Template:Chapter Infobox Flames of Determination is the 383rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Chrome appears in the battlefield, joining the battle as Reborn's representative. This shocked and worried Tsuna who questions her condition as her organs has disappeared. Reborn told Verde to give Flan's equipment to Chrome so she could make a combo attack with Mukuro. Verde at first disagreed, but after Reborn pleaded, he rushed to Chrome to hand over the glove. At this time, they realized that the Vindices who were running amok just a while ago suddenly stopped their attacks. At the Vindice Prison, Jager asked Bermuda why he suddenly ordered Jaque and the other Vindices to stop attacking. Bermuda replied that there's one person who keeps defying his expectation, and now he probably would understand, ordering them to wait three minutes and if Chrome didn't do anything, they'll put an end to the fight. Back at the battlefield, Tsuna asked why Mukuro didn't help her providing illusionary organs and angered when Mukuro seemed careless about it. Reborn told Tsuna to calm down and told him that it's not Mukuro's fault, but rather Chrome's problem, revealing that Chrome was rejecting Mukuro's illusion. He explained that since Mukuro and Chrome no longer sharing one body and destiny, Chrome's feelings began to change, which leading her to want to be accepted as a single person. However, at the same time, some part of her still wanted Mukuro to continue providing her with illusionary organs since so far she's lived that way. This made her struggle with her own dilemma, worsening both her feelings and body. He commented that he could understand if Mukuro wanted to keep a distance between them since she's confused, which is why he sent her to Namimori. Mukuro revealed that he wanted her to become full-pledged soldier as he discovered her talent to become a warrior, but Chrome kept refusing everything and became weak, much to Tsuna's protest. Chrome, wanting to protect Mukuro and those who are important to her, able to unleash powerful flame, recreating her illusionary organs in the process. Finally regained her energy and found her resolve, both Chrome and Mukuro combined their strongest illusions together and created Genju Mugaia.


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