Fury is the 131st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Gokudera and Yamamoto meet up and discuss how they were saved, Gokudera commenting that Hibari's saving of him didn't feel quite right. They then review over who's been saved or not, and they remember that Chrome was still in the gym, charging to save her. At Tsuna and Xanxus' battle, Xanxus calls Tsuna a low-life scumbag as scars spread over his face. Xanxus then increases the intensity of his Flame of Wrath, the Flame growing even brighter. A familiar voice then states that the Flame of Wrath was Xanxus' fury, the person revealing to be Superbia Squalo, who was still alive but in a wheelchair.

At the gym, Gokudera and Yamamoto open the door, to find Chrome captured by Belphegor, who tells them to hand over their Half Vongola Rings; otherwise, he would skin Chrome alive and rip off her limbs. Gokudera scoffs, stating that Belphegor was bluffing, but Belphegor grins and begins dragging his knife over Chrome's face, forming a cut. Mammon then reveals himself as well. Yamamoto states that they didn't have a choice, and states that they would hand over their Half Vongola Rings on the condition that they heal Chrome first. Belphegor and Mammon agree and Belphegor places the Mist Ring within the antidote injector, saving Chrome. Yamamoto then throws the Rings, but suddenly trips; while tripping, Yamamoto's eyes take on a serious gleam and Yamamoto uses his Shigure Soen Style's third offensive form, Yarazu no Ame, kicking the sword at Belphegor, quickly retrieving it, and points it at Mammon, telling the latter not to move. Mammon, however, remains calm and reveals to them that they were placed in an illusion the moment they stepped in the gym. Belphegor then places his knife over Chrome's neck again, stating lightly that their situations were reversed.

At the observers' area, Basil expresses his surprise that Squalo was still alive. Dino reveals that his men were hidden in the basement to rescue Yamamoto, but Squalo fell in instead. Squalo was on the verge of death when they saved him, and he underwent a massive surgery; Dino states that they could force some information out of him. The Cervello arrive and Doctor Shamal tells the Cervello that it was kind of impossible for Squalo to enter the field now, the Cervello agreeing, but told the observers to enter the observers' box. Squalo, however, remains oblivious to everything and, as he watches Tsuna and Xanxus' fight, states to Xanxus that his fury was what made him strong and was what aspired he himself to follow Xanxus. At Tsuna and Xanxus' battle, Tsuna punches Xanxus with his X-Gloves cloaked in Sky Flames, but Xanxus unleashes his Flame of Wrath, Tsuna preparing to absorb it with his Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, but dodging at the last moment. Reborn states that the reason Tsuna dodged was because if he failed to absorb it, it would go right through him. Tsuna then clashes with Xanxus, now pushing their hands against each other, causing the observers to believe that Tsuna was going to use Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised to absorb Xanxus' Flame, Squalo stating that it was over.

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