuna into the air, but Tsuna manages to steady himself, and hurls himself at Byakuran, sending both of them crashing into the ground. The two rivals, with contrasting emotions and reasons for victory, resume their fierce struggle for victory.

As Tsuna and Byakuran resume their battle, Mukuro Rokudo states that they (the allies) couldn’t afford to just sit and watch the battle, he states that it was time they broke the barrier and rescued Uni. Dino agrees, saying that regardless of what Uni decides to do, she was in too much danger, being in the firing range of such a fierce battle.
Each one of the allies agree, and start attacking the barrier, attempting to break it, but, as Gokudera pointed out, no matter what they did, the barrier wouldn’t flinch.
Inside the barrier, Uni was well on her way to reviving the Arcobaleno. She thinks of her grandma and her mum, and thinks that she’ll be seeing them soon. A picture of Gamma appears in her head, accompanied by an image of the aftermath of what she was about to, she lets out a slight gasp as the image of her skeleton goes through her mind.
Tsuna and Byakuran continue to trade blows, and after a while they both take a step back, feeling the effects of the battle. Tsuna acknowledges Byakuran’s strength, telling him that Byakuran wasn’t kidding when he said he hadn’t even got started earlier, Byakuran returns the compliment, telling Tsuna that he had never expected him to be this strong. But Byakuran looks towards Uni telling Tsuna, that in the end, Uni will be his. However, upon seeing Uni, Byakuran seemed to have a confused look, Tsuna, looks towards Uni as well, to see what Byakuran was staring at.
Uni’s flames seemed to be shrinking, she falls on her knees, tears pouring from her eyes. She thinks to herself that she was scared of dying. The allies, who hadn’t figured out what was wrong with Uni, seemed perplexed by this sudden change.

Uni falls to the ground, as her flames shrink

Byakuran looks at the crying Uni, and a smile crosses his face. He comments in a victorious tone, that the reason for this sudden change, was probably because Uni was afraid of dying. Tsuna pleads with Uni, telling her it was ok, that they’ll find another way, but Uni shakes her head sadly, her face brimming with tears, and says there’s no other way and stands up once again, reigniting her flames as she does so.
Amidst the confusion, Basil shouts out “now” as his Box Animal begins to rise. But the strange thing about this was that, Alfin was rising with many more Box Animals, all connected to him.

Everyone watches this new development, realizing that what Basil was attempting, was a Box Combination attack, which consisted of all the Vongola Allies boxes. Reborn looks at this new technique, and says that this might just be enough to break through the barrier.

Gamma approaches Uni

Basil and Alfin charge towards the barrier and attacks the barrier with this technique, which they dubbed Super Nova Ocean. The attack creates a massive impact, but, even a technique of this power could only create a slight crack in the barrier. Basil curses the failure, but a figure leaps towards the crack, saying that a crack was more than enough.
Gamma leaps through the crack and right into the barrier, where he was immediately face-to-face with Uni. Uni looks surprised to see his arrival, but he greets her casually, and tells her it was cold of her to run off again right after they had been reunited. He smiles at Uni and tells her, that his flames are hers to use.

Gamma thinks back to the time when the Vongola group were making plans for the battle, and when Reborn took him aside to have a private word with him. He remembers Reborn asking him about how he felt about Uni, with Reborn pointing out how fond Uni was of him. Reborn tells him that they were running out of time, and how, if you let the chance go you might never get it back.

Gamma hugs Uni

Reborn reminds Gamma about how the Sky Arcobaleno show more emotion and smile brighter than anyone else, but how their fate dictates that they don’t live a long life. Reborn tells Gamma that Uni won’t have a chance to grow up, and advices Gamma to stop treating her like a child and start treating her as a person.
Remembering this, Gamma hugs Uni, and tells her that he won’t let her do this alone, he looks at Uni who still had tears in her eyes and smiles. Gamma’s partners, Nosaru and Tazaru pleads with Gamma to stop what he was doing, but Gamma simply smiles. Uni looks at Gamma, surprised, Gamma smiles at her and tells her if she remembers what she whispered in his ear the day she went to meet Byakuran. He tells her that he never got a chance to give her his reply, he leans towards Uni and whispers something into her ear. This reply makes Uni cry even more, and Gamma tells her that she shouldn’t be so sad when they’re about to set off, telling her kindly, that this wasn’t what her mother taught her. Upon hearing this, Uni hears her mother voice telling her that she should smile from her heart when she’s happy.

Uni and Gamma disappear

Uni smiles upon hearing this and buries her head in Gamma’s chest and begins the final step of her technique.

