Farewell, Future is the 282nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Shoichi Irie states to Tsuna that with the help of the his White Round Time Machine, they can return to the past. Meanwhile, everyone else is saying their goodbyes to the people of that time. Yamamoto gets into an argument with Squalo about baseball but ends up saying goodbye to him as he leaves with the Varia. Elsewhere, Kyoko and Haru are saying goodbye to Bianchi and Futa while Ryohei panics on whether to go to his future girlfriend. Meanwhile, M.M. is warning Chrome Dokuro about the Mukuro Rokudo of the past, saying that he is just using her to get out of prison but Chrome Dokuro is unable to reply to this when Chikusa Kakimoto, Ken Joshima and Future Mukuro Rokudo arrive to say goodbye while Hibari leaves behind Kusakabe.

After saying goodbye to the girls, Bianchi approaches her brother and reveals a bunch of love letters from their father to Gokudera's deceased mother. Bianchi reveals to Gokudera that his mother refuses to marry his father since she was very sick and knew that she was dying. Gokudera is not willing to believe this but Bianchi tells him that she doesn't expect him to understand but tells him that he was born into the world, loved by his parents. However, their conversation is interrupted by Spanner's anti-Byakuran Moska.

Later that day, the group assembles in front of the machine and Shoichi tells them to leave behind their Box Weapons, since they can't take them back to the past, since they doesn't exist there. Just then, Shoichi activates his machine and everyone from the past is transported back, with gifts in the form of the Arcobelano sealing the power of the Mare Rings, the memories and experience, and Verde's gift, the Animal Rings.

Tsuna, Reborn, I-Pin and Lambo arrive at Tsuna's house and sees Nana Sawada who is immediately hugged by I-Pin and Lambo and everything is the same as before.

Meanwhile back to the future, the Future Vongola Guardians, Reborn, Basil, Kyoko, Haru and I-Pin wake up from the machine while Future Tsuna wakes up and heads to his grave and sees a note from Tsuna...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Future Guardians awake.png

  • When the 10-year-later Vongola Guardians, Basil, Kyoko, Haru, and I-Pin wake from the round device, Future Reborn is also shown as a silhouette behind Gokudera's right leg. Though, he wasn't shown in the corresponding anime episode.

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