Fon is a Chinese martial artist and the holder of the Red Arcobaleno Pacifier.

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Bakuren Shippuken

Fon's dragon tattoo.

Fon looks similar to Kyoya Hibari and Alaudi, though his hairstyle differs from theirs in that he has a long braid. A doll resembling him would later be given to I-Pin by Ryohei. Early in the series, he wore a disguise that comprised of purple clothes and dark glasses with large, round lenses. He is otherwise usually dressed in red.

As an adult it's revealed he has a Chinese dragon tattoo that wraps around his left arm where the dragon head ends on his left peck.

Personality Edit

He is a calm and fair person, normally seen with a slight smile.

Abilities Edit

Gyoza Fist

Fon using Gyoza-Kempo

Fon is a martial arts champion with extremely high hand-to-hand combat level and claimed to be able to move as fast as microns. Aside from combat, he's also knowledgeable of medical aid as shown when he scanned Basil's wounds.

Trivia Edit

  • While his name is officially spelled as Fon, the Mandarin romanization of Fon's name is spelled as Fēng. The traditional Chinese is the same as the Kanji, but the simplified Chinese reads 风 instead of 風.
  • Fon knows 107 martial art styles other than the Gyoza-ken.
  • Fon's favorite food is Mapo Tofu, which he can't eat since he was turned into a baby because it is spicy, which makes him choke and tear up.
  • His favorite drink is oolong tea.
  • In a recent strength poll, Fon ranked 14th.
  • Fon, Hibari, and Alaudi have the same appearance and seiyu. Though, Fon's hair is much longer than the other two's.
  • Fon inferred that he and Hibari were related, but changed the subject saying that Hibari would get angry if Fon explained the relationship.[1]

References Edit

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