For Who is the 314th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Three days have passed since the Inheritance Ceremony and Julie Kato enters the room where the other Simon members are happily talking about the defeat of Large Ooyama. Adelheid Suzuki scolds him for his attitude. A skulking Enma tells him that Large fought a good battle and Julie apologizes, asking them if they find the memories fishy. However, no one answers him and he thinks that Enma is agitated due to Large 's defeat and the memory coming at the same time. Julie continues to tell his Family that they were all elite fighters and that there were only three Vongola left. He also tells them that his turn should not come since Chrome's body and heart are soon to be his. As Adelheid scolds him again, Julie tells Kaoru that he should not fight as well since he already injured Yamamoto. Julie asks Adelheid if there is news concerning him. When Adelheid replies no, Julie takes Enma to have coffee with him, ignoring his protests.

As the two goes to have coffee, Julie informs Enma that he received a call from that guy who told him about the truth. He reveals to Enma that the ones who actually did that was the CEDEF, an independent organization outside of Vongola. He then shows them a picture of the man who directs the organization, Tsuna's father, Iemitsu Sawada. Enma gets enraged by the sight of him and crushes the picture in his hands. Julie seems happy with Enma's reaction and leaves, telling Enma that they should beat the Vongola completely, otherwise, Simon would never see the next day.

Gokudera's New Cambio Forma

Meanwhile, Tsuna, Gokudera, Reborn and Lambo continue to walk down the path, talking about the memory they just saw. Tsuna thinks that the more he knows about Simon Cozzato, the more he thinks that his a nice person and wonders loudly why they are continuing to fight. Gokudera agrees, unable to believe that they ended up betraying each other when Lambo begins to search his bags for some candies. Gokudera gets annoyed with Lambo and begins to fight with him as usual, making Tsuna think if what the Adult Lambo told them was the truth. Gokudera is able to make Lambo behave by tying him up. As they continue walking up a hill, they decide to rest on the top. However, upon reaching the top, they see a bunch of houses and goes down to investigate. As they walk through the old and rotten Italian houses, they hear a voice and sees Shitt P! sitting inside one of the houses.

She seems to be studying. Gokudera calls her and informs her that he is there to fight. However, she ignores them, much to Tsuna's surprise. Gokudera then addresses her as Shitopi-chan which causes her to face them and talks properly, much to Tsuna's surprise. Shitt P! tells them that the town is similar to where their ancestors lived in. After saying this, Shitt P! goes out of the house and requests Gokudera to fight her which he accepts. Gokudera reassures that he will defeat the U.M.A. for the sake of the homosapiens and as a Vongola Guardian. Gokudera begins to tell Shitt P! about his pride but Shitt P! interrupts him and tells him that he already knows his pride: his pride is that he is being a Subordinate of Vongola Decimo. Gokudera tells her that it's true, causing Shitt P! to comment that he is weak since his pride is connected to someone. She then reveals her pride: Always being herself without falsehood. As the fight begins, Gokudera summons Uri as Uri (Version X). Tsuna is surprised to see Uri now attached to Gokudera, remembering that it used to scratch him. Gokudera then initiates his Cambio Forma thus creating "The Revival of the Smokin' Bomb" as G's Archery (V.V.G)...

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