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[[File:Flame of the Forrest.PNG|thumb|250px|Forest Flame]]
[[File:Flame of the Forrest.PNG|thumb|250px|Forest Flame]]
'''Japanese Translation:''' 森林
'''Japanese Translation:''' Shinrin (森林)
'''Known Users:''' [[Koyo Aoba]]<br />
'''Known Users:''' [[Koyo Aoba]]<br />

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Flame of the Forrest

Forest Flame

Japanese Translation: Shinrin (森林)

Known Users: Koyo Aoba

Description: It seems to work in a similar manner to manipulation of plant like objects. As its flames suggest, it uses a plant-based power; also, it seems to be able to grow, manipulate, and use all sorts of forest-born plants to a certain level. These flames happen to have a blade-like quality, as was seen when Koyo punched Ryohei. Instead of burning the target, they slice them.

Appearance: The Forest Flames look like leaves.


  • At the center of the Flame is the word "Simon," most likely a reference to the Shimon Family.

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