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The Future Arc (未来編, Mirai-hen?)[1] focuses on Tsuna and his Family travelling 9 years and 10 months into the future[2] by Lambo's Ten Year Bazooka in order to confront the Millefiore Famiglia and change the future. This arc introduces the concept of using Box Weapons and Rings as the new fighting style. In the second half, Tsuna, Gokudera, Future Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Future Lal Mirch invade the Millefiore's Merone Base in Japan. They are later joined by Future Hibari, Future Kusakabe, Lambo, I-Pin, and Chrome, while Future Varia invade Millefiore's base in Italy.


The Future Arc is the only arc in Reborn so far to have sub-arcs. They are as listed:

Characters Introduced[]



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