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Fran[2] is the disciple of Mukuro Rokudo and the newest official member of the Varia ten years in the future. He is shown to possess the 666 Hell Ring.

Character outline[]


Fran is a boy with light green hair and eyes of the same color, under both his eyes are blue triangular markings. While in the future, Fran's most defining feature is his large hat shaped like a frog's head, which Belphegor forces him to wear to symbolize him being Mammon's replacement. His main outfit is the Varia uniform from the future.

In the present, Fran is younger by around ten years. Instead of an over sized frog head, he instead wears an equally large apple-shaped hat. His main outfit in the present time is the Kokuyo uniform.


Fran has a calm demeanor despite being very antagonistic towards other people, constantly verbally attacking them without a slightest care of the consequence or who is the one he insult, which results in him being attacked back by several people, particularly Belphegor and Mukuro. Even when he is being punished, Fran hardly shows any indication that he feels hurt despite saying so and it never stops him from continuing to throw insults. In the present, Fran is not much different from his future-self, still retaining his mocking and straightforward behavior to others. However, he still shows childish behavior, normal for a boy his age, such as when he mistook Mukuro and Varia as fairies, showing his childish imagination, or when he was scared upon his first meeting with Vindice whom he mistook as a death god. Strangely, even as a child, he doesn't find the Kokuyo Gang and other Varia members scary and is not intimidated at all by them like people normally would, yet he is scared by Chrome when she got angry at him.


Fran using his Box Weapon

  • Illusions - Fran, being Mukuro's disciple, is a powerful illusionist, capable of fooling a Fake Funeral Wreath, and is one of the three illusionists capable of fooling the Vindice.
  • Bel Box Weapon - Fran has a Box Weapon that is a miniature version of Belphegor covered with Mist Flames.
  • Hell Ring- Fran has the 666 Hell Ring.
  • Reality Illusion Gloves - Gloves that allow Fran to make illusions into real, solid objects.


  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his number is either 666 or 26.
  • In some fan translations, his name has been spelled as 'Flan' even in spite of all official merchandise and manga art officially spelling his name as 'Fran.'
  • The name 'Fran' is short for any number of names, not least of which are French.[3]
  • In the future, he was abducted by Squalo and Bel to join the Varia.
  • In the DS Games, his Box Weapon is shown to be a big grey toad, exactly like his hat, but in the manga and anime series, it is a miniature Bel that can breath Mist Flames.
  • Fran's frog hat shrinks and wrinkles when his Dying Will Flames are being sucked away.
  • He is forced by Bel to wear a frog hat which symbolizes he is Mammon's replacement.
  • In the most recent poll, Fran ranked 4th in popularity and 11th in strength.
  • In the "Dream Match-Up" poll, Reborn stated that Fran is a genius, like Belphegor.
  • Fran's character song is Special illusion.
  • He and M.M are the only two characters in the series who are French.
  • In the anime, he once broke the fourth wall and directly spoke to the audience.
  • Fran's speech often replaces certain Japanese words with anglicisms, the most common being how he is referring himself, replacing "boku" (, boku?), with its English equivalent, "me" (ミー, ?).
  • He refers Ken as "Ken-niisan" (Big Brother Ken).
  • In volume 38 Ken's Paw Paw Corner, it's revealed that Fran picked Mukuro's group to go with because he found Mukuro's hair amusing.
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