Furious Roar is the 139th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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Furious Roar opens with the corpses of Belphegor and Fran which are revealed to be illusions created by Fran, who wanted to see whether Rasiel or Xanxus is stronger. Fran puts a lot of effort in the illusions to make it look real taking into account Bel's fighting style. Fran complains he did not use his Box Weapon because he is unable to pose properly because of the frog head piece that Bel forces him to wear. Meanwhile Squalo is having no trouble taking care of hourdes of Millefiore White Spell members with his box weapon. He tries to get in touch with the others but, Lussuria appears to be out of commission due to the destroyed castle and Levi is having a hard time keeping the enemies at bay. Levi is worried about Xanxus and tries to confirm his status through the earpiece communicator but just then, he is attacked by three White Spell soldiers. Levi's screaming annoys Xanxus and he destroys the earpiece. Xanxus is face to face with Rasiel and Olgert. Rasiel taunts Xanxus about losing to Tsuna; which pisses him off. Sil insists only a prince is allowed to fight sitting down. Olgert sends his Rain Elephant after Xanxus but they become petrified in mid-flight. Xanxus then informs Rasiel that since he mentioned Tsuna he will destroy them, destroying the petrified Rain Elephants as he says so. Xanxus' Ligre Tempesta di Cieli, Bester, is revealed to be the one petrifying the Elephants. Sil taunts Xanxus further about being rejected by the Vongola Rings and for not being a 'pure breed'. Olgert tries to figure out how Xanxus was able to petrify his Rain Elephants. Sil wants him to attack and figure it out later.

Sil attacks Xanxus with his storm bats causing heavy damage to him. Xanxus is really pissed off and shows the scars from his battle with the Ninth. Xanxus unmoving from his throne becomes enraged and reveals Bester is actually a Sky-Storm Liger, an offspring from a Sky Lion with a Storm Tiger.

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