Freezing Flame is the 63rd episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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Picking up where the previous episode was left, the spectators wonder what has happened in the gymnasium to wipe out the cameras, prompting Reborn to ask Colonnello if it was "him". At the gym, Ryohei is glad to see that Gokudera, Yamamoto & Chrome are ok, causing Gokudera to yell at him for his recklessness. As the three celebrate the fact that Chrome has been cured the voice of Mammon rings out across the remains of the gym and they emerge from the rubble along with Belphegor. Bel proceeds to taunt the group, saying they shouldn't stand around idly chatting in the middle of a fight, prompting the three to take defensive stances ready to take on the Varia pair. However, none of the Vongola guardians are injury free and Mammon says fighting them would be pointless now anyway since they'd gotten what they'd come for, the full set Vongola Rings. Gokudera, realising that the remaining rings must have been taken when he was incapacitated by the illusions, throws his dynamite at the pair in rage, only to find that the two are simply more of Mammon's illusions with the real versions having escaped some time ago.

At the sky battle, Tsuna stands before Xanxus, having used the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition to freeze Xanxus' flames and encase his hands in ice. With the bystanders, Colonnello wonders why Primo would have developed such a specific technique when the Dying Will Flames are the symbol of the Vongola Family. Reborn counters by saying that at the end of the day they're still Mafia, and there will always be those who seek power and Primo likely foresaw a future power struggle within the family. Xanxus expresses his anger and disbelief that someone like Tsuna could master the original Zero Point Breakthrough, causing Tsuna to conclude that Xanxus has experienced this technique before and that his scars were proof that he'd been hit full force by it at some point in the past, shocking everyone. Tsuna declares that since Xanxus can no longer produce his flames through his hands he's lost, but this just makes Xanxus laugh and he proceeds to slam his fists into his knees until the ice is weak enough for his flames to break through. Tsuna tells him to give up, or he'll receive far worse than the scars left by Vongola IX, once again surprising the bystanders and igniting Xanxus' fury once again. Xanxus proclaims his right to the title of Vongola X before charging at Tsuna, but Tsuna punches him in the stomach forcing him to drop to his knees. When he does so, Tsuna extinguishes his flame and reverts his gloves back to their mitten form, he then leans in close to Xanxus and re-transforms his gloves and places his hands on Xanxus' shoulders. Tsuna then unleashes the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition again, fully encasing Xanxus in the ice this time and taking Xanxus' half of the sky ring.

Tsuna breaks his necklace to retrieve his own ring half and proclaims that the ice will never melt, agitating Squalo and causing Reborn to explain that it is because the ice is made from overwhelming negative energy, meaning no light, heat or other forms of energy can touch it without being negated, and promptly announces Tsuna's victory. Reborn then comments that this is likely how Xanxus spent the eight years following something called the Cradle Affair, with Dino encouraging Squalo to tell everyone about the incident. Squalo says that they've already guessed what happened, that he was frozen by the Vongola Nono but proceeds to tell everyone the full story anyway.

Eight years previously, the Vongola Headquarters is on high alert with everyone rushing around looking for intruders. One group comes upon Lussuria, but falsely assume he is an ally and lower their weapons and ask if he'd seen the attackers, Lussuria laughs and makes short work of the group.

Vongola Headquarters

Out in the courtyard, another group having realised the Varia have turned on them open fire on Levi but are promptly wiped out by his Levi Volta. Another group attempts to secure their area by lowering steel doors, but Bel quickly cuts both the door and the men down with his knives. Mammon incapacitates the members in the control room with illusions of water and scoffs at the supposed impregnable nature of the mansion. Meanwhile, Xanxus fights furiously with Timoteo using their respective flames, while Squalo is slumped on the sidelines evidently injured. Timoteo confesses that Iemitsu told him not to kill Xanxus but given the number of casualties he now feels he has no choice, but Xanxus invites him to try proclaiming that Nono would be the one to die instead. Timoteo wonders why Xanxus is doing this, but Xanxus says he should know precisely why and proceeds to shout something at him that surprises Squalo (however Squalo chooses not reveal what he said in his retelling and we cannot hear what he says). Xanxus then rushes at Timoteo who turns his staff and prepares his own Zero Point Breakthrough pointed directly at Xanxus' face.

Back in the present, Squalo confesses he can never tell anyone that secret and laments that he couldn't save him again before yelling at the Cervello to release him from the spectator area. The Cervello refuse, saying the full conditions for victory have not yet been met by either side, severely irritating Squalo. Tsuna, having used up his strength freezing Xanxus, drops to his knees but is greeted by the sound of a familiar high-pitched laugh from the smoke. Lussuria and Levi reveal themselves, saying now was the perfect opportunity to destroy him, greatly concerning the spectators. As Levi prepares his Levi Volta and Lussuria launches himself at Tsuna he uses his hyper intuition to reveal that the two were nothing more than illusions, causing them to disappear. Mammon is impressed, floating down to reveal themself saying that the battle is far from over and that Xanxus will be revived through the power of the collected Vongola Rings.

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