Final Defense Block is the 212th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna passes the third defense block, but Shoichi states that he expected it. Shoichi, however, declares that his defense block would be more than that. Missiles are then fired, to which Reborn orders Tsuna to go through the left empty block. Spanner, who is behind Tsuna and Reborn, fires and destroys a large amount of missiles. Shoichi curses Spanner for betraying him.

Reborn compliments Spanner, and asks him if after the battle he wanted to have a match with his mechanic, Giannini. Tsuna comments that they were about to reach the area that Kusakabe mentioned, when he sees a gigantic rocket blocking their way. Spanner then fires missiles which spread some sort of wings at the rocket. Tsuna yells for Spanner to stay back, and then punches through it with his Dying Will Flames. As Tsuna reaches the end of the tunnel, he runs into Genkishi, who is blocking their way.

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