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Frivolous Person Arrives! is the sixth volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Longchamp Naito, the Tomaso Family's boss, ends up in the same class as Tsuna during their second year, and thus tries to become friends with Tsuna, even inviting him to his house and to group dates. Later, when Tsuna and his family go on a trip to a Mafia island resort, he meets Arcobaleno Colonnello, who is, along with his rival Reborn, one of the seven strongest infants in the world. He also meets the Arcobaleno Skull, who starts attacking the island. Several Mafia families on the island unite under an unwilling Tsuna in order to defeat Skull and his crew, but Reborn and Colonnello end up as the ones who defeat Skull, ending the battle. Days later, when Bianchi holds a wedding ceremony in order to marry Reborn, the latter does not show up, causing her to go berserk and attack all the wedding guests.

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Chapters[edit | edit source]

Author's note[edit | edit source]

Author's note
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Haru's HaruHaru Interview[edit | edit source]

*Translation credit: captivator

It's the girly Haru, who's a member of the rhythmic gymnastics club! Today I brought along a ribbon, too! Well then! The third Haru Haru Interview is with Gokudera-san. But! Because Gokudera-san would not comply with my data collection, as a last resort Tsuna-san came too, and with that condition, he finally gave it to me. What kind of a person is that! Though it's unpleasant, I'll go~!

3rd Issue: Hayato Gokudera-san[edit | edit source]

Haru: Haru Haru Interview's third interview is Bianchi's little brother, who's quick-tempered and likes to bully children, Gokudera Hayato-san!

Gokudera: Bastard! Are you looking for a fight, describing people like that! Stupid woman!

Haru: Hahi! Who's stupid! You outlaw!

Tsuna: Hey, hey, you two! Anyway, why did I get called to Gokudera-kun's interview?

Haru: I didn't want to talk with Gokudera-san if it's just the two of us.

Gokudera: Juudaime, I'm going home.

Tsuna: Wai- Gokudera-kun, calm down! Haru, too, what are you saying!

Haru: The one who's wrong is Gokudera-san! Haru's fighting spirit is blazing right now!

Gokudera: Juudaime, you come too! If you're with this person, you'll get infected with stupidity too.

Tsuna: Gokudera-kun! Wait a minute! If it ends like this, won't it be a problem? Apologize, Haru!

Haru: Hmph~

Tsuna: Ah, geez! For now, won't you at least tell us your height and weight, Gokudera-kun? It seems like that's necessary for this volume's corner.

Gokudera: If Juudaime says so... 172 and 59.

Haru: Hahi? Is it really that much? But the 156cm Haru is this much?

Gokudera: B, bastard! Don't come close to me! If I say I'm 172, I'm 172!

Haru: That's suspicious...

Gokudera: It's not suspicious! I'll kick your ass!

Tsuna: Hey, hey! Stop fighting--! Anyway, that's the end! Okay!

Haru: Not yet! We haven't heard his bloodtype and birthday.

Gokudera: Who'd tell you that stuff! Juudaime, I'm B-type and born on September 9th.

Tsuna: A... a children's fight...

Haru: And you were a rich man who lived in a castle, right, that's a question I got.

Gokudera: That house doesn't have anything to do with this! Don't talk about that again!

Haru: Answer properly without getting angry, please!

Gokudera: Shut up!

Tsuna: Hiiii! For now, we're done! No more!

Haru: Ah, Tsuna-san, where are you going? Haru's coming too!

Gokudera: I'm leaving too!

Tsuna: You don't have to come!

Haru: Okay, let's look forward to next time~

Dokusha no Ajito[edit | edit source]

Dokusha no Ajito or Reader's Hideout is the fanart section in volumes. They include commentary from various characters.

Characters Introduced[edit | edit source]

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