As allies watch in despair, Uni and Gamma simply disappear, leaving only their clothes behind. Tsuna screams for Gamma and Uni and immediately heads for the place where they stood, just moments ago. Tsuna stares at the remains and reaches out for Uni’s pacifier. He grabs the pacifier, thinking of Uni, and looks at it with a mixture of sadness and surprise.
Futa, who too looked surprised by what had transpired, snaps out of his trance, and immediately points out that, even though Uni had died, the Arcobaleno had not been revived. Reborn calms him by telling him that even though they might not have been revived, the Arcobaleno had received Uni’s flames, but that it’ll take a bit of time for them to return.
Tsuna, who paid no attention to the conversation between the two, still stares at Uni’s pacifier which he was holding in his hand. Byakuran lands a few feet away and blames Tsuna for what had happened. He talks in a depressed tone, saying that he had finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, and now it was gone. He continues by saying that his dream of awakening the Tri-ni-sette, and become the ruler of all space and time was shattered by Tsuna and Uni’s act of friendship. Byakuran, having lost his cool, now screams at Tsuna, asking him if he knew what this meant. But Tsuna seemed to have had enough. He squeezes Uni’s pacifier, and releases a furious amount of flames, that sent Byakuran scurrying back. Byakuran stares at Tsuna, who was now covered with a tornado of flames. Tsuna, who had been silent all this time, finally begins to speak.

Tsuna, his voice packed with anger and sadness, asks Byakuran in a slow tone, who it was that pushed Uni into making such a decision,

A furious Tsuna turns to face Byakuran

he turns slightly towards Byakuran, and tells him that he ruined their worlds, which led Uni to do what she did. Tsuna now turns to face Byakuran and tells him, with tears in his eyes, that he was the reason Uni had died. Tsuna, his voice now filled with rage, and his eyes taking on a dangerous look, releases a furious amount of flames, and tells Byakuran, that he alone, he will never forgive.

The release of Tsuna’s Flames begins to crack the previously said unbreakable barrier. But Byakuran wasn’t moved. He looks at Tsuna and scornfully repeats Tsuna’s statement, he begins to laugh, telling Tsuna that he was a joke. He tells Tsuna that he might have been able to understand Tsuna’s reaction had he viewed Uni as a powerful tool, after all, Uni had the power to make him a god, but the fact that he treated Uni as an ordinary girl was something beyond him.
Byakuran continues, telling Tsuna that Tsuna’s desire to attack him was nothing more than a humanistic rush of emotions, he tells Tsuna that if that was the best answer that the human society had, then they fail hard. Saying this, Byakuran himself begins to release powerful flames to match Tsuna. Byakuran shouts, as the barrier continues to crack, that individual desires will trump collective hypocrisy every time, pronouncing that, that was the world they lived in. Roots shoot out of Byakuran’s feet as he says this, as he stabilizes himself for a powerful attack, wanting to finish this battle in one final attack.

The allies watch this heated confrontation in baited breath, they notice the roots that had shot out from Byakuran’s leg, and Kikyo immediately understands that Byakuran was stabilizing himself for a final attack, but as Kikyo says this Tsuna changes his own stance.

Tsuna and Byakuran prepare their final attacks

One hand points forward, while the other takes its place behind him. Tsuna then says “Operation-X”, to which gages appear in his eyes. Tsuna was about to counter Byakuran with his own deadly technique, the X-Burner.

The two rivals, full of hate for each other each prepare their own deadly finishers. The heated enemies make use of the preparation period for these attacks, to have one final exchange of thoughts. Byakuran screams at Tsuna that his actions served no purpose, and how Uni and her pacifiers were the best toys he had ever had. Tsuna shouts back at Byakuran, telling him to stop insulting Uni, he stares at Byakuran and tells him ferociously that he was going down.

Tsuna and Byakuran’s Final Attacks Clash

The barrier, unable to withstand the intensity of the Flame release by the two bosses now begins to completely shatter as both release their finishing moves.

The two bosses fire their most powerful techniques, hoping finally to end the battle. These two techniques clash in the center of the battlefield, with the two bosses giving everything they had to make the techniques as powerful as possible. Byakuran and Tsuna scream as they continue to give their techniques more power,

Byakuran struck by the X-Burner

the release of these two powers were incredible, as they grow bigger with every passing moment. But soon, Tsuna’s X-Burner begins to overpower Byakuran’s technique, and in a few short moments completely destroys it, and eventually hits Byakuran.

Byakuran screams in agony as the X-Burner hits him, and soon, he begins to remember bits of his past. Byakuran recalls his first meeting with the Cervello. He recalls two of their members approaching him, and offers him the Mare Ring, stating that they have finally found the rightful bearer of the ring.

Byakuran’s meeting with the Cervello

Byakuran laughs upon hearing this and tells them that he’s been waiting for something like this to happen since he lost faith in the real world long ago. He states that everywhere he went society was just a backdrop, and this became clear after he traveled to the Parallel Worlds. Byakuran tells the Cervello that he’ll take anything that’ll make the world more fun, but warns the Cervello that he’ll use the Mare Ring to its full potential, even dabbing at things like World Domination and Global War. The Cervello promises to never interfere with Byakuran’s plans, but warns him, that if he viewed this as a game, he should be aware that there are two other players in this game.

