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Sykes is a general and the lover of Maestro. He is also the strongest cloud flame user.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Sykes wears black wrought armor with a wide light blue mantle hanging loose from the shoulders for his whole length. Two black pieces of cloth, pinned under a white belt, frame both his waist sides until the ankles. His undergarments are a simple pair of black pants and a high-collared, long-sleeved shirt of the same color. He also wears a light golden ring around his head, and pale blue jewels are set in decorative patterns all along the shoulders and chest of his armor. He also has matching protectors for both his lower legs and arms.

Sykes is an exceptionally tall, well-built, and supremely handsome young man who appears to be just in the very prime of his life but, given that the people of the ruined kingdom had the power to “dying will flame” how they can emit flame with only a will, he might actually be strongest but that's doesn't mean he didn't know his limit. He is handsome and perfectly proportioned, but his beauty is unmistakably masculine. He always looks intimidating, yet gorgeous, with piercing azure eyes and a usually expressionless face framed by short, silky raven-black hair.

Personality Edit

Sykes is a lone man. He doesn't mind crowding as long as is about important matters at hand instead of joking. He likes to fight strong people and likes small animals unexpected of his cold attitude. He is always seen with his second in-command, Kleon. He tends to go alone and do whatever he likes around the kingdom or he will just beat some people who bumped into him. He is deemed a scary persons be it the citizens or palace's people.

He is loyal and uphold the rules in his own kingdom, since he will just punish people who is doing what the order didn't state. He is calm and able to observe the pattern of his enemy and attack than Kyoya Hibari would just charge ahead. He is unexpectedly, fall inlove with the only general whom is woman. The woman was revealed as Maestro.

Trivia Edit

  • "Sykes" name is a family member of Skylark. It's habitat mostly in Central India.
  • His favorite phrase is "Kirikorosu" ((切り殺す, kiri korosu?, lit. I'll slash you to death)).
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