Fierce Battle is the 128th manga chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Levi A Than tells Gokudera to get out of his way, but Gokudera scoffs, stating that there wasn't a thundercloud in sight. Levi A Than smirks and states that his Levi Volta attack was an all-weather technique. Gokudera, however, is unfazed and states that he was expecting it, destroying each of Levi A Than's electric umbrellas with his dynamite. Gokudera then blows Levi A Than backwards and sticks the Lightning Vongola Ring into Lambo's antidote injector and departs to save the other Guardians.

At Hibari and Belphegor's battle, they clash, but Hibari is deeply cut with Belphegor's wires that are attached to his knives. As Belphegor throws his knives, Hibari catches them, stating that he figured out that wires were attached to the knives, and that it was the exact tactic weak animals used to survive. Hibari then begins to knock down every knife thrown at him; Belphegor gets nervous, recognizing he was outmatched, and flees. At Tsuna and Xanxus's battle, Xanxus continuously fires at Tsuna with his X-Guns, firing his Scoppio d'Ira, directly hitting Tsuna. Tsuna, however, is saved by the Dying Will Clothing Leon made for him, and begins to charge up a new attack.

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