Byakuran’s last smile

Byakuran welcomes the challenge, starting a game would be boring without rivals. Byakuran snaps back to the present and continues to scream in agony as the X-Burner had hit him. He looks at Tsuna and thinks to himself, that he never really hated humans, in fact, he felt warm when in the presence of others, he assures himself that he wasn’t being pessimistic, he remembers that he was always good at finding fun things to do, and that he tried his best to have fun, but to him something about the world didn’t seem right, he looks at Tsuna, wanting to see if Tsuna agreed. He sees Tsuna eyes and laughs, as he realizes that Tsuna didn’t agree with him at all. His final thoughts cross his mind, he laughs thinking it was so bright, and as the Mare Ring slips out of his finger, Byakuran smiles for one last time, accepting his loss.

Byakuran disappears and the barrier shatters, the crater left by Tsuna’s X-Burner was visible for all to see, and as the Mare Ring falls to the ground, Tsuna stands victorious, still in his stance for the X-Burner.

Return to the Past[]

Everyone rejoiced after Tsuna's victory against Byakuran, but quickly turns upset when they think about Uni and Gamma's sacrifice as Nosaru, Tazaru, Kyoko, and Haru cry for them. They were interrupted when the Varia attacked Kikyo, the only enemy remains and intends to kill him. Tsuna immediately tells them to stop since he had enough with people dies in front of him, which Xanxus comments that he is too soft. Irie explains that the Real Six Funeral Wreaths were originally normal humans like them. Kikyo angrily explains their pitiful fate before they met Byakuran and describe how Byakuran is their savior. Xanxus cuts him off, shooting him right on the face. Tsuna begins to wonder whether their victory is really worthy of remembering the lives of many people who had already been lost and cannot be returned, feeling that their victory means nothing over their loss.

Arcobaleno revived

A voice tells him that it's not true, the pacifiers shine and the Arcobaleno are revived. Colonnello explains that Uni has communicated with them through her flames and they knew the situation. With Byakuran defeated, all of his evil deeds that had been done in the parallel worlds would be rewritten, making all the people who had been killed alive again as if nothing ever happened, creating a new future with the power of the Mare Rings sealed forever by Uni's last power. This made everyone relieved. Irie reminded them that it's the time to grant what their wish the most; returning to the past.

Tsuna and his friends returned to the hideout for preparations to return to their time. Squalo asks Yamamoto does he intend to continue with baseball, which Yamamoto replied yes and cheerfully retorted when Squalo said that he will never surpass him that way and Yamamoto just laughed it off. Squalo left as Yamamoto thanked him for his help.

Kyoko, Haru, Lambo, I-Pin, Bianchi, and Futa said their farewell as well. Futa comments that he would miss playing with young Lambo and I-Pin again, which the two children say that they will play with him whenever he wants. Kyoko asks Bianchi to pass on a letter for the future Hana. Behind them, Ryohei suddenly groans as he thinks should he meet the woman that was photographed with the future him, but then screams in confusion of what he should say if he met her, much to Kyoko and the other's confusion.

Chrome asks M.M what she wants to talk with her. M.M warns her that the only reason Mukuro is nice to her is because he is only using him to get out from Vindice Prison, saying that he's a fearsome person. Chrome was about to answer, but Ken interrupted them, saying that it's almost time to return to the past. Chrome looks up and smiles as she looks at Mukuro. Mukuro says that he's happy to meet her. Chrome also replies that she's happy to finally able to meet the real him.

Kusakabe bids Hibari farewell as Hibari leaves. Bianchi approaches Gokudera, showing him letters that written by their father for his mother until her death. She reveals that his mother was actually the one who kept refusing their father's proposal since he's seriously ill and knew that she won't live long and didn't want to trouble their father and Gokudera. She died because of her illness on her way to meet Gokudera. Gokudera refuses to believe this. Bianchi tells him that she won't ask him to believe immediately, but she wants him to know that he was born loved by both of his parents. Suddenly, a Moska made by Spanner hit the wall behind them, much to their shock. Tsuna and Spanner runs to them, asking are they okay. Gokudera angrily asks where Spanner has been while they are fighting Byakuran. Tsuna reveals that Spanner has been building Moskas to fight Byakuran that he forgotten about the times.

Tsuna and his friends gathered around the round machine and are having moments with their Box Weapons before they depart. Once they finished their goodbyes, Tsuna thanked Irie for the last time before being sent back to the past. Their return caused an earthquake and all allies of Vongola received the memories of the future battle through Uni's power. As a reward for saving them, the Arcobaleno granted them Vongola Box Rings. Each arrives at their own place and rejoiced to meet their family again.

Future Tsuna staring at his coffin

Back in the future, all the future Guardians who are asleep inside the round machine awakened and gathered. Yamamoto asked where Tsuna is. Irie tells them that Tsuna already awake and went up ahead. Future Tsuna went to the forest where his coffin is placed and stand there as he looks at his coffin with a note belonged to his past self, ending the Future Arc.


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