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The Flame of Night, referred to as "the eighth element," is a unique type of Dying Will Flames primarily used by the Vindice.


When pure dying will without a shade of hesitation.... dominated my whole body, that's when the "Flame of Night" was born.

Bermuda, Chapter 403

Bermuda von Veckenschtein is the first to discover the Flame of Night. The mental state that created the Flame of Night is the last stage of Dying Will, where every cell in a body is ready to die for an objective to defeat someone, engulfing a person in their Dying Will Flame. Due to his despair, intense bitterness, and hatred towards Checker Face, his once empty Arcobaleno Pacifier was filled with "power that surpassed human existence", creating the Clear Pacifier. Bermuda used the Flame of Night to restore his deteriorating body. Eventually, when he founded the Vindice, he provided them all with the Flame.


Jaeger stated that the use of the Flame is governed by a set of laws that are personally enforced by the Vindice. Only one known law has been revealed:

  1. To use the Flame, one must have a physical body.

Flames of Night have the distinct appearance of heavy, inky darkness. It has very high energy, easily overpowering any other Flame currently in use. Its explosive bursts of energy are capable of decimating entire areas. Flames of Night can connect different areas through portals for a quick escape or surprise attacks. The Flame can also coat the user, increasing its base power level.