In the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fandom, several characters' names are shortened or abbreviated to avoid having to type the character's name all over again. Some characters have either a number (e.g. Tsuna is 27), a letter (e.g. Lambo is L), or an abbreviation (e.g. Genkishi is Gen). Not all characters as of yet have an assigned Shorthand, and several may overlap, which usually results in finding new ways to manipulate pronunciations, sometimes even using other languages' numbers (e.g. Uni is Latin for 1, so her number is 01). The shorthands are mostly used for naming different pairings (e.g. Colonnello and Lal Mirch is 5666 while Bianchi and Reborn is 88R).

As previously mentioned, the fandom numbers usually come about as a manipulation of pronunciation. For instance, Tsuna's number is 27 because in Japanese, "tsu" means two, and "na" means seven. Thus, "Tsu" + "Na" = 27. Another example is Gokudera's number, 59; "go" means five in Japanese and "ku" means 9. Thus, "Go" + "Ku" = 59. Further examples include Hibari's number (which is 18 because of "Hi" [one] and "Ba" [eight]) or Rokudo's number (which is 69 because of "Ro" [six] and "Ku" [nine]).

To reduce ambiguity, abbreviations such as Lam for Lambo, or Bel for Belphegor are made, as they hard to search.

Not all pairings are named using the same shorthand method. Often, people will write the full names or use a different variation of the shorthand. For example, Lal Mirch x Colonnello isn't always "ColoLal" or "5666," but sometimes LalNello, an amusing portmanteau of the names.

List of shorthands[edit | edit source]

The first column lists all known characters who have widely known shorthands. The second to fourth columns are for shorthands grouped by type – number, letter, and plain abbreviation.

Entries with an asterisk (*) are shorthands in Chinese fandom.

Character Number Letter Abbr
Adelheid Suzuki 20
Alaudi A Ala
Basil 84
Belphegor B Bel
Bianchi 88
Bluebell 06
Byakuran 100
Chrome Dokuro 96
Chikusa Kakimoto 49
Colonnello 56 C Colo
Simon Cozzato - C
Demon Spade D Dae
Deisy 04
Dino D
Elena E Ele
Enma Kozato 00
Fran 26
Fran 666
Fon F
Futa 2
G 02
Gamma 57 Y*
Genkishi Gen
Ghost 52
Giotto G Gio
Glo Xinia 56
Hana Kurokawa 87
Haru Miura 86
Hayato Gokudera 59 Goku
Hyper Dying Will Mode Tsuna 72
I-Pin I Pin
Iemitsu Sawada 23
Julie Kato 11
Kaoru Mizuno 31
Ken Joshima 14
Kikyo 99
Knuckle 79
Kouyou Aoba 54
Kyoko Sasagawa 95 K
Kyoya Hibari 18 Hiba
Lal Mirch 66 Lal
Lambo L Lam
Lancia Lan
Levi A Than Levi
Luce Luc
Lussuria 64 Luss
M.M. M
Mukuro Rokudo 69 Muku
Nana Sawada 77
Natsu 72
Shitt P! 40
Rasiel Siel
Large Ooyama 62
Reborn R Rebo
Ryohei Sasagawa 33
Shoichi Irie 51
Shoichi Irie +1*
Spanner 48
Superbia Squalo 29 S Squ
Superbia Squalo 36 Squa
Superbia Squalo 44
Takeshi Yamamoto 80 Yama
Tetsuya Kusakabe 93
Torikabuto 16
Tsunayoshi Sawada 27 Tsu
Ugetsu Asari U
Verde Ver
Viper V
Xanxus 3 X
Uni 01
Zakuro 39